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Nightclub Reviews: Plaza Garibaldi

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Club Reviews for Plaza Garibaldi
11 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 4.1 (11 resp)
Atmosphere: 3.7 (11 resp) Dancing: 3.7 (11 resp)
Dance Floor: 4.0 (11 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 3.7 (11 resp)
Music Quality: 4.1 (11 resp) Parking: 4.0 (11 resp)
% Salsa: 31.1 (8 resp) % Merengue: 26.9 (9 resp)
% House: 36.9 (10 resp) % Other: 18.0 (8 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "Huber-Gomes" on 9/26/2005 15:12:42 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Went on a Saturday and had a very nice time. Alot of different latin music including some salsa. Dance floor is quite large and even can compete with Boston clubs. parking is half of Boston and is free on Fridays. Plenty of waitresses and bartenders so drinks are easy to obtain. I would reccommend all latinos and gringos to try it out. It is a nice family owned place

Reviewed by "Eduardo Pereira" on 9/15/2005 18:14:56 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
FANTASTIC TIME!!!! WHAT A CHANGE!!! This place has change a lot!! the night club it's really up there, nice people, and the drinks where fantastic also HOT bartenders. we had the chance to try a couple of appertizers and they where delicious, I'm happy that the management really change this place.

Reviewed by "TomT" on 8/25/2005 14:55:22 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
What a great time, nice people, dance floor and drinks.

Reviewed by "DropZone" on 10/4/2001 6:32:33 Pop up this reviewer's ratings

Reviewed by "DropZone" on 10/4/2001 6:32:33 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Note: Salsa Nights on Thursdays are cancelled, as of October, 2001

This review if for SATURDAY night, not Thurs. Salsa Nights. For $10 you get...THE LESSON: None...THE FLOOR; Nice floor, very spacious once the tables are moved out of the way, yet still got packed rather quickly. There is a stage with extra space for those that are willing to put on a bit of a show. However bring ear plugs, the music is WAAAY too loud, but I must admit, they have the BEST sound system in Boston. Not exceedingly hot like some places, but still warm with all the people. THE MUSIC; Little salsa (maybe four songs early), then merengue, two bachatas, followed by merenhouse then latin house/house for the rest of the night. Excellennt selection of songs early but it ended too quickly! Nice place to dance for the first 45 minutes only. Note; music started late, around 11:15, NOT 9pm as advertised on their website. DINNER; Terrible Mexican food but at least the low prices reflect it. Incredibly slow service. However, the three singers/guitarists on stage provided fine smooth latin entertainment, they were great and played everything from vallenatos to rancheras to cumbia using maracas, claraneta, and spanish style guitars. Great for a dinner date. THE PEOPLE; Terrible attitudes. It was mostly early twenties Latinos so I expected more but unfortunately, only about three couples knew how to dance salsa, the rest passable merengue. They were obviously there for the Boom-Boom music (which I enjoy greatly, just not when I'm looking for salsa). On top of this, some women were downright rude. Ladies, if you would rather not dance, please just say "no thanks," there is nothing worse than dancing with a cold fish that spends the entire time shuffling in place, staring out the window. I was tempted to walk off the floor just to see if she'd notice...THE LOCATION; Terrible if you don't own a car, fine if you do. For T people, it is way out by Revere but you have to get off at the BLue Line Beachmont stop and take a $6 cab ride (2.3 miles). Luckily there is a cab company right across from the T-stop. BOTTOM LINE; Bring your own partner. I recommend you eat beforehand, come around 9 for dessert and drinks and to watch the performers, then dance (on the stage) to good music for about 45 minutes for a fairly satisfying evening. Remember, BYOP. dropzone@visto.com

