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Nightclub Reviews: El Caney (Lynn)

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Club Reviews for El Caney (Lynn)
4 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 4.0 (4 resp)
Atmosphere: 3.5 (4 resp) Dancing: 3.5 (4 resp)
Dance Floor: 3.0 (4 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 2.0 (3 resp)
Music Quality: 3.8 (4 resp) Parking: 3.5 (4 resp)
% Salsa: 43.3 (4 resp) % Merengue: 28.3 (4 resp)
% House: 7.5 (2 resp) % Other: 24.6 (4 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "eve" on 1/4/2005 17:39:1 Pop up this reviewer's ratings

Reviewed by "Dust" on 5/29/2003 2:40:37 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
My overall review of El Caney is that it's a place that everyone should check out at least once. The best part about Thursday nights there is that for only $5 you get 3 lessons with Rubin and Lisa. They teach on2 style, doing a beginner's, intermediate, and then advanced lesson. They are so gungho though about getting people excited about salsa that they even let beginners and advanced beginners do the intermediate and advanced classes--which was great. There were not many hardcore salsa people there and the actual dance floor was kinda small. It was a younger crowd, mostly males, many seemed to be Dominican or Puerto Rican. Because of that, if you're not Latino, people may be less likely to approach you to dance. I only got approached by one person I didn't already know during the night that I was there. Ladies should bring a backup partner just in case men aren't asking you to dance. BE YE WARNED: Bring some earplugs!! I personally listen to my music at high volume because I like to hear the full range of sounds from treble to bass. But I have never ever evah evah evah experienced music this loud in my entire life. It was to the point where I was afraid for my hearing. Luckily, a friend had brought earplugs that we used for the night. If they hadn't, we would have had to leave because there could easily be some hearing damage. So I say definitely check out El Caney. Go with a group, BRING SOME EARPLUGS and learn some great stuff from Rubin and Lisa.

Reviewed by "Rob" on 10/18/2002 11:19:27 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I was at El Caney last night for the first time. Had a blast. Here's what I experienced on this thursday night: Club is clean and well-cared for. They've clearly invested in a good sound system and have lots of dance-club lights and lasers (kind of a fun feel and different from many Boston clubs). One wall is covered in nice big mirrors. There was a doorman who helped direct us to a good parking spot and was at the door the entire night to greet people and keep an eye on the cars (we forgot to lock our car- no problem whatsoever). Dance floor is small, but I was more comfortable on it than some larger clubs as far as people bumping/stepping on each other. In fact, everyone was polite and the few times people did bump, everyone was courteous and apologized. The class was good- the teachers (Ruben and Lisa) are friends of mine so I'm probably biased, but they taught a really nice pattern and most everyone seemed to get it by the end of class. They teach on Thursday nights and are there all night to dance with their students and any others. There are usually some other good Boston area dancers in attendance. I was there with three non-latino ladies and they had a great time. The locals in the club were respectful, courteous in their invitations to dance and treated them nicely on the dance floor. The music was really excellent, a little too much merengue and bachata for my taste but that's part of the scene here, don't go expecting just salsa (though I will say the salsa sets were generous in length and high in quality). I was surprised at the level of dancing going on- there were a lot of very good dancers here. In fact there was even a showcase from some dancers from New York who performed and also mixed in freely with the crowd (that was an unexpected bonus). Drinks were priced about like most clubs. Bathrooms were clean and modern. My only complaint is that it was really loud on the dance floor- that's pretty normal for clubs like Cache, Punto Final, etc., so bring earplugs if high sound levels bother you. This a different scene than the Ryles/Wepa/Sophia's type places, and I'd probably go with friends just to ensure that I had a couple of guaranteed dance partners, but it's definitely a fun night. If you're not wild about the clubs that play primarily salsa or like to get a taste of slightly different scene- this would be a really good place to check out for a more varied night of latin dance. Thumbs up to El Caney!

Reviewed by "el Gringo de la Salsa" on 8/19/2002 14:7:5 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
We checked this place out on a Thursday on the night of the SalsaBoston competition, and had a blast. It's a little place on a side street off of Lynn Center, you wouldn't know it unless you live there. A predominantly local latino crowd seems to hang out there, so one could call it "Authentic". Cache nearby falls into this realm too. Anyway, it was very festive, most people showed up after midnight, and the competition was absolutely a thrill. The crowd of all ages really got into it and the DJ played some great Salsa sets. I don't know if that's the normal fare or if they upped Salsa percentage on account of it being competition night, but no complaints about the music. There was also an acceptable amount of "decent" Merengue/Bachata/House, meaning that the DJ picked some good tracks from those genres. The club has the usual layout of the latin establishents, i.e a fairly small dance floor, lots of lighting and mirrors and such that create a dynamic atmosphere, and a lot of tables surrounding where people socialize and drink. Capacity is probably about 200-300 and they seem to host a lot of mostly non-Salsa latin acts on other nights. Parking is on the street in the surrounding neighborhood--seemed pretty hassle-free though. Rueben and Lisa (aka "Mambo Slaves") teach Salsa there on Thursdays. Again, I don't know what it's like on a regular night, but I'd say it's worth checking out, particularly if you want to venture out of the city a bit or haven't been to a so called "real" latin club.

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