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Nightclub Reviews: Havana Club - Friday Night Salsa

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Club Reviews for Havana Club - Friday Night Salsa
31 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 4.2 (29 resp)
Atmosphere: 4.3 (30 resp) Dancing: 4.1 (30 resp)
Dance Floor: 3.9 (30 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 3.8 (29 resp)
Music Quality: 3.6 (30 resp) Parking: 4.4 (29 resp)
% Salsa: 75.0 (28 resp) % Merengue: 12.2 (27 resp)
% House: 6.3 (8 resp) % Other: 12.0 (27 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "skiski" on 12/7/2007 22:44:42 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
There is a wide spectrum of dancers at this venue. Nice that its not so crowded since they control the number of people inside. Just be prepared to wait on line for 15-45 minutes if you get there after 10.

Reviewed by "karen" on 8/27/2007 15:8:28 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
It's a decent place with good music and a broad range of dancers; however, there's always a large group of young people (think very early 20s) that is there and they are half drunk and banging into people on the dance floor. It's really annoying because the majority of people that go here are serious about their dancing and don't want to be bumped into by silly, drunk, 20 year olds. If you're looking for a mix of dance levels and good music, this is an okay place to go on a Friday night but if you're looking for a more serious dance venue, then you should spend your time at either Ryles or An Tua Nua -- two places where the dancing is great and where you're sure not to get stepped on or bumped into by drunken idiots.

Reviewed by "DCN" on 7/29/2007 1:57:51 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I've danced Salsa for the past ten years and this has been a really great, friendly environment. No greasy sleezy men trying to get up on innocent girls...just a social dance setting with wonderful people. Recently there have been issues concerning IDs...which doesn't apply to me because i'm from MA, but a lot of people were frustrated. Jeff, the coordinator of the party were blamed for the new policies of no out of state IDs and so forth. But the truth of the matter is it was a policy that was told and made effective as of the next day from the people who he leases the space from due to concerns of underage drinking. He tried his best to rectify the situation, and now has a scanner to scan out of state IDs. Regardless of the situation, it still is the best salsa dancing party around, a great space and a lot of energy in a very convenient setting. Thanks Jeff for working so hard to keep us spinning on our toes. DCN.

Reviewed by "Michelle" on 7/17/2007 21:57:59 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I am just learning Salsa. This past Friday night (07/13/07) I tried to go to Havana with a friend of mine. I was meeting a large group there, all of us not from Mass. I called ahead of time because I had a question about their early lessons and then I drove from Providence (Rhode Island) to Cambridge. At the Door - I was told I would not be let in because I did not have a Mass ID or Passport. When I called earlier that day they didn't tell me ANYTHING about their door policy. There is nothing on their website about this policy either. It's a shame because two weeks earlier I went and had no problem getting in and I had an amazing time.

Reviewed by "Jennifer - New York" on 7/13/2007 21:41:50 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
TRAVELERS BE AWARE-HAVANA CLUB!!! I'm from New York and I decided to spend the weekend in Boston. I'm an avid Salsa dancers. I researched and read the reviews on your website. I decided to go to the HAVANA CLUB on Friday night. When I arrived at the door they asked for my ID, I give them my New York driver's license. The gentleman asked if I had Massachusets ID, I explained that I'm from New York and wouldn't have MA ID. He asked if I had a passport, I told him that I was traveling within my own country and didn't think I needed it. He went on to explain that these were the only two forms of ID they were accepting and we wouldn't be allowed in. He also informed me that he turned other people away as well for the same reason. I left in shock and disbelief. I came back to the hotel but by this time it was too late to go anywhere else and I didn't want to take a chance of traveling to another club to hear the same thing. Needless to say, I'm both disappointed and disgusted...nowhere on their website do they indicate that this is their policy. I'm not sure if they didn't like the way I looked or what the problem was. TRAVELERS BE AWARE!!!

