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Nightclub Reviews: Ryles (Thursdays)

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Club Reviews for Ryles (Thursdays)
16 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 3.8 (16 resp)
Atmosphere: 3.9 (16 resp) Dancing: 4.1 (16 resp)
Dance Floor: 3.8 (16 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 3.9 (16 resp)
Music Quality: 4.3 (16 resp) Parking: 2.7 (15 resp)
% Salsa: 65.7 (15 resp) % Merengue: 16.5 (15 resp)
% House: 11.7 (3 resp) % Other: 12.1 (13 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "mynosehurts" on 11/16/2011 13:43:32 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Man, the last couple times I went to Ryles (some time apart), the place smelled like urine, like someone peed in the corner a couple days earlier, and it was hotter than Hades. Heading to Caribe.

Reviewed by "a local" on 2/6/2009 22:4:35 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
dancing is great, the crowd is friendly (many graduate students and professionals from cambridge/boston), what else do you want! please SKIP THE LESSON on thursdays.. raul is a great guy, but... the lessons on tuesdays are better, though also far from really good. have fun! :)

Reviewed by "Mike" on 9/10/2005 11:18:1 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Had an amazing time here. Just wish the night started a little earlier as i need to get the last T home. Dance floor is nice and big, though a little crowded at times. Everyone here was very friendly and there were some very good dancers, who were a pleasure to dance with! you know who you are!

Reviewed by "SalsaMujer" on 8/19/2005 14:3:27 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I was recently in Boston and wanted to check out the salsa scene. I had heard that Ryles was the place to be on Thursdays. Before I rip the place apart I will start with some of the things I liked. The music was extremely good (Keeping in mind that I like salsa more than merengue and bachata) The dancefloor was also quite nice although a little small. I also liked the fact that they had lots of places to seat and the water was reasonably priced. Having said that, I was extremely disappointed for several reasons. First, I was surprised at how rude the bartender was to everyone ordering drinks. I was also extremely unimpressed with some of the dancers and my disgust has nothing to do with whether it was full of beginners or advanced dancers. My disgust had to do with the fact that people did not exhibit common courtesy on the floor. The men were spinning the women with no regard to other people on the floor ( A lot of collisions were occurring) Everyone seemed to behave like they were practicing for a competition instead of dancing for fun... (not a smile in the house) Salsa is a passionate dance not one intended to showcase your ability to spin. Speaking of spinning.... there were a lot of people doing a lot of spinning even though they had not mastered the basic step, were not dancing to the beat of the music. Instructors.... please stress the importance of technique to your students instead of how to spin and most importantly remind them to smile, it's not a matter of life and death!!!!! Finally, there were a lot of guys wearing those flat dance sneakers with the rounded toe that people wear at competitions. This is a dance club people not training at your gym! Make an effort to get somewhat dressed up. Look at the ladies as an example. All in all, I did not feel like people were here to have fun, instead they were merely showing off. I even had a guy ask me if I knew how to dance before he would dance with me. Is that the way men in Boston ask women to dance? I was extremely insulted but decided to dance with him anyway since the night was already a bust. The funny thing was that when we got onto the dancefloor, his technique was so bad that I found it funny that he was asking me if I knew how to dance when he couldn't dance himself!!!!

Reviewed by "cary" on 7/13/2005 3:12:15 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I happened to to visit Boston/Cambridge for the week from Singapore, and was taken by my dear friend Michelle to Ryles on Thursday. The place was great! Nice music and friendly crowd. But perhaps due to a massive jetlag, I took a while before I started enjoying the salsa beat. The problem was, I am so used to dancing On1 that when I dance with those who were so fluent in On2, it became even harder. But I managed to dance quite well, despite concetrating too much on not stepping my partner's lovely toes. Good Job Ryles!!! hope to visit you again when I am in town. Cheers from Singapore

Reviewed by "mexicanosalsero" on 3/25/2005 16:32:42 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Hello everybody, I'm from upstate New York and was in town for buisness. I happened to get online and found all sorts of great party spots for salsa lovers. The first place I attended was Ryles thursday salsa night. I had an incredible time. The atmosphere was exactlly what you would expect of a salsa joint. Everybody was mingling dancing and having a great time. I was shaking what my momma gave me all night. I just couldn't get enough of it. I had a blast. It is a well organized event with a sense of class and latin flavor. The free water was perfect because you will sweat and get tired. I defently recommend this place to anyone who has some free time on a thursday night. You won't regret it. Good job Ryles for putting together a great evening. Keep it up. See you next week. Ciao Angel

