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Nightclub Reviews: Platforms Dance Club (RI)

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Club Reviews for Platforms Dance Club (RI)
11 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 4.6 (9 resp)
Atmosphere: 4.3 (9 resp) Dancing: 4.4 (9 resp)
Dance Floor: 3.9 (9 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 4.7 (9 resp)
Music Quality: 4.6 (9 resp) Parking: 4.6 (9 resp)
% Salsa: 83.9 (9 resp) % Merengue: 9.4 (8 resp)
% House: 0 (0 resp) % Other: 10.0 (7 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "Music City Salsa" on 5/27/2009 19:18:19 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
There is plenty of free parking. There is a gentleman at the door that will meet you at the parking lot and follow you to the entrance. Security was good. Seems like a pretty safe place. They had baby powder at each corner of the dance floor which is good because you would get stuck otherwise. The group that was there was pretty diverse with age and dancing ability. Most people danced on 2, but some danced on 1. Since I dance on 1, it took me a while before finding a good female dance partner that could follow. Towards the end of the night though I found several good/fun partners. The crowd was fun. I went with my cousin and we both met several people there. People were pretty friendly. The dance floor got full at times. It's not that big. However, people for the most part did a good job with traffic and staying in their own lane. Music was pretty good...definitely a salsa focus. Very little bachata... My only complaint was that they played too much slow salsa. It's a little boring to dance to, but its good for beginners. Overall I had a good time. If you enjoy dancing with beginners and advanced dancers, and want to go somewhere where the people are friendly and they dance to have fun...this is a good place to check out.

Reviewed by "Copper" on 1/13/2009 16:17:45 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Platforms is still going as strong as ever in Providence RI. Still worth being tired on a Monday! The atmosphere is friendly and safe, even for a girl alone! The cover is cheap. But most importantly for salseros - the music is great. There is a rotation of a few regular DJs so the variety of salsa is excellent. Whether you like classic salsa dura or the latest Marc Anthony, there is something for everyone. The DJs are friendly and receptive to requests, which I don't always find in some larger clubs. They also put on a variety of different events such as salsa contests, birthdays, and other things to keep it fresh. I've been enjoying the salsa community for about 8 years, 5 1/2 of them in RI. I enjoy some other places such as Vincent's on occasion; but Platforms is still my favorite, it's definitely my salsa 'home'.

Reviewed by "Salsa Loverz" on 1/4/2009 14:10:2 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
For those of you who don't know,Jeannie Oki doesn't hold anymore the Salsa Nights at Platforms or Lot 401. Three months ago she moved the Salsa Nights to Olives Bar (108 N Main St, Providence) EVERY TUESDAY. Doors open at 7 p.m. DJ plays the hottest Salsa rhythms. The club welcomes all salsa dancers salsa on1, salsa on2, Cuban and Rueda. This is the newest Salsa Club in town. Many American, Latin and Caribbean people fill up the club every Tuesday. The entrance to the club is $3 (doesn't include the salsa class). Salsa Classes with Salsa LoverZ are available at 7pm - 8pm - Intermediate, 8pm - 9pm - Beginners Level 1 & 2.

Reviewed by "Salsaboston" on 9/22/2008 16:51:51 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Editor's Note: Jeannie Oki's Salsa Sundays has moved to Lot 401. Platforms still runs their own night as well last I heard.

Reviewed by "DonnaSalsera" on 8/6/2008 5:54:20 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I've been going to Platforms on Sundays for over a year, and it's the best Salsa scene in Providence--great music and friendly people who love to dance (from beginner to advanced). The floor is new, and other than getting a little sticky when it's humid (they put out baby powder which takes care of that problem) it's a perfect floor. Easy to move on, a good size, and it's square, so when you're taking a break you have a great view of everyone else dancing from anywhere in the club. The staff is friendly, there's a parking lot right across the street, and it's only a $5 cover. Well worth feeling a little groggy Monday morning! : )

