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Nightclub Reviews: Salsa Wed. at Sagra

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Club Reviews for Salsa Wed. at Sagra
26 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 4.0 (24 resp)
Atmosphere: 4.0 (23 resp) Dancing: 4.2 (24 resp)
Dance Floor: 3.6 (24 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 3.8 (24 resp)
Music Quality: 4.0 (24 resp) Parking: 2.8 (24 resp)
% Salsa: 85.2 (24 resp) % Merengue: 8.3 (21 resp)
% House: 13.8 (4 resp) % Other: 6.4 (19 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "Star" on 6/2/2009 20:8:4 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Sorry to report but the club is too small. It is too far from everything. The dance floor is ridiculous. It has paved path which runs through the middle of it. The grand opening was enough for me. Looks like I am going to have to find another Wednesday night venue.

Reviewed by "Olaf" on 5/4/2009 8:31:24 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
As of May 6, 2009, Salsa Wednesdays has moved to Sagra Restaurant in the heart of Davis Square in Somerville! We had been at An Tua Nua for four years and at Sophia's before that. It's got a classy vibe, very comfortable, a great neighborhood, tons of free parking in municipal lots and streets, 100 yards from the Red Line, and great Italian food. Come check out Sagra, which is now the new home of Boston's originaly Salsa Night "by Salseros for Salseros".

Reviewed by "Vic Almighty" on 1/3/2008 20:54:49 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
The place: Spacious, when the music diffuses through your mind and takes control over your body, a certain level of restraint is required to behave yourself. Warning - Salsa is addictive and it lowers your inhibitions. At An Tua Nua, you have space to dance, specially if you arrive early for the lessons. The sound: The DJ, most of time, knows what he is doing and the rhythm is coherent with the atmosphere. There is some level of attention given to the quality and rhythmic value to the songs played and the volume it not overbearing. Restrooms are clean (at least the one I went - men) and the floor was replaced a year or two ago. The dancing crowd There is a high level of segregation explicitly shown among the "pros". They conglomerate near the seats near the DJ and are polite but skeptical of "non-dancers", after all this is a place to dance. The barrier can be overcome through proof of superior dancing skills. The better you dance, the easier it is to be "accepted" and therefore have a better dancing experience from a technical standpoint. For the women, how you behave and how you perform "on the dance floor", is actually more relevant than how you look. But, being presentable is a plus, specially if you don't have fantastic dancing skills. The "can't dance" crowd The dancing level is average, most people friendly and there is some emphasis on looks rather than only dancing skills. Buy a drink, keep it quiet and you may get lucky to watch beautiful Salsa and be hypnotized by nice moves. On the back of the dance floor, adjacent to the DJ booth is where you can presence above-average dancing skills. Great sensuality without sexuality. Fantastic coordination of turns and great fluidity of movements. Be aware, these are instructors and they have done this more than a few hundred times and just love it. Lessons If you don't know how to dance, a few lessons will save you. The instructors are passionated and caring and will lower to a beginners level, to help, without hesitation. Overall I can say that An Tua Nua is a really great place to spend some quality time with great people on Wednesday nights.

Reviewed by "HonestCurio" on 7/12/2007 23:28:56 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I can't remember seeing so many strong dancers in one room on a weeknight. Seems to be the midweek refuge for the Boston hardcore. Many of the "usual suspects" seen at Ryles on Thursday. Add in a bunch of students for a very enjoyable evening. Parking is a short walk away. It is not clear if the A/C was off or just overloaded, but it was hot & nasty for a while there... The mix is non-stop new school salsa; just one or two Cha Chas and a few Bachata. I would prefer more of both (I am afraid that DJ Hernan knows that all too well), but I must concede that this event is for the hardcore Salseros, and it does that well. The complementary watermelon at the end of the evening could not have been sweeter. I will be back...

Reviewed by "si no puedo bailar..." on 12/21/2006 20:8:21 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I just moved to Boston and have been missing my old dancing crew, so I thought I'd check this place out & convinced a friend from college to come with. With work the next morning, I figured I'd drop in and be gone by 11:30, but the first time I looked at my watch and it was already 1am! We both loved it. The music was great & there were dancers of all levels, but some couples had some mad moves! Something to aspire to... Crowd was fun & welcoming. Exactly what I'm looking for in a salsa place, but I was so tired at work the next day!