Reviewed by "Samantha" on 1/17/2003 16:23:48 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
The parking was definitely an issue when I went. The teaching was basic, but not a problem; you have to teach for those that might be dancing for the first time. I was stepped on more at this place than any place I've ever danced at. I got a woman's heel right into the middle of my foot - ouch! No apology from her, but most others were polite. The problem I had with this place was that there were three or four guys, apparently from the same dance studio because they all flaunted themselves around in white tank tops and carpenter jeans, who were a little on the "arrogant" side and were constantly upstaging the women they were dancing with. This behavior is not proper dance etiquette. The music was pretty good; a bigger dance floor would definitely help this place get even more people in the door. I'd go back.

Reviewed by "Dust" on 11/22/2002 1:38:30 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I'm new to Boston and Boston salsa scene checked out Ryles for the first time tonight and really enjoyed it for the most part. It is very beginner friendly, unlike some salsa spots where the beginners just sit around watching the experts showcase all night. That's cool for the first 20 minutes, but after that you want to dance too! The cover charge was $12 with the lesson $8 without the lesson. The lesson was "aight" pretty basic stuff. The music selection was EXCELLENT within genres. However, I wanted more merengue and more BACHATA. They would play 12 salsa songs then one merengue then one bachata and then repeat that mix again. Plus, I heard some of the same songs twice in the night. It wasn't particularly packed--there was space to dance. But there were definitely a lot of people there. Men for the most part were very open to asking females to dance. Plus, some of the really good guys asked beginning salseras to dance, which meant a lot. Otherwise, we'll never get better in dancing. It's definitely a "salsa spot" here in the area, as I saw some of the same people I saw the night before at Sophia's and the weekend before at the Congreso and the weekend before that at the Harvard Law School salsa party. I liked the fact that dress was casual. Ladies did not have to be hooched out and men could wear relaxed clothing too. The best thing about Ryles though is that they have free water!!! I was shocked because I'm used to paying a couple bucks just to quench my thirst. All in all, I had a great time and would definitely recommend it for people who just want to have fun, not showcase, ( or just sit and watch a showcase rather) and who are also new to salsa.

Reviewed by "TA HEAVY" on 7/14/2002 19:12:53 Pop up this reviewer's ratings

Reviewed by "Kewt." on 6/18/2002 16:16:7 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Small Dance Space and an abundance of experienced dancers make this a difficult spot for beginners. My husband and I visited Ryles one Saturday night in March 2002. I thought the space was very cute, although a bit small. I enjoyed the lesson at the start of the evening. I enjoyed the music and found it very nice that they had free water available in pitches for the patrons. There are a lot of experienced and very good dancers here. They were fabulous to watch. Unfortunately, on the night I was there, they were not very nice nor were they very courteous. For one, "Social dancing" was not the norm. Most of these kids were giving the dances their "competition best." I felt the dance space was small enough without all of this grandeur. For two, even though I did my best to stay out of the way of the more experienced dancers, I ended up with numerous bruises from getting whacked or kicked. Once several times by the same couple.. I tried my best to get out of their way, but the floor was crowded and I was trapped! I was kicked 5 times before I could find a clear path to escape to the tables on the sideline. Apparently the rule here is if you kick someone, no apology is necessary, just keep kicking them until they get off the floor. I find this appalling. Aside form being a beginner of ballroom dance, I have 21 years of other types of dance experience and regardless of how good I may be, I have never, EVER found it appropriate to keep whacking someone who is dancing near me. Either I move, or they move. If no one can move, then I tone down my dancing. Things should be no different in ballroom dance, folks. Ladies, If your lead is causing you to crash repeatedly into another person, let them know and stop it! To add insult to injury, at the end of the night, a man approached my husband to tell him that he stepped on his foot during one of the dances. My husband was very apologetic. When the guy didn't back down, my husband tried to make light of it by saying well I guess we all take turns, referring to all of my bruises. The truth is, my husband didn't even realize that he had done it but didn't hesitate to apologize to the guy making the accusation. Geeze. Let them kick us around all they want, but how dare we beginners accidentally step on the precious dancing feet of the ballroom royalty! I'm not sure if Thursday evenings are any different than Saturdays. To tell you the truth, I really don't feel like returning to find out.

