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Nightclub Reviews: Salsa Harbor Cruises

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Club Reviews for Salsa Harbor Cruises
18 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 4.4 (18 resp)
Atmosphere: 4.5 (18 resp) Dancing: 4.2 (18 resp)
Dance Floor: 3.6 (18 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 4.4 (18 resp)
Music Quality: 4.8 (18 resp) Parking: 2.7 (18 resp)
% Salsa: 73.7 (18 resp) % Merengue: 12.4 (17 resp)
% House: 11.0 (10 resp) % Other: 8.2 (18 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "Phil" on 9/1/2008 0:36:30 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Ever since I moved to Boston last year, I've always wanted to check out the salsa scene here. I just got back from the cruise and I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone. The staff was really nice and showed us the ropes of how things worked. The dancing and music was amazing, it tends to get a lil bit crowded, but good music attract huge crowds. I didn't realize so many people were going to be on this cruise, it really did feel like 350+ were on it! The age group ranged from young college students to sweet elderly couples that still had fire in them to dance.

Reviewed by "MaMaRoMpALaDieTa" on 9/5/2006 14:40:40 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Hello, My name is DiDi Delgado, and a group consisting of myself and at least 13 other people attended your cruise this past Sunday, and we found it to be absolutely delightful and enchanting! Everything from the musica, to the dancing, the sights of Boston Harbor and the ambient lighting surrounding it at night, and the service was just great! The same group will be attending the Salsa Cruise on the 17th of September, which will prove to be an even more special night, because the 17th of September is our beloved sister's anniversary to her husband of 16 years. We wanted to do something to commemorate their time together, and wondered if this outing would allow us to do something unique for them to make celebrating the next 16+ years of their life together more memorable. Any help that can be afforded to us would be greatly appreciated in this matter. Thanking you sincerely, DiDi Delgado

Reviewed by "vyna87" on 7/17/2006 13:52:16 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
The cover charge is definitely worth it! Im from boston and i didnt hear about the cruise until last minute and i loved every second of it. I went with my fiance and our bestfriend (we are all 19) The food was good, the environment was good, the music was great (especially reggaeton)...it was a lot of fun.

Reviewed by "t-dance" on 8/26/2005 10:58:58 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I was on the august 21 cruise and had the best time. I have been here before and always enjoy the cruise. the lesson was fun and well attended. I enjoyed the food that was on board the impanadas were so tasty. me and my friends danced to some great tunes upstaris. dj martinez was palying some great stuff. we went downstairs and the party was still going strong! The only thing I had a problem with was parking. Other than that me and girlfriends had a great time and will be back for the last cruise. thank you to those involved and keep up the good work!

Reviewed by "Elizabeth723" on 8/23/2005 13:58:41 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I agree with everyone that the Salsa Cruise is a blast but I believe it should definitely be longer for the price you're paying. I honestly don't have any complaints except the length of the cruise and the parking. It is a rip off to park near the dock but you can get a bargain if you are willing to walk a little. The music, people and atmosphere is great and very positive. I definitely agree that men should ask ALL ladies to dance as this makes a man more appealing and sexy! I've had the priviledge to go several times and also take friends and they also enjoy it. This was definitely a well kept secret. There's nothing better than the natural ocean breeze hitting your back at just the right time. DJ Martinez and Mercado are awesome sometimes you don't know which floor you want to be on! Hopefully this cruise will be extended in hours and let it continue for all dance lovers like me!!!!! Que Viva la Rumba....... Elizabeth

Reviewed by "Shelly B" on 8/22/2005 7:21:28 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
This was the most fun I've had in a long time, def a best kept secret in Boston! The bar (the Landing) outide was a great spot to sit outside for a few drinks to get loosened up before the dance lesson on the dock. The dance lesson was key since my husband and I were salsa virgins! It was so cool to be dancing on the dock with a bunch of people, I was surprised at how many signed up for the lesson! The dance instructors were great...funny...lighthearted...no worries if you mess up. The steps were easy to follow and were essential for dancing on the boat later. The cruise was great, just long enough, the food and drinks were good, DJ's were both great, a little hot in the cabin but otherwise no complaints. By the end of the cruise my feet and hips were killing from dancing so much! My husband and I felt like Ben Stiller and Jennifer Anniston in the movie Along Came Polly (after Ben's dance lessons)! So much fun, can't wait to do it again. Going to tell all of my friends about it!