Reviewed by "happy dancer" on 12/14/2006 8:52:12 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
My first time at this club and really enjoyed it. Couldn't attend the lesson, but I know the instructors from some other club (Johnny is great!!!). The place is really nice, huge dance floor, great sound system and lots of friendly people (though there was one boy a little bit disgusting, dancing really close!!! Please girls, don't less bastards like him ruin your night, tell them that you are there dancing and not looking for something else... Fortunately I just danced with him once) more boys than girls (which was awesome) and dancers of all levels. The crowd was very friendly -even though some people came with their groups of friends, you could pretty much dance with anyone- and there were lots of space to dance. The music they play is mainly salsa,(well, it's a salsa night) but there were a couple of merengues and even a bachata (I would have liked also a chacha, but it's ok) that we all appreciated. Good music, and all my friends also liked the place. Will definitely go again.

Reviewed by "" on 9/28/2006 7:38:23 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Extremely crowded and noisy. We could not hear the instructors so we had to watch what he was doing. He announce the moves AS he was doing them, which made it hard to follow. Too bad he didn't have a microphone, it might have been a good lesson. Overall, the dancing was great, don't waste your time on the lesson, too crowded and noisy to hear or enjoy.

[Editor's Note: We've correct the microphone situation--it's something we've been meaning to do. Hope to see you back.]

Reviewed by "BostonIndian" on 8/10/2005 22:22:59 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Beautiful floor. Nice people. Not as amazing as Sophia's but pretty close. The lessons are wonderful too. The woman who collects money at the counter has an attitude problem - she needs a lesson in diplomacy. I will return though, because I go there to dance, to catch up with my partners-in-Salsa and to have fun.

Reviewed by "SalsaBoston" on 3/27/2005 23:9:21 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
As of Dec. 2004, Salsa Night at Sophia's moved to An Tua Nua. Sophia's closed its doors on Jan 1, 2005, but the same great night continues!

Reviewed by "Erin B" on 10/20/2004 14:41:33 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Hi guys, just wanted to write a recent review so anyone who's coming for the first time will know. THE DEAL: The floor in the basement is super slippery. Be prepared. The floor upstairs is mostly sticky, especially when it gets humid upstairs from all the heat on the dance floor (which is amazing, but still has this annoying effect). Therefore, brush your shoes or don't depending on where you think you'll be dancing more. Lesson is upstairs, so typically the crowd starts out there, and moves downstairs when the heat becomes unbearable. The DJs rotate often, Hernan and DMartinez being my favorites (hint hint Olaf!) :) Recently they've had some new faces that play a lot of house Latin and merengue later in the night which is less than ideal for us salseros, but then again, one or two songs is fun to play with. (but only one or two) sorry to be a salsa snob. If you want Latin house, come on the weekends. The crowd is *very* friendly, and hosts a variety of style and skill levels. Be proactive! Ask good dancers to dance with you and I promise they'll oblige with a smile. A great place to meet new friends and see some incredible dancing. Dress to impress and dress to get sweaty, till Sophia's decide's to fix the A/C upstairs.. see you there!

Reviewed by "creolesalsera" on 9/16/2004 12:34:56 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I first started attending Sophia's on Weds two years ago and had a great impression, but I wouldn't recommend it nowadays. Johnny, Kelly, and Andre are fantastic teachers but the problem is the setup of the lessons. Sophia's has become THE place to be for Salsa, so now it's jammed packed! You can barely move so what's the point? The best thing to do would be to move the beginner's lessons downstairs and the advanced remain upstairs, allowing more room in an already crammed space. Sophia's can be a great place to go if you wait till midnight to show up.