Reviewed by "DropZone" on 9/29/2001 8:8:41 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
For $12 (I think they upped their prices) you get.. THE LESSON I took a lesson from a new gentleman (not Raul). He spent way too much time on the absolute basic of basic steps given this was supposed to be an intermediate class but then, he whizzed through four rather cool and complicated moves. They were nice moves indeed but he failed to teach them using the appropriate counts (e.g. leading on the wrong foot) and said it actually didn't matter since the move started off "a break." I don't know if this is technically correct but I have my doubts and I would rather learn correctly. Another annoyance was that once he would start the music (always a song too fast for learning) he would count out loud but in no relation whatsoever to the tempo of the music! Which makes me wonder why he plays the music at all, to test our syncopation?? The other moves he taught were great and correct, I'm just lucky I'm a fast learner... THE FLOOR Quaint, Small/Moderate sized wooden area, with unsightly support beams in the center, with a carpeted tabled/talking/drinking/ask-people-to-dance zone adjacent. Some corners of the floor are a bit too loud. Also not enough air conditioning. Why don't any of these places install high powered ceiling fans?? At least they have tons of free water. THE MUSIC I've been to a few places and this is the best selection so far. Mostly great salsa, some merengue, some bachata and the rare cha-cha. Excellent! THE PEOPLE The absolute best part of RYLES is the people. A completely mixed crowd of generally great dancers. The absolute beginners are not unwelcome but many seem to disappear completely after an hour or two. No attitudes but generally attractive, stylish people. You will see regulars. Very easy to ask anyone to dance, even if you are female (I get asked occasionally by women and have yet to say no). Not too crowded but since they just reopened that might change. Definitely a dancers club. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Come here to dance the night away. DropZone dropzone@visto.com

Reviewed by "PRLATINA427" on 8/26/2001 8:40:10 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I went to the Ryle's Nightclub last Thursday August 23, 2001 and was amazed to see what I saw. A very friendly mixed group of people that knew how to dance. Although the parking is a problem, I can deal with it. Moreover, I had the delight of meeting my new friend DJ Rubio a white non-latino disc-jockey who has been heard on the Mega 1150 am mix shows. I have never heard a disc-jockey like this in a long time. This dj brought me back to my latin cultural roots where his selections of old school and newer latin music where very good. I would highly recommend this dj for any party, nightclub or event. Ryle's nightclub should be very greatful to have this disc-jockey. I hope he is single, because I will go out with him in a flash.

Reviewed by "mexisalsa" on 10/11/2000 4:56:10 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Ryles' atmosphere is nice on Thursdays. It's a small, but cute dance floor. The cover charge is $10 (way too much for the space and for the CDs they play during the band's intermission). It's mostly Latin men and non-Latin women (both groups very rehearsed in their dancing - you don't see too many people dancing from the heart.) But generally, the atmosphere is relaxed and easy-going.

Reviewed by "gringolero" on 10/1/2000 1:0:42 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Another of my favorites, due to the crowd and the music. People are here to dance; with a minimum of trendiness. The crowd is very mixed up, so there are a lot of singles. You can go alone and have a good time. The music is mostly very danceable salsa and merengue. Can get hot -- don't wear long sleaves! Can get loud, but not the worst I've seen. Ten minute walk from central square...

Reviewed by "DiveChica" on 7/18/2000 16:11:43 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Ryles is a pretty friendly place with good music. The crowd tends to be mostly non-Latin in their 20s and 30s. Men seem more open and willing to ask women they don't know to dance. Most men will dance if asked by a women although not all of the men hanging out there know how to dance. It does have a fairly regular crowd so if you go often you will get to know people after a while. Plenty of water available at all times. You can order food at the bar. They play a little too much salsa for my taste. I prefer an equal mix of merengue and salsa. Attire is casual to dressy. I don't think I've seen a guy with a tie in there yet though. Downside is the it gets packed and every single time I have been there I have been kicked or stepped on by a salsa enthusiast or his partner trying out the new move they just learned in class. It also gets very steamy and they don't open any windows.

Reviewed by "mathman" on 7/16/2000 19:28:33 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Thursday nights at Ryles is great! They provide an intermediate lession at 8:30, a beginner's lession at 9:15, and Latin dancing with a DJ starting at 10. There's been a great turnout, though a bit heavy on the men (ladies, where are you?). The crowd is quite friendly to beginners. Saturday night can also be fun: lesson at 9:15, DJ'd music at 10, alternating between one Latin song and one Swing song. A reliable place to go if your other Saturday plans don't pan out!

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