Reviewed by "Jamie" on 6/17/2007 17:8:17 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced salsero, this is the place to be on a Friday night! Parking was so convenient- right next door in a large and secure-feeling parking garage and cost only $5. The cover of $12 included 2 lessons- casino rueda lessons at 8:30 and either a beginner or intermediate lesson at 9:30 taught by the dance company Salsa Y Control. The music was great- not too many songs that I knew, but all were hot! Everyone was friendly, and I danced with a whole range of dancers- from total newbies to even one of the teachers! I never had to be the asker, although I was prepared to do so. The drinks were priced fairly- $2 for either bottled water or soda. The crowd was very diverse, all age ranges and nationalities, and I felt comfortable, as a married woman there without my husband, to dance with anyone without fear of being hit on constantly. The men were very respectful and clearly were there just to dance. I have only been dancing for about a month, and everyone made me feel very welcome. The owner of the club even came up to me at the end of the night and asked for my opinion of the place. I cannot recommend this location enough!

Reviewed by "JulieD" on 5/24/2007 14:30:15 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I went to Havana Friday last year and fell in love with how spacious and fun it was. I went back a couple weeks ago and was VERY DISAPPOINTED in how CROWDED the place has become. IT was TOO CROWDED to even see the salsa lesson steps and many of us in back became very annoyed. It just took the fun out of it. The music and dancing is fabulous -- but again, so CROWDED that my toes kept getting STEPPED ON until I was in TOO MUCH PAIN to dance so I left early. Great place but I liked it better when it was a hidden gem and not a health risk to my feet.

Reviewed by "Albina" on 4/12/2007 12:54:7 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
It was very nice before, one of my favorite plase to dance, but it is just too many people now on a dance floor some of them not even dancing, just standing there with beer and talking.It is also gets really humid and hot.

Reviewed by "JSwing" on 2/4/2007 13:38:47 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I stopped going to Havana Club last year because the music DJ played there did not appeal to my taste though I liked the venue and crowd a lot. For the last couple of weeks, a girlfriend of mine kept talking about this new DJ el turko who's playing really hot tunes there. Last Friday I went to check it out. Wow, this guy is truly amazing… Tune after tune I couldn’t wait someone to ask me dance. All these new salsa, merenge, bachata hits that you hear on the radios plus good old 'hard salsa' kept me dancing all night. What a fun night it was! I stayed until the last tune played, a beautiful Hector Lavoe song that I love. I am already looking forward to next Friday night to go there. Watch out Boston DJs… finally Boston salseros got a DJ they did long for! By the way, does anyone know where else this new DJ plays? Sigue bailando

Reviewed by "bostonfollower" on 1/14/2007 8:42:12 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I have been to Havana club a handful of times and have to say I have great time each time I go. I am relatively new to Salsa but am very active in other dance scenes, but I have to say I have been hooked on the Havana club. For me the vibe of a place is just as important as great dancing - and Havana club is great for both of these. First, even though I am young I am also married and I go dancing without my husband. That makes me appreciate above all else that the men are very respectful and gentlemanly. I also get the sense that the managers and DJ want the place to feel good for dancers - you can't beat the prices on a bottle of water, there's candy on the tables, and of course no one can argue with free burrito's. Plus the parking garage next door - $1 an hour!!!! As for the lessons - I have only caught a few of them. They seemed pretty good. The only thing I would mention is that the more advanced (intermediate?) could possibly move a little faster through the material. I am sure it is hard to pace a lesson in a club setting though. I like the music, but I really don't know alot about Salsa music. I do have to say that I like it when they mix in more cha cha and bachata. I would definetly love to hear more Cha cha music. Overall, great place.

Reviewed by "lizsalsera" on 11/2/2006 12:30:12 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
the music is poor, they need others dj, like really good salseros dj antonio ortiz, dj Ricardo,dj Martinez or dj Hernan A. S. A.P the sound system is bad.if they make this changes this places will be the best places for fridays nights. I LOVE SALSA i hope they will be there.

