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Nightclub Reviews: Mango's/Milky Way

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Club Reviews for Mango's/Milky Way
10 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 3.1 (10 resp)
Atmosphere: 3.2 (10 resp) Dancing: 3.0 (10 resp)
Dance Floor: 2.8 (10 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 3.7 (10 resp)
Music Quality: 3.8 (10 resp) Parking: 3.6 (9 resp)
% Salsa: 33.5 (10 resp) % Merengue: 43.0 (10 resp)
% House: 8.6 (5 resp) % Other: 21.9 (8 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "Solamente Una Vez" on 9/30/2006 9:37:5 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Not much salsa. The music content is the big problem for people who want to dance salsa. They played two house, 4 salsas, then 4 merengues, then 4 bachatas, then repeated the same pattern over again. They started the third round with 2 reggaetons, and only 2 salsas before going to merengues. We had spent 2 hours there and they had only played 10 salsas.

Reviewed by "iperez" on 2/20/2006 10:33:1 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
My husband and I travel from all over the counrty looking for latin night clubs. We are from CT and love to dance to the beautiful salsa to the romantic bachata and to the sweaty merengue. Now we have gone to the hottest latin club in NY (copacabana) but we love to search for new places. We've traveled from PR to Florida to Canada. This club I read the previous reviews and I have to say go for yourself and I find out. The DJ just played a hit after hit after hit. he had the floor hopping the entire night. I love to watch other salsa dancers especially the ones that live it and dance naturally. Now you will find couples that you know they took classes to dance because the real salseros live the music and the moves just come naturally. but unfortunatley in every club you got to now a days that is how they are dancing. Over all we had a wonderful time. The atmosphere was cute and romantic.

Reviewed by "Michael Burgos" on 2/24/2003 10:47:6 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
By chance I happen to find this place. I was with a group of 10 people (6 ladies and 4 guys) and went to eat at the Milkeyway restaurant. After we ate, we asked the waitress for a fun place to go where the DJ played a good mix of latin music, Not just Salsa all night. The waitress spoke of mangos nights downstairs. Let me tell you. My freinds and I just about go there every weekend. I've been to other clubs in the city but I got to say... "This DJ Antonio Ortiz A.K.A. DJ Latino is fierce". He is always looking at the crowd and banging out the sounds. He plays clasic salsa new salsa. New merengue old merengue. A little of carlos vives. a little hip hop and reaggae and the place has some fine looking females. They have a salsa class early in the beginning of the night but I find that the DJ plays more merengue at times which I don't mind. If your looking for an all salsa place. This is definetly not the place to go. If your open minded and love good LATIN music. Mangos is a place to check out on the weekend. I heard DJ Latino works at Ryles and sophia but I don't go, Too much salsa for me. I'm one of those people that like a balance.

Reviewed by "Primavera" on 7/7/2002 15:59:31 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Hello all readers, I am a female resident of Jamaica Plain and I have been going to Mango's/Milky Way for two weeks now. I enjoy myself very much there. I have also taken salsa lessons here for the past two weeks. The teachers make me feel like I can do the dance even though I trip and fall out of rhythm occasionally. I haven't paid a cover charge because I get there at 8:30 and ladies are let in free at that time. I pay for the lesson. There is plenty of water and I even put a lime in mine last night. There are a few restaurants in this neighborhood worth mentioning too. There is an out of this world Cuban restaurant right across the street and a great Mexican one in the area also. I think any neighborhood that a person is unfamiliar with can feel unsafe, however, I know this neighborhood and it is safe. I go to Mango's/Milky Way alone and show myself to my car. The people in the dance area were polite and nice to me, unlike some dance venues that I have been to. The men that I danced with were courteous and kind and helpful to me knowing that I am just learning. There also were some terrific dancers that I am trying to get good enough to dance with. I felt as if I was in an authentic Latin club, not one that tried to create that kind of atmosphere.

Reviewed by "Ted" on 7/6/2002 17:27:9 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
After finding a parking spot right in front of the place, I was ready to see the rest with a positive attitude. But parking is not everything. I went in I did my usual reconnaissance walk to get a feeling of the scene, took note of floor layout and checked exit door locations in case of trouble. Here is an excerpt of my mental field notes: a group of cheerful children playing bowling, leather-covered bikers playing pool missing a few teeth but without missing any shots, guys dancing with guys, gals dancing with gals, and a couple doing a Native-American dance at the beat of a Salsa song. The venue struck me as a classroom imparting a live class on Boston's underground urban culture, a subject of interest if you're into social sciences. But for those of us who love Salsa and want to meet other salseros, there are other dance floors to explore out there. Ted