Reviewed by "neni" on 3/18/2004 17:43:14 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
i have been going to sophias for years and last night I had a blast, the classes were great, I have been dancing salsa since my childhood in venezuela and still i was able to learn new steps and improve my dancing skills (rueda de casino, individual steps and partner turns). i also tried their new food at the restaurant and the quality has improved with the new 4* chef. I have to admit the food was very good. the waiters, people were extremely friendly and kind. The price for the venue (12 dollars cover charge) was excellent for what you get (2 classes and a whole night of dancing). I have been living in boston since 95 and I have been going to sophias since the beginning, I used to love their live music on fridays and saturdays but now without that the classes really make up for it. Everyone gets to dance and learn this wonderfull foot move. I love to go and dance away with everyone and check out different dance partners (dance styles). carolina

Reviewed by "PapaOn1" on 3/4/2004 2:23:58 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Salsa night at Sophia's is always a great night, but have you tried the food there lately?! It used to be pretty bad, but man, it's good now! They got a new chef and a new menu. Tapas. It's a little pricey for a quick bite, but as they say, you get what you pay for. If you want to take a lady out for a nice dinner and dance, this is good. I recommend the pork, the duck and also shrimp/calamari tacos, the sauteed shrimp, and the flan for desert.

Reviewed by "Ares-las" on 6/23/2003 8:32:36 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Sofia's on Wednesdays is the ultimate. It is a very diverse crowd in age, ethnicity, and dance levels. No matter how young or old you are, or weather you are an advance or beginner in salsa, you can go and have a full night of none stop dancing. Though at times the floor may get a bit crowded with all the people having a blast dancing, to me it isn't really an issue because the whole idea when going out dancing, is going to a place that has a good crowd who likes to have fun and make the atmosphere alive and Sofia's has that type of crowd. I am 26 years old and I enjoy Sofia's on Wednesday nights so much that I drive an hour from where I live to go and dance every Wednesday night. I love Johnny and Kelly's classes. They aren't just old boring dance classes. They are fun and inviting, as they always have great, new, different turn combinations that improve my dancing. Everyone should go to Sofia's. If you are a salsa dancer, then you will love it. If your are not a salsa dancer, you should still go because once you take a couple of classes and dance a couple of nights, you will be hooked and addicted. Overall I would rate Sofia's a five despite the crazy parking difficulties during baseball season because the fun I have in the class and through the night dancing, is well worth the initial agrevation on not finding a parking space. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Reviewed by "Morenita" on 6/3/2003 15:9:9 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
i have to add my 2 cents.... i havebeen going to sophias on wednesdays for a while and i always have a great time. don't know why some people have bad things to say? maybe they are going on the wrong night?... i am learning the on2 style (i grew up w/ on1) the instructors are great. i think they cover the basics well, it can be hard to take the lesson when there is a big group. the atmosphere is upbeat and staff have been friendly with us. me and my friends always are asked to dance. i like the mix of people and dance styles. variety is always good. i don't drink so i can't say anything about the drinks. me and my friends go to learn new moves, practice and listen to great music. the dj plays there is great really good mix he looks like he has fun playin the maracas. i still have to try the food. i come in from the north shore and some times get there late so parking is my only complaint. i think this is good place for a salsa lover and student like me. morenita.

Reviewed by "marilyn" on 5/23/2003 11:23:57 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
i went this wednesday for salsa and me and my friends had a great night! the music was excellent! dj martinez keep up the good work,excellent music. the lesson and dancing were great too although there seemed to be more females this night. the last time i went (about four months ago) the music was a little bland for me and there wasa noy to many people. i think things have improved. i am from the west part of mass and me and my frineds like dancing salsa and are learning more and more the on2 style. i enjoy on1 more. the people there were friendly and we had offers to dance all night. i don't drink but my frineds mentioned that the drinks were decent. my only complaint is the parking, it is awful!! we could not find anything and we got there early. the only other thing woud be the day of the week. why wed? i wish they could make it on friday or saturday night. no matter what me and my friends enjoed ourselves.