Reviewed by "travelling_salsero" on 10/28/2006 22:46:55 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I have only been to Havana Friday's a couple of times now, but I am not sure if I want to go back. The first time my wife and I went early, and caught the rueda lesson. It was great! Very friendly instructors, and a fun group of people to dance with. This week we went later in the evening, and did not have nearly as much fun. Others have complained that the club is too crowded. I have been dancing for over 7 years, and have gone dancing in salsa clubs in Toronto, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinatti, Norway, Spain... and Havana Club is not any more crowded than many of the clubs I have visited. For a crowded club like this to work, the dancers need to do two things: (a) be aware of the dancers around them, and mostly dance in their slot when others are near, and (b) keep their back steps small to avoid stepping on others behind them. You can do this, dance really well, look great, and have a great time! Usually the people who have trouble with big steps and staying in the slot are the beginners -- but the beginners can learn dance etiquette during the intro lessons. Last night the trouble I had was with (some of!) the more advanced dancers. These folks would come out on the dance floor and start dancing as if they had their eyes closed, attempting to clear a swath of space around them in a circle through intimidation. On one occasion my wife got stepped on and knocked flat on her back -- the responsible couple just kept on dancing and ignored this, even after we asked them if they realized what they had done. My wife and I were making a real effort to avoid collisions -- staying in the slot, taking small steps, avoiding moving around a lot (to remain predictable), and keeping alert, all to no avail. I have rarely seen this kind of dancing in my travels, and would rather not see it again. There seemed to be a lot of very friendly and good dancers at this club: I hope I will see you at another club in Boston, since I will be looking for one without the jerks.

Reviewed by "Lisa" on 10/23/2006 12:58:48 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I have gone here a few times and I have hesitated writting a review but after this past friday and reading the reviews below I have to give mine. I have been here before, last time in May and I still hear the same songs. the music has not changed. Why is the dj only playing the same songs? Also, I have yet to hear some authentic Cuban Salsa as the night is billed as Havana Club. I have mentioned this to management before and it has still not been addressed. I got there late friday and there were people but it felt like a cafeteria, hot, full of people standing around, not like a club. I did not seen any of the local dancers. I miss dancing with some of the more established dancers as well. It is good practice and a challenge for me. After my last experience here I had to give this place a break and come back to see if things have improved. Unfortunately for me, they have not. it is too bad since this is the default place for a salsa dancer. The only suggestions I can give is to play better music and fix the microphone as me and my friends can never hear or understand any of the announcements. Sorry, me and my friends will not give this place another try.

Reviewed by "salsa_addict" on 10/21/2006 12:51:22 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I've been coming to this club for the past couple of months every Friday & Saturday and I can't get enough of it. I love the atmosphere and the fact that it has the biggest dancefloor. Many people complain that the music is the same all the time, but it's the music that everyone loves to dance to. Every weekend that I've gone to I have not been disappointed. The place is always full, and if that's the case, then they must be doing something right. Even though you will occasionally bump into someone, everyone expects it because some of the combinations do require some space. You just have to be careful when you perform those, but at least you can always find a suitable spot to dance. The way I see it is that you can't please everyone's taste and if you got something good going, then why change it. There are plenty of other clubs out there that might suit your taste in music and I bet that even those will not satisfy you completely. I love this place and I would be very disappointed if they change it in a way that people will stop coming to it.

Reviewed by "erickdraven" on 10/18/2006 14:39:22 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I agree with previews comments about this Night Club. Here are my comments/suggestions: 1) Music. On Fridays, most of the songs are old with strange beat, repertory is very poor. They play same songs every friday. They don't play latest salsa songs. I wish they can get music from Frankie Negron, Victor Manuelle, N'Clave, Jerry Rivera, etc..etc .. it is ok if they get their old music, by it would be better if they get their latest CD's. They should invite a good DJ's like DJ Martinez, at least he has more variety of songs with good beat. On Saturdays, they play a variety of music (salsa, merengue, bachata and chacha). I love variety, but it should be good music. Again, repertory is poor. There are good merengue songs out there, always same merengue songs are played. Merengue groups.. there are a lot of them, such as: LaMakina, Tonny Tuntun, GrupoMania, Olga Tanon, Karis (the best merengue group... that's my personal taste), Manny Manuel, Edwin Rivera (he is Jerry Rivera's brother), Rikarena, Limite-21. There are new Bachata and chacha songs out there, come on!!!.. go to the internet and search for new songs.. Great chacha song is for example "Dimelo" ("I need to know") from Mark Anthony, Jerry Rivera also has good chacha songs. Also, on Saturdays they are playing a bit of reggeaton and danceable latin music, like Shakira's songs... suggestion.. Have you heard of David Bisbal?... his songs are best to dance, better than Shakira (personal taste)..Try it out!!!. In conclusion, a good DJ would play great music.. invite a good DJ. 2) Dancing floor. It has a good space, but Fridays this night club is very crowed, you don;t have any room to dance. People are hitting each other. that's why I prefer to go on Saturday's. Hope they play nicer and new music.