Reviewed by "La Beba Lisa" on 9/3/2003 10:25:15 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
i was on the august 31 cruise. me and my friends had a great time. it was a cool breeze but we danced all nght. the music upstairs with dj martinez was awesome so was the dancing. my friend got a happy bithday wish and request from us. downstairs was good to but a little dark. the food was very good, i have gone before and they did not have that. I thought the people there were very frinedly most seemed like they were having a good time.i wished it did last longer that is my only complaint.

Reviewed by "mario" on 9/1/2003 13:50:42 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I thought the cruise was great, (a nicer boat would bring up my rating!!). The music by DJ Martinez was the best I've heard. Drink prices were a bit steep and the availabity or menu is on the restricted side. The boat can use more speakers towards the front-outside dance floor (there are none and you can't really dance there since all you can hear is the bass). The worse thing about it is the actual time - I think its a rip-off - $20.00 for basically two hours out on the bay. Mgmt should really make an effort to add hours. The one I went on (08-30-03) they shut the music down at 10:30PM and the boat went out late at 08:30PM. Other than that - We had a great time. Lots of great dancers aboard and the atmosphere is great - lots of friendly people.

Reviewed by "Jose chico" on 7/25/2002 15:37:52 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I would like to thank Olaf and his staff for having the Salsa Cruise again this summer. It's awesome to enjoy the Cruise, Listening to coolest latin music and Dancing salsa. The atmosphere is awesome the people are great. Jose miranda

Reviewed by "papi-salsero" on 7/21/2002 15:51:16 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Ladies and Gentlemen, If this is not the best kept secret for salsa dancers in the Boston area, then I don't know what else is. The Salsa Cruise on July 7th was nothing short than a blast for those of us who had the priviledge to be there. I know people were away for the 4th of July weekend, but there should be no excuse for going to the next cruises, which I guarantee will be more packed. The dancers were very good, although gentlemen, you must help me out and ask ALL ladies who don't have partners to dance. Trust me, it makes a guy look more mature and appealing to the ladies when a guy asks all ladies out to dance! Anyway, I will be there for every cruise and hope to see as many people dressed in very sexy outfits as the last cruise. Even on a hot day, the cool ocean breeze aboard the ship provides natural air-conditioning and you always have the upper deck for refreshing air or privacy, if you need either one!

Reviewed by "Olaf" on 6/6/2002 12:33:28 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
2002 Summer Salsa Cruise Series starts this summer on Sunday, June 23! Cruises will be every other Sunday, with a slamming pre-party on the dock at the "Landing" and lessons with Johnny and Kelly! We'll leave the dock in time for sunset, and be back around 11 so that people can make it to work the net day. Three decks, 1.5 inside and 1.5 outside, with 2 DJ's, so we'll sail rain or shine! Salsa on the top deck, and Latin mix on the other. More details and dateshere

Reviewed by "Carla" on 8/14/2001 16:35:6 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
The Salsa cruise, for me, was most enjoyable. I can't believe that on a Saturday night one can cruise around the harbor and dance to great music for only $15 (I recommend that people book in advance for this rate). The dance floor was temporary in nature but more than adequate. The cruise was not over crowded and the atmosphere was really great. It was easy to find willing and patient partners. Both DJs were top class, playing lots of different salsa. The boat was spacious and the bar prices good. The dancing was certainly hot with some really great dancers on board. I recommend the dockside lessons before too. Johnny and Kelly brought people along quickly to a good skill level. Olaf was very accomadating. Mary, the ticket handler, was really nice and informative- telling me about other salsa events. Thanks guys for a great night!

Reviewed by "Rennae" on 7/30/2001 21:18:7 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
This was my second time on the salsa cruise and it won't be my last either. This is a great idea, listening and dancing to great music while cruising about Boston Harbor. The music on both decks was excellent and the sound quality just great. My friend and I were impressed with the dance floor, which was a high improvement from the first cruise. There was some great salsa dancers also and they helped the Salsa beginners. Overall there was a great atmosphere. People were friendly and the staff very helpful.I especially liked the Irish guy handling the tickets. He must learn to Salsa dance though!!