Reviewed by "" on 11/18/2007 9:54:48 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Hola Salseros y Salseras: Salsa Sundays at Platforms Nightclub is in its 8th year, with our 9th,YES, NINTH year upon us this March 2007. I notice the reviews posted are a few years old. I would like to update you. The club is located at 165 Poe Street in Providence and is off exit 18, Thurbers Ave., on Rt. 95 N. or S.,take a left on Allens Ave, and then the 3rd left on Oxford Street and again left into the fenced, secure, FREE parking lot. The club is at the top of the steps. The lesson, for beginners, starts at 7 PM sharp! Dancing from 8-1am.The music is primarily Salsa with a small mix of Merengue, Bachata and Cha Cha during the night...No reggatone or house music here. The cost of the evening...$2.00 for the lesson and $7.00 for the entire evening. The mix of different level dancers, (on one and two,) the ages, nationalities, cultures make Salsa Sundays unique in itself. It uses Salsa to tie everything together. There are special events from time to time and Birthdays or special occassions are recognized at the Club. There is a rotation of D.Js from Boston and Providence, affording a great mix of music to satisfy everyone. Please try us out if you have not already been there. If you have, please continue to support us. I thank you sincerely, Jeanne Oki Salsa Sundays at Platforms Nightclub 401-941-8008....okisalsa@netzero.com

Reviewed by "Copper" on 7/4/2005 13:44:2 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Sunday night at Platforms is the best dance night of the week. I have been to many other clubs- in MA, RI, GA, and FL, and have found none better. The people are nice, the cover charge is cheap, and the music is great. They play really good salsa- fast, slow, new, old. Also, it's the kind of place a girl can go alone and dance without being harassed- which can't be said for a lot of other clubs. There is a wide range of experience and ages at Platforms, so anyone should feel comfortable there. It's a really fun place.

Reviewed by "Ted" on 2/13/2004 16:15:34 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Platforms is the friedliest Salsa venue I've ever encountered. It has that small town feel to it that makes it a favorite in RI and beyond. I recently relocated to Providence and my new Salsa brothers and sisters have been welcoming and supportive. I still can't believe I've met so many fun people, in the smallest state, in such a short time. Thanks Rhode Island!

Reviewed by "Johnny" on 12/3/2003 9:40:38 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Platforms' Strictly Salsa on Sundays is a wonderful place to go salsa dancing. The DJs Tony Felix and Freddy play a very good mix of Salsa Clasica as well as Salsa de Hoy in a way that makes you want to dance the entire evening non-stop. The place has a very cozy atmosphere and the people are super friendly. There is a nice variety of dancers of different levels and everyone is willing to dance with everyone. The admission as well as the drinks are cheap, so you can have an unexpensive and fun evening. It is all this qualities that make me, a salsero from Boston, frequent this wonderful place often. Did I mentioned this place was wonderful!!! EVERYONE should go and find out for yourselves!

Reviewed by "Sweet lady" on 2/13/2003 12:58:7 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Strictly Salsa Plus on Sundays is the best kept secret in Providence...The night start off with a salsa class, which is taught on one by Jorge!!!! = ) The best salsa instructor in RI, he teaches beginners though advance dancers from 7:30-8:00 and after the class the dance floor is open for everyone.....There you will find a variety of dancers (beginners, though advance & dancers one and two) with lots of style...If you're a Salsa Lover this will be worth your Sunday Night....

Reviewed by "Kristinem" on 10/22/2002 17:47:40 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Strictly Salsa Sundays at Platform's Dance Club in Providence, RI is a great night of dancing. The music is great and there are many excellent dancers who dance both on one and two. Due to a larger turn out,the larger dance floor in the club has been open to the salsa dancers.There is a free lesson at 7:00p.m. and dancing until about 11:30p.m. Cover charge is $5.00 Many dancers go together to other clubs in Providence after closing for a full night of dancing. These Strictly Salsa dancers have had these Sundays over the last few years. It's the best kept secret in Providence. Many people have been traveling from Boston lately. Especially on a three day weekend. Its a great crowd with a mix of beginners and experienced dancers. It's worth the trip to Providence.
Platforms Dance Club
16 Poe Steet
Exit 18 off 95 south,(Thurbers Ave.exit)left
to Allens Ave, take a left at the light then another left after
the gas station.

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