Reviewed by "Nela" on 7/1/2002 23:48:4 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I'd have to agree with Jareau. This place is NOT that great. His review, though more of the the glass-is-half-empty (as opposed to the glass-is-half-full) kind of approach, is accurate. If you've ever seen a good salsa club, this one really pales in comparison. The men hanging out at the bar look like the nasty men in your neighborhood you always avoided when you were walking down the street, and the women are...well, honestly, I didnt notice many. The dance floor is weird and next to bowling lanes, which is really detrimental to the atmosphere. It's more of a bar than a club, and the tables, restaurant-style, next to the bar, though nice in concept, are poorly lit and would fare better if they were stowed away and the space was used to dance on--though that area, if I remember correctly, may have been covered by a carpet when I was there. Seeing that the owners probably just wanted to provide the crowds with "just a place to dance salsa" (even though they played more merengue when I was there on a Saturday night) I suppose that one ought to commend them on their efforts, but if you are going to open a salsa venue, you might as well make it a good one! And they sure didn't. Maybe if the next few years hold a few renovations and the elimination of the bowling lanes, they might have some hope, but honestly, the neighborhood it's in also doesnt have the makings of a nice salsa club's usual neighborhood (for starters, downtown would be nice), so I really don't know how much they can do with what they have anyway. All I can say is: put your guard up when walking there, and dont get your hopes up too high. If you're a local looking for a cheap night out, in a cheap setting, you've found a place, but if the intent of your night out is to spend it with some class, I suggest you go elsewhere.

Reviewed by "Jareau" on 4/13/2001 13:26:28 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I dance Mambo on 2, NY style. I live and dance in the NYC area. I was in Boston on business last week, and decided to spend the weekend there. I am used to a "Night Club", not bowling alleys with ˝ a bowling lane as a dance floor. The people were dressed to 'Un-impress'. I saw people there with jeans, t-shirts, and other things I could not decipher. Music was...'eh, not bad, not good. I have a better selection in my computer at work. The lighting was horrible, they had a 5-inch mirror ball with a flashlight pointing to it. The flashlights' batteries were going dead-‘nuff said. The whole place had a bad smell to it. It smelled like a wet rag left in a shaded corner for a few days. There were garbage cans in plain view, filled to the top with soggy pizza, old beer and soda soaked cigarette ashes-Not a good smell. Safety was another issue. This place is in a basement. There is only one 'visible' exit, which is a flight of stairs leading to the main entrance. There were a few people dancing salsa. Some of them just faking it, but I did see a couple doing their Boston Salsa Thing. It was interesting. They did not have a notion of timing, but they looked surprisingly good together. I was able to admire them and forget about where I was for about 3 minuets. All in all, I left that place in less than 25 minuets. I had to wait about 45 minuets for another taxi (definitely not New York) If I would have known that, I would have had the taxi wait for me. Cover charge was only 7.00 per person. So the 14 bucks I spent was not bad compared to the 2 hours I spent between getting dressed, transportation to and from, and 25 minuets there. I would not recommend this place to anyone who enjoys Salsa. It is not a Salsa Club. It is a BOWLING ALLY where they sell pizza! Ah, one more thing: the bowling balls are about the size of a Softball. Where in the world did these people come up with this? And the pins are not curvy; they are cylindrical. Don’t go there on for Salsa. Go for Pizza.

Reviewed by "azucena" on 2/5/2001 19:3:28 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Given that there aren't a lot of local choices in the Boston area for dancing, the Milky Way has become one of my favorites despite a few flaws. The crowd is generally really nice and the men actually know how to go over to a woman and ask her to dance. Big plus. Of course it varies from night to night, but some very good dancers show up there and if you become a familiar face you will get to dance! On the downside, not everyone knows how to salsa. As a woman who likes to cooperate with a lead, I find it frustrating when I know more than the man--some of the guys need to take lessons. They'd be happy and so would I! Nevertheless, I usually have a blast at this place. Nice, easygoing crowd.

Reviewed by "Careesan" on 1/31/2001 21:22:27 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
The Milky Way is a dive with charm. It is a dark bar/bowling alley/dance club cave in which quality music and lively dancing can be found. What I appreciate about it is that it is true to itself. The Milky way is not going after glamour and glitz. It is not trendy. It is simply a place real people, local Jamiaca Plainers, go who really want to dance and have a good time. There is no lack of willing partners, so it is a good place for singles. There are notably more men than women, however. The music was top quality, with lively beats that get the crowd moving. Bowling is also an interesting side option, should the pounding merengue sap your energy. Despite it's lack of lights, windows, and ventilation, the Milky Way can become quite comfortable. You may end up feeling like you're just hanging out in your friend's basement.

Reviewed by "NVD" on 1/31/2001 18:16:20 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I was here on a Saturday.. not bad, not great. The salsas were few and far between, the dance floor isn't too big, but the crowd's not too big either so it all works out. Pretty casual, laid back atmosphere, you can also play pool or do some bowling in a disco sort of atmosphere. Lots of couples dancing, not many single dancers so BYOP. If you're just looking for salsa, go someplace else. If you like Merengue this is a laid back place to dance.

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