Reviewed by "dady" on 3/18/2003 11:39:10 Pop up this reviewer's ratings

Reviewed by "Dust" on 11/22/2002 1:56:6 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Wednesday nights at Sophia's was not necessarily my cup of tea. Most of it is my own bias though and nothing inherent in the Salsa night itself. I like salsa but I personally can't listen to or dance to salsa for 3 or 4 hours straight. I need a mix of merengue and bachata. For diehard salsa addicts though, this is definitely the place for you to go. It's also a place for people who are already very good at salsa. I would say it's not really the place for beginners, because you will pretty much just sit around watching all the really good people dance all night. It's not a very social mix unless you already know the people there. It seems to be the core of the Boston salsa "scene". Watching the great salseros is cool for the first 20 minutes, but after that you get a little bored with it. Water costs $2, and it was a pretty big bottle. Admission is $10. For diehard salsa addicts who are already good, this is your place. For other people, I'd say check out an environment with more people from a mix of dance levels or come back on Sophia's Thursday night which is excellent!! Thursdays there are a lot more people, the people are just having fun rather than showcasing, and they also have a mix of music and a mix of dance levels. With that said though, they gave out free peppermints!

Reviewed by "salsanovice" on 11/5/2002 15:54:13 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Hi, I'm relatively new to the salsa scene, and I am very excited about the opportunity to learn salsa at such a great place like Sophia's! The atmosphere is fun and upscale - I've never been wierded out by strange people asking me to dance. The cover is *definitely* worth it; I go for the dance lessons at 9:15, which are fantastic, and what's even better is that after the lessons are over, people will ask you to dance, even if they know you're a beginner, which helps you to learn more! I'm impressed with the friendliness of everyone there too - I always tell my partner that I'm just a beginner and not to expect much but they always smile and lead me into new turns and tricks. There are a lot of talented dancers there, so if you're not brave enough to head out to the dance floor, standing on the side and watching is just as entertaining! Good luck with parking; apparently there's a lot across the street behind Virgin Records that you can use on Wednesdays for free, but don't quote me on it. Best bet is to walk from Kenmore stop (like 5 minutes) or take a cab. Water is NOT free, but when you're not buying drinks so that you can keep your balance while dancing, they've got to make money somehow! Come join us - you'll have a great time!!

Reviewed by "mambera" on 7/16/2002 18:27:23 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Back when Wednesday nights at Sofia's first started I used to go every week. The crowds were smaller back then and there were more die hard dancers. These days there are more people standing around, sometimes even on the dance floor with drinks in their hands. I also liked Ritchie the D.J. He was very open to all suggestions and requests and always aimed to please. I usually don't have too much trouble parking, but if there's a Red Sox game you can get stuck in traffic and never find a spot with out paying a lot. The drinks at Sofia's are a little pricey, just normal night club prices, but they have a rather aggressive bus boy/bar back who sometimes clears away drinks that aren't empty which has caused me to tend not to bother drinking there at all. I don't go there as often as I used to now for a few reasons. One is that Wednesdays are busy nights for me this summer, another is now that the night is so popular that it is hard to dance with out getting bumped and trampled unless you wait until after midnight when people start to go home and the dance floor is less crowded. Because of the crowds I only go when D.J. Nik is going to be there, so if that is a reason for others to stay away it just gives me more room to dance with out fear of injury. Since he was a dancer before he was a D.J. he knows how to balance fast and slow music for dancers. He puts a lot of thought into his selection of music and plays everything from timeless classics to contemporary artists ... Wayne Gorbea, Edwin Bonilla and Jimmi Bosch are some of today's great salseros and that Nik has introduced me to. When he's at Sofia's he usually throws in some more commercial stuff as well, like Gilberto Santa Rosa, (who is great), and maybe even Victor Manuel, but Marc Anthony, DLG and Kevin Ceballo type stuff is unlikely. He is the only D.J. who has brought guest D.J.s from New York to Boston's Salsa scene and he is known among dancers and D.J.s in New York as well. Sofia's is lucky to have the variety and quality of music that Nick brings with him. I too make a point to frequent the spots where I know I will find Nik.... I may even start going to Ryle's again since Nik will really improve the DJ rotation that goes through there with their skipping CDs and poor equipment. I also liked Antonio Ortiz... he always looks happy playing music and watching the dancers, more so than the regular DJ who is usually there and seems happier sitting at the bar and giving Johnny a turn with the music. The class before the club is popular and you often see people testing out the new turn patterns afterwards. I always remcomend that people go there to try out either class with Johnny and Andres if they are interested in getting into "on 1" dancing. I think they are the most talented dancers in Boston who have a lot to offer their students. They often get applause through out the night with their flashy and stylish moves.