Reviewed by "Sam" on 9/24/2006 19:33:28 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I have to agree with the critique below this one, and the moment I read it, I had to add more. I hope this will spark some more comments. Havana Club by far is the best club--at least it used to be in the past. The main problem, as the previous reviewer articulated, is the music. I can't understand why the same songs are played EVERY week at this place! It's like deja vu every time I hit the dance floor. Unfortunately, hearing the same music takes all the thrill and spontaneity out of salsa dancing. You just can't let loose and get into it because the songs have been drained of their energy from overplaying. Some of the songs played there aren't even danceable! They're quirky, mood killers. There are SO MANY great songs out there to dance to, and yet we hear the same ones every week? It's sad. I wish Havana Club would throw some guest DJs in there every once in awhile, like they used to. Those were by far the best nights of dancing in Boston. Get DJ Martinez in there, or DJ Hernan. QUICK!

Reviewed by "SalsaBuckaroo" on 9/20/2006 15:29:53 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
* I'll preface my comments by saying that HavanaClub Fridays is my favorite place for dancing salsa in Boston. That said, HavanaClub has been missing in one of the most essential categories for making a great Salsa night- the music. HavanaClub desperately needs: 1. New variety of Salsa to be played 2. New Sound system The music is what brings many of us out to dance in the first place. We want music that excites us, that makes us jump up to the dance floor, that is fresh, hot, and exciting. Certainly there's room for playing old-school favorites. But why not make these only 30% of the play list? Let's support some of the new Salsa music coming out today, or play a sample of Cuban Timba, or more African style salsa (kudos for already playing some). Lastly, the sound system simply needs to be fixed, ASAP. My greatest disappointment is that there's been a problem with the back speakers for several months now. They buzz, and play with a slight delay to them, and sound soft & fuzzy. It makes dancing towards the back of the room unpleasant. Seems Havanaclub has been responsive with other suggestions for improvements- so why not fix something so essential? If HavanaClub can take aim at these two important music-related problems and address them, I will happily go back to promoting HavanaClub as THE MUST-SEE salsa night in Boston.

Reviewed by "SpecialOps" on 7/29/2006 20:52:38 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Havana Club. I am originally from NYC. I am here in Boston until OCT 06. I was searching for a salsa club just to dance and have a great time. This is one of the best club I've seen since I got here. I've been to Mojitos on Saturday, this club is too small and there're not good dancers on the floor. You do not need a partner at the Havana Club on Friday nights. I recommend this club to any good salseros (COCOLOS like we say in Puerto Rico).

Reviewed by "Piggy" on 8/16/2005 17:1:16 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
A large hall. A nice mix of beginner and intermediate dancers. A lot of singles. Music stops in the middle of tracks, occassionally. Great lesson in the beginning for both the beginners and advanced alike. I do not often go to this place because even though they have a large area to dance, there are usually so many people that everyone steps on each other. I had the night ruined once by a couple of people stepping numerous times on my girlfriends feet. Oh well, I guess there is not enough space.

