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Use this page to write your own review. The first section is some statistical ratings that get averaged together with everyone else's. In the second section, write about your own experiences!

This is a moderated forum, so after you submit your review, it will be looked over and inappropriate reviews won't be posted. Please keep it clean! It may also take a day or two for your post to appear on the public pages.

If you notice a problem with these pages or want to send me any comments directly, please drop me a note!

1) Select a nightclub. If a club is not listed, select the "Not Listed" button and enter the name of the club:

Azucar Saturdays
Bella Vista
Braza, Hartford (Friday)
Breezeway Bar and Grill
Cabana Mondays at FELT
Cache (Lynn)
Caribe (RI)
Celtic Lounge Downtow Providence
Club Caliente
Club Caribe (Boston)
Club Centro, Lawrence MA
Club Son Latino
Corvo's - Hartford
Dance Northampton (Nortahmpton)
El Caney (Lynn)
Copa (at the Pallace)
Havana Club - Friday Night Salsa
Havana Club -Saturday
Havanas Night Club & Lounge (Portland)
Johnny D's
La Makina (Revere)
Lot 401
Mambo Monday (Green St)
Mango's/Milky Way
Masa Thursdays
Mirage (Tremont St)
Mojitos Friday
Mojitos Lounge Saturday
Mojitos Thursdays
Noche Latina (Ryles Tuesdays)
Olive's, Providence
Olives Bar
Pearl Lounge
Platforms Dance Club (RI)
Plaza Garibaldi
Pravda 116
Ritmo Latino (Lido)
Rumba Caliente at Choices
Rumba Room (Worcester)
Ryles (Sundays)
Ryles (Saturdays)
Ryles (Thursdays)
Salsa Harbor Cruises
Skyplx bar, Sprigfield ,MA
Salsa Wed. at Sagra
The Iron Horse
The Roxy
Trumpets (Chicopee)
Under Impact
Underbar Thursdays
Union St (Newton)
Wepa Sundays (Ryles)
el bembe (fridays monthly)
Not Listed

2) Enter some info about yourself. Your "handle" is the name that will appear with the review. You can use your real name or a nickname, but use the same one if you do more reviews, so readers get to know you. The email address is required, but will not be posted.

Your "Handle", any name or nickname you want to use.
Your email (required, but this information will not be posted on the website

3) Now rate this club in the following categories from 1 to 5, 5 is the best:

AtmosphereWorst 1 5 Best
MusicWorst 1 5 Best
Noise Level/VolumeWorst 1 5 Best
Dance FloorWorst 1 5 Best
DancingWorst 1 5 Best
ParkingWorst 1 5 Best
Overall RatingWorst 1 5 Best

4) Enter the percentage of the time each variety of music is played. (i.e. 0 to 100). Make sure they add up to 100!

% Salsa
% Merengue
% House
% Bachata, Cumbia, Cha Cha Cha, Other

5) Now write your review in the space below. Include info such as which nights of the week you enjoy most, if the cover charge is worth it, if the people are friendly, if the dancing is hot!, parking problems, drink prices, is it crowded, is it safe, if the ratio is good, or anything else you like or dislike about it. We want to hear your opinion! Feel free to include more information about yourself too, like your age group, or if you're a guy or girl, where you live, if you are visting, etc. People will want to get a sense of where you are coming from as they read your review.

6) Please double-check your review and click on the submit button. All reviews will be moderated by me (Olaf) before posting so you may not see your review immediately. Reviews without email addresses will automatically be rejected by the script, but email addresses will NOT be posted with the review. Thank you!


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