Reviewed by "hboc" on 7/10/2002 18:47:52 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
First for Sophia's Wed nights.... If you're serious about salsa specifically and dancing as opposed to a club scene, this is one of the best bets in Boston. Space has always been a problem, but the expanded floor upstairs really helps. I especially appreciate SalsaBoston's Salsa formula which keeps the merengue,and bachata to a minimum(nothing against them, just not my personal thing). You can count on having a wide range of levels here to dance with, beginners are welcome and if you're further along, there's plenty of very good dancers to dance with or watch. The thing everyone has in common on Wed nites is that they are there to dance salsa. It's a friendly crowd, very welcoming and a great atmosphere. Parking can be a little tough, but not impossible at all. The teachers are excellent and people always seem to come out of the lesson having learned what was taught. Second.....The nights that I never miss are the nites DJ Nik is there. I've been in clubs all over the country and have only heard a couple of DJ's that have had the same feel for what makes salsa such a dancer's music (and these other DJ's were of international stature). DJ Nik's selections speaks to my heart and soul more than any other DJ I hear in Boston. My biggest complaint is that occasionally he makes you work hard with some of the more driving cuts he pulls out- not a bad problem, just challenging sometimes and nicely off-set with fabulous medium and slow tempo tunes. Speaking for myself, I really like being exposed to good music I may not have had the chance to experience before. Often in Boston I hear the same songs over and over again in clubs and I find that very boring -in some cases, I hear the same set night after night. I make it a point to go wherever DJ Nik is working, not just Sophia's, because I know I'll be assured of great music to dance to. I always try to bring friends and new people to his gigs. This is my personal taste of course, and I recognize that different people like different things. I try to enjoy what *every* Boston DJ spins for us dancers. From this salsero, DJ Nik and Sophia's gets a big thumbs up! You won't be disappointed! P.S. he's the only Boston DJ I know who's well-thought of in New York City through his guest DJ appearances at some of the serious salsa hotspots there. Not a bad endorsement- they know a little about salsa in NYC!

Reviewed by "search7" on 7/10/2002 13:29:9 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I completely agree with the [music part of the] review recently posted by Salsamania2002. I accept the commentary response that he plays the "classic-style" salsa of yesteryear, but today's savy salsero does not want to dance to this outdated stuff. The majority of the salsa dancers in Boston have NOT been dancing salsa since the 70's, so why do we have to endure salsa from that era (and beyond)? His lists of favorite salsa tunes don't even include some of today's best salsa groups (like Fruko Y Sus Tesos, Joe Arroyo, Puerto Rican Power, Grupo Niche, El Gran Combo, et. al) and on a given night will not even have these types of music on hand for *requests* by salsa-hungry salseros. DJ Nik's music not only puts me to sleep but is also very uninspirational and uninteresting. I actually avoid all venues when I am aware that Nik is playing there. I am saddened to hear that he is infecting Ryles starting in September and will now need to find another place to dance during those Nik-specific nights. I understand that he is a DJ who appreciates all types of salsa music and how it has evolved, but the dancers do not go to dance for a history lesson. Think of it this way: how many top nightclubs in Boston play only 50's music? NONE! That's because today's outgoing dancer to ANY type of club is looking for the latest music (with SOME classics mixed in that will always endure). As a salsa dancer that supports the scene 5 nights a week, I think we are entitled to have our admission pay for DJs that actually cater to the dancers. If you are trying to pump up the Boston scene, the music is the place to start. Without good music, the venue will not sustain a successful and profitable Salsa night. I hope Sophia's does not have to continue to be compromised by old music and lose its appeal as one of the top Salsa spots.

Reviewed by "Salsamania2002" on 7/2/2002 13:34:38 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I was at Sophias on the third wednesday of June. DJ Nik was playing some salsa that was so old and under the rocks it ruined the night. The tempo never got fast at all. Dragged all night long. I could have brought my 90 year old grandmother and grandfather for this event. 1 merengue played. WOW! Need some serious good salsa music. Always the same crowd here. Bear in my mind 50 -60 people would pack this shoebox style place downstairs, so I don't see the 150-200 people at all even between all levels of this place. I must say, they improved the looks downstairs a little bit, but not enough for me or my friends to be impressed. The Parking, forget it. Good luck finding parking without getting tagged and or towed. For the people who want to dance salsa on a Wednesday night I recommend anywhere else but here. You'll have better luck.