Reviewed by "northern salsero" on 3/26/2005 16:37:35 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Please check out Friday night Havana Club in Central Square. The venue is wonderful in that it is spacious both in a vertical and horizontal sense. There is less of a chance of you running into a pole or other people. (There are no poles.) This place is usually packed with 300+ people on a given Friday night. The Greek club's atmosphere is electric. The party starts (around 8:30 ish) with a Casino Rudea lesson taught by Ivan, followed by a beginner/intermediate salsa lesson taught by Salsa y Control. It ends at 2am. The music is fine. Friday night Havana Club is the enbodiment of Cuban Jeff, namely it is classy, smart and meticulous about details. Jeff often asks for input for the songs to be played. The people are very nice ranging from the person who collects the cover charge at the door to the dance instructors (SYC you are the best). You can find both on1 and on2 dancers on the floor. I highly recommend Friday Havana Club at the Greek club.

Reviewed by "BabaT" on 3/26/2005 12:42:39 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Havana club friday night is truly the best salsa place I have ever come across since I have been salsa dancing here in Boston ~ 2.5 years. I have always wished for a place like this. The difference with this place is that not only are there a ton of people every week up to 300, but they are friendly people who are interested in dancing and meeting new people, dont ask me why but somehow it attracts nice people. I have gone every week since it started at the Greek club in february and every week it seems to get better, more people, food, limited performances so you spend more time dancing. Every week I meet new people at Havana club, so whether, you are looking for love, friends, or just an opportunity to dance or learn to dance , this is a great place to go. It is a great place for all ages but it is nice for young professionals, college, and graduate students who seem to dominate the crowd here, and get to mix and meet each other. I am a medical student undergoing a rigorous program of study, and going out dancing at Havana club is always a nice way to relieve stress at the end of the week after exams or being in the hospital.

Reviewed by "Surfo" on 3/25/2005 22:57:47 Pop up this reviewer's ratings

Reviewed by "ayse" on 3/25/2005 21:50:39 Pop up this reviewer's ratings

Reviewed by "Dancediva" on 3/25/2005 1:56:58 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I went to the Friday night salsa at the Havana Club and had an absolutely wonderful time! The floor is very spacious, and as someone whose definition of dancing does not include bleeding toes that look like they've been through a war I was very happy to actually have room to move and breathe (although I was told by others that there were fewer people than usual there that night.) The atmosphere is very friendly and open. Less clubby and more social. There are all levels of dancers who mix much more than I expected, with the more experienced dancers often asking novices. The public is very mixed but skewed toward the student and 20s-early 30s age groups, at least in the beginning of the night. I danced with both fantastic leaders who spun me in a salsa frenzy and an older man who was learning his first steps. Many great leaders - as a female of intermediate salsa ability I was never lacking partners! The lessons in the beginning of the night are not to be missed: they are packed and taught by wonderful teachers! Beginner and intermediate classes are taught simultaneously. Anyone who knows just enough salsa to be bored with the basics will be racing to keep up with the intermediate class. More nice things: tables at the sides to sit down to catch your breath and safely put down your belongings (I'm not sure if Havana has an actual coat check under lock and key, but I never felt my stuff wasn't safe). Small bar that gives you all the free water you want (and even adds a lemon on occasion!) Cheap parking, T-accessible. Safe area although there are a few sketchy characters wandering Central Square around closing time. Drawbacks: the music was ok, not too exciting or varied in tempo or melody. Largely salsa with some merengue, bachata, and a chacha thrown in for good measure. The stage is just BEGGING for a live band (Havana Club are you reading this???) All in all an awesome salsa night. Highly recommend! I will definitely come back.

Reviewed by "Dianne" on 3/24/2005 21:48:42 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
As a person new to the dance of Salsa, Havana-Club Friday nights was a great find. The instructors are great, the music good, and the atmosphere non-threatening for a novice Salsa dancer. I have never had a bad response to telling someone I am a beginner. Most people I have danced with there are very forgiving of my mistakes on the dance floor. If you are an advanced dancer, not to worry. You will find no shortage of other experienced dancers.

Reviewed by "dave f." on 3/24/2005 15:52:3 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Friday night salsa at the Greek American club on green st. is an excellent time. The people are friendly, and there are men and women dancers at every skill level so you wont feel left out regardless of your ability. The rueda lessons are among the best in the boston area as well as the salsa lessons. Its a great way to spend friday night.