Reviewed by "Linda and Ruben" on 7/31/2001 4:33:28 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
[Thursday, July 26 was the second night of the new Salsa Night] People! The turn out for the second week of Salsa nite at Plaza Garibaldi in Revere was pitiful. I understand that the first week was poorly attended as well. Here's the thing: We all can't wait for everyone else to make it happen. Lots of Salseros/as resent getting stepped on and shoved by the crowds at Ryles, and too little Salsa at Vincent's Copa, maybe are not thrilled with the small dance floor at Sophias salsa nite, and we go to keep the options available. This place could become a serious spot. Really nice dance floor: stage for classes and dancing floor and the management will push tables back and add whatever floor space we need. Nice room, and awesome DJ Jose spinning dance music from PR, NY-RMM, old stuff, mostly Salsa and some other stuff. Sweet, takes requests,etc. The bar is good, the vibes are good, the management ameniable to us. HEADS UP!!! It is only 10 minutes from Kandall square, 12 min from downtown Boston. NY's hottest clubs are Uptown and downtown and all around so what's up? We all wish the perfect serious, beautiful, full scale Salsa Club of the century would happen to Boston and draw us all together but it just has not happened. So, meantime lets get these Salsa nites of the ground. Can we try and keep this going?!

Reviewed by "juan" on 7/8/2001 0:22:8 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Great music, good dance floor, excellent food. Everything was good except the service is incredibly slow...forget about getting any of your food in under one hour!!! The parking is horrible. A great deal of potential here but the management needs to get the wait staff on their toes and resolve the parking prooblem.

Reviewed by "cubanosalsero" on 7/5/2001 15:56:14 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Plaza garibaldi has the potential to be one of the best latin spots in the area but they fail miserably. 1. anyone gets in the place with whatvever they have on, no dress code. 2. service is horrible, particullary at the bar, the bar staff need better training etc.. 3. the ratio of men to women is many more men than women. 4. they should move out the tables after 10 pm to expand the dance floor. The music is excellent, however the service is terrible as is the crowd. It has all the potential to be the place but the management need to change... I would not reccomend it...

Reviewed by "Nightmare" on 5/18/2001 16:9:49 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Regardless of what people say before about this place, I just want to share with the rest of people planning going to this place, food is not that great, there are so many other mexican restaurants around better than this one. The service sucks, takes for ever to have a dinner plate same with your beverage. Even if the place is not busy. The servers try to sell you a lot. What a Experience! Try other places like Taqueria Mexicana in Union Sq. Somerville, Lupitas Taqueria, Ana's Taqueria (Porter Square) ;) Bye

Reviewed by "nightlifer" on 12/2/2000 4:47:22 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I LOVE THIS PLACE! Why doesn't everyone know about it! They have the BEST Mexican food I've ever had - just like in Mexico, the real stuff. The entertainment just adds to this place. You almost feel like you're in some Mexican "fiesta" and then the shows remind you of Las Vegas! They've had a lot of stars there, too. Los Trio, Paquito Guzman, and Fito Paez are just some of the ones I've heard that have been there. Food prices were fine considering all the free entertainment. And the margaritas were the BEST. Parking was easy and the nightclub was packed (it was a Saturday). You can spend the entire evening there - no need to go anyplace else! I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!

Reviewed by "bananadancer" on 9/6/2000 15:56:28 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I went to Plaza Garibaldi on a Sat night. They have Mariachi's playing from 7 to 10 while you dine and a DJ at 11pm. Sometimes they have entertainment between the Mariachis and DJ. The food was overpriced and the Mariachi's were mediumly entertaining. I had one of the many Margarita varieties and it was excellent. The club itself has a warm Mexican-style ambiance and service was excellent. Diners were enjoying themselves. The DJ starts at 11. There is a $10 cover for DJ unless you have entered the club before 9. As far as I understood, dinner is not required to enter free as long as you come before 9. There was plenty of room to dance to DJ. Nice selection of mixed music. The house music, which I don't normally like, wasn't loud enough to be disagreeable. There would be a set of Salsa, a set of mixed Latin (mostly merengue) and a set of house. There was room to dance, not terribly crowded. If you are a Salsa addict, probably not up to snuff. You would need to BYOP, as there were not crowds of dancers standing around.

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