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. This was the one night that was on the ground floor due to the construction on the 2nd floor, and it was very crowded. There were 201 people who paid admission actually, so total about 220. That's a lot. Nik plays "classic Salsa", that's his thing and he's there once a month. Most people like the variety and it's very dance-able. Antonio Ortiz and Luis Arroyo also DJ on other weeks. Merengue: you won't get much, that's the what the night is. Merengue night is somewhere else. Parking: people still park at McDonalds despite the warnings, and they get towed. There are good free places to park around there though. A lot of people park in the lot behind the Mobile which normally has an attendant, but not on Wednesdays. They don't tow from what I hear. -Ed

Reviewed by "SalsaBoston" on 7/2/2002 1:19:2 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Wednesday Salsa Nights at Sophia's ("Solamenta Salsa") have really kicked up in the year and a half since we started it. In June, 2002, we exceeded the capacity of the basement lounge on a regular basis, so we moved it upstairs after ripping out the carpet and putting in a new all wood floor. Renovations are ongoing. Also, the roof deck is now accessable, with lots of new deck furniture, swings, and a bar, and this summer features "Mojito-ville!", a happy hour on the roofdeck with Boston's best Mojitos and reduced price tapas. A Mojito, if you don't know, is a great cuban drink with rum, fresh lime, crushed mint, sugar, soda water, and some sugar cane. Lessons are beginner and intermediate, starting with everyone together and then it breaks into intermediate with Johnny and Kelly for the more experienced dancers, and the beginnners learn the basic steps with Andres. Always plenty of "single" guys and girls, so no partner needed. A lot of excellent dancers are there, but beginners are just as welcome. DJ's rotate through, Antonio Ortiz and Luis Arroyo with a mix of the latest hot Salsa releases and dancers' favorites, and Nik with a Classic Salsa flavor. Parking is sometimes a problem on RedSox game nights, but usually the games are ending at around 10pm so people are leaving Fenway and it's pretty easy then. This summer 175 to 200 Salseros are typically there, so it's definitely Boston's biggest Salsa night and growing. PLEASE DON'T PARK AT McDONALDS! You will get towed (a nice little racket between the franchise and Fry's towing in Alston, $100 plus cab, don't do it!).

Reviewed by "Monty" on 11/13/2000 17:8:35 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I have enjoyed thorougly taking dance lessons west-coast style with Elise on Wednedays the past few weeks! My salsa partner and I are regulars there and hope for Sophia's to offer some salsa styling workshops in the coming few weeks preferably led by Elise. I highly recommend the classes on Wednesday and Thursday nights as they are very clear, effective and inspiring.

Reviewed by "Gringo Salsero" on 11/12/2000 18:57:6 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I really enjoyed the new salsa nights, I think Boston needs a few places that really cater to the salsa dance scene and this is one of them! It's also not really directed at the trendy crowd one usually finds at Sophia's, so don't let that deter you. The event is held in the basement lounge, kind of a unique room. The dance floor has an interesting cave-like motif and there's a long bar looking down at the dance floor with plenty of seating and booths. So it's good for watching while you take a break or have a drink. The music is excellent, almost all salsa with a little merengue every now and then just to break it up, and the DJ know's his music. The volume level is also right, loud enough to feel it when you're dancing, but also not so loud that you can't hear yourself talking to your friends or your date! Elise does the lessons, very flashy stuff from LA, and she takes a lot of time to make sure everyone understands the moves. She also does some great freestyle warmups. Upstairs Sophia's has a live latin band, sort of a jazzy jam session, and on the top floor they have international night with all flavors of music. So if you want to take a break from the salsa or mingle with some other people, you can wander upstairs for a bit. The downsides are the cover, but if we want great clubs we need to support them. Parking is also not the greatest but if you come moderately early you can usually find a spot within a block or two, and there's always plenty of pay lots. On the first two nights there were about 40 or 50 people, but the room can hold easily 2-3 times that. Bottom line, they've really worked on putting together a great salsa night so bring your friends, dancers or not, and see you there!

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