Reviewed by "Laura" on 3/24/2005 14:52:58 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Havana Club Friday nights at the Greek Club are awesome! The music is great, the dancing is hot and everybody is very very friendly. Anybody from the less to more skilled dancer will have a great time here. If you are a follower, like me :), there are lots of nice guys to dance with. If you love dancing or listening to Salsa and Latin music in general, this is the place to be on Friday nights!

Reviewed by "Erin B" on 3/24/2005 14:23:10 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Hi everyone! Green Street (the actual street) is my favorite place for salsa in town, Monday and Friday nights. Both venues are run by the same guy (yay Jeff!), and are right next door to each other, which is also right next to the cheapest parking garage around. Who knew?! Well I do and so I want to spread the word. Y'all Fridays is HOT and thank goodness b/c it's about time we had a weekend venue for all of us salsa-lovers, right? The ballroom is huge (but full - so you don't get the empty high-school dance feeling), there is a stage, and a great sound system. Full bar and apps for those of us who like to munch and dance (yum!). Jeff has worked hard to put together a classy evening and I think he's met with great success thus far. I am there every Friday and would love to see y'all there too. The crowd hosts all kinds of levels, from beginner to professional, and everyone dances with everyone - it's just a matter of whether you can find what side of the room you want to dance in, since there are great dancers everywhere. Don't forget about the lessons earlier in the evening, and hey, check out the website - www.havanaclubsalsa.com for weekly updates, who's performing and videos! Great job Jeff, thanks for all your hard work!!

Reviewed by "Isabel" on 3/24/2005 14:15:55 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I live in Somerville, MA and am of Puerto Rican background. I have enjoyed dancing and most types of music throughout most of my life. Havana Club Friday night was in a safe location, which was great. It was also easy to get to. I did not try to park but have heard that parking is available near there and is very reasonably priced (under $7). The cover of $12 was great because it included the two dance lessons that take place before the "real dancing" begins. :) The floor is a great size. It was also pretty level, even, and smooth (no bumps). The crowd was mixed. The stage was great to see performances from no matter where you were standing at on the dance floor or if sitting. The music was great. I liked listening to it and watching people "strut their stuff" on the dance floor. People at the door were friendly. Water was available and so were other drinks, for those that like to mix it up. It's a great place to be at on a Friday night. I hope to visit it again in the future.

Reviewed by "Anibal" on 3/24/2005 14:2:56 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Jeff has done a great job. He has researched a great location with plenty of space, a bar, convenient to T and cheap parking, and Finally good music. So far this is the best option on a Friday night to dance salsa. Make that the only option for a true salsa Friday night in Boston. Plus, I appreciate his attention to detail and all his efforts. He makes sure the floor is right, the temperature is good, and that the music is making everyone happy. If its not right he makes sure it is right the following week. He organizes great talent to teach the lesson and good shows every week. A classy salsa night. Better than Vincents and the "club" atmosphere. Plenty of room to dance and not get mobbed. Just hope it doesnt get too popular that it gets too crowded. The salsa community loves this place.

Reviewed by "Travis" on 2/23/2005 12:50:23 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
There's no question...Friday night salsa is back!!! Havana Club reemerged at the Greek Club in Cambridge this past Friday, the club packed and the dancing fantastic. There's a parking garage right on Green St (just a few doors down from the club) that only charges $5, so parking is not an issue. It costs $12 to get in but that covers lessons (both beginner and intermediate) and dancing until 1am (and beyond...). The floor is great and there are dancers at every level. The Greek Club just seems to attract tons of people, young and old, experienced or not. So do it expect it to be a bit crowded (a great way to practice your "dance craft" and keep your partner from knocking into others!!). Although I don't drink, there are plenty of drinks going around for those so inclined. Oh, and there's a nice elevated stage area for some hot performances!! Well, it's my favorite place to dance so check it out! Keep up the good work Jeff!

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