Reviewed by "jadie-la loca" on 7/27/2001 15:39:6 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
i went on the july 21 night. i went with my girl friends and danced all night. the boat was really filled with people. the dnce floor upstairs was not as nice. it was kind of hard to dance because of the floor. downstairs was alittl better. the floor was not dancer friendly but me and my girls danced to all the music. drinks were good too. not to bad for the price. i am from the south shore so i had to travel in and found no good parking. i suggest cabs or carpooling. i will go again but not park there.. the night is good idea as there are no real good sals nights in the area.

Reviewed by "CELLY - LA REINA " on 7/27/2001 15:29:32 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
My name is Celly and I am from Hyde Park (originally from Cali, Colombia!!!). I went on the night of July 21. I love Salsa but most of my friends can't dance really good. So I am always looking for friendly, open-minded Salsa dancers. I found several that night. Everyone was really nice. Ladies, theree are several (Papi's) who are willing to dance and lead correctly. The boat had so many people a good sign for Salsa lovers. Everyone was pretty casual some people were really dressed to impress!!! I did not see any food as my friends were getting hungry... too bad. What happned? The music downstairs had a good mix with more upbeat Salsa.. Salsa Brava!! Upsatirs was great too. It was an open deck, very romatic. Overall, I loved the cruise and had a great time. I will definetly go again and request more Colombian Salsa from my new DJ friend downstairs. Great job guys!!

Reviewed by "JUNIOR-EL MORENO :)" on 7/27/2001 15:9:3 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I was on the july 21 cruise... I had a great time. I am not the best Salsa dancer(learning) but the people and atmosphere were really nice/socialbe. The lessons were good too. The Boat was packed!!! People were dancing all night long, just the way I like it. There was a good mix of people young/old, latinos/non latinos etc. I really like that. The music downstairs was very good and varied I loved all the mixes. Hats off to both DJ's. I had a great time and I am bringing all my firends to the next one. Parking was my only problem. I think I'll cab it next time.

Reviewed by "Gerry" on 7/24/2001 19:35:51 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
This was Salsa with a difference. I was here on holiday from Dublin, Ireland (Salsa is growing over here!). This was a refreshing change from your normal run of the mill nite-club. The variety of the music was top class. There was also a wide variety of skill levels in the dancing and everyone was interacting with each other in a splendid manner. The top deck featured DJ Richard and it was a lovely night for top deck dancing. If I had not returned to Ireland on Monday, I would have gone again this weekend. Bravo, Salsaboston!

Reviewed by "Besame" on 7/9/2001 21:57:0 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I had the good fortune of having a full moon, beautiful weather and good friends to share the evening with. The scenery was very romantic (great for a date)and the music was very good. I didn't try the buffet but it smelled incredible. Although I wasn't able to have any of my favorite drinks (they don't have a large selection), the drink I had was very good and reasonably priced. It was the only thing that was reasonably priced. If you know ahead of time that you'll be going, I definitely recommend buying the tickets in advance or in the 4 pack bundle ($15 or $12.50 discounted from $20) and parking at a garage away from the aquarium (the aquarium garage was $26). Although the level of the dancers was varied, it was mostly beginners. There were two options for dance floors, the upper level which was like rough, bumpy sand paper and a lower level which is carpeted. It was very difficult to do even the basic steps on the upper level because the surface is so rough, lumpy and not exactly level (Do Not wear your ball room shoes). The lower level is much better. Overall the evening was quite enjoyable. I think this has alot of potential and I look forward to going again.

Ed. Note: Indeed, buy your ticket in advance! If we know you're coming we can give you a deal. About 60% of the people had some sort of advance ticket. Also, yes, park elsewhere if you're on a budget, the garage is a racket. I do...! I recommend taking the Orange line to Haymarket and leaving your car at Sullivan Sq. or even better at Bunker Hill CC, can't be more than a $5 cab ride back. Lastly, we are working on the dance floor issue! Indeed, the non-skid is hard to dance on. Thanks for your thoughts. -Olaf

P.S. we're working on the Mojito's!

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