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Nightclub Reviews: Union St (Newton)

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Club Reviews for Union St (Newton)
12 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 4.2 (12 resp)
Atmosphere: 4.3 (12 resp) Dancing: 4.0 (12 resp)
Dance Floor: 3.8 (12 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 4.0 (12 resp)
Music Quality: 3.9 (12 resp) Parking: 4.6 (12 resp)
% Salsa: 83.6 (12 resp) % Merengue: 8.1 (10 resp)
% House: 15.0 (1 resp) % Other: 9.2 (11 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "Honest Curio" on 7/9/2007 23:34:7 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
NB: Union Street no longer hosts Salsa on Tuesdays. That event is now found at Ryles on Tuesdays.

Reviewed by "john111" on 2/9/2006 16:31:13 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Incosistent quality of lessons. You go one week and it might build upon the week before. The next week you go back to beginner level. Last time I went the head instructor gave an integrated lesson another words while there were 5 of us one woman in particular took up 90% of the lesson while everyone else was ignored. One person stood confused, another sat on stage while the other complained to me. Did I mention i was relegated to the side of the class to repeat two steps over and over for 15 minutes plus to never end up using that step. Truely a joke and you never know what to expect. The instructor has no gage on what level his students are at even if they are having trouble he just blasts ahead tacks on more steps. If you try it don't pay up front for 5 lessons just try it once otherwise you will regret it. Also, every week there seems to be a new person instructing either advanced beginner or begginers. Friday nights at the Greek Club in central square is much more fun if your looking for atmosphere.

Reviewed by "Sexy Salsera" on 5/23/2005 22:12:27 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Tuesday nights at Union Street have been so much fun. I haven't been in Boston that long, but of course I have checked out many of the salsa programs around. Although there are several fun places to go, I wanted to send this along because I don't think many of you know how good this night actually is. The people there are so friendly, all different cultures, all different levels of dancing, and so comfortable. It's a great place to go, have some fun, practice some new moves, meet new people. And the music...the DJ is one of the best. He really seems to feel the crowd. From other places I've gone, it always seems that they play super fast songs, all night. Here, there's a mix of all the best salsa music. I've just been so impressed with the way this night is, and like I said, there are alot of great places to go, but this is definitely one of the best.

Reviewed by "salsera" on 11/9/2004 0:19:3 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Although Union Street Salsa program has been on hold because of the Red Sox, I am so excited to get back there tomorrow night. The atmosphere is so comfortable, and friendly. The people who go there are truly sociable, which I have noticed at other Salsa programs, the people tend to stay with their own crowd. At Union Street, even when it's your first time there, people come to you and introduce themselves, and they are just really nice. The dancing is great, the floor is not bad, the music is really good, and it's just alot of fun. I just wanted to let people know about this place because I have been going there for a while now, and it really is a great program.

Reviewed by "Dancing Diva" on 3/14/2004 19:37:47 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Salsa nights with Noche Latina at Union St. have always proven to be a great time. The atmosphere, the staff, the music, and of course the dancing have never let me down. I took my first salsa lessons ever at Union St. about a year ago and have been in love with it since. The instructors are so down to earth, friendly and energetic and not to mention talented. I always feel right at home when I am there!

Reviewed by "salsera" on 3/3/2004 21:7:16 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I would like to start by saying that I strongly recommend tuesday nights at Union St. They are so much fun! I have been taking classes for about 6 months now aside from Union St, but was skeptical about venturing out and dancing with strangers for the first time. As a female, I was most afraid of men asking me to dance, and not knowing what to expect. I am happy to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The people are extremely friendly and the instruction is incredible. Hedwige and Melissa and fantastic. They are patient while teaching, and a lot of fun to watch and dance with out on the dance floor after 9. There is tons of free parking, the drinks are great and not too expensive, and water is simple to get. The ratio of men to women is perfect, and the men are especially friendly and patient, even though I'm pretty much a beginner. I drive 45 minutes from home just to be there on tuesday nights, and believe me, its worth it!

Reviewed by "El Nene" on 2/9/2004 14:34:52 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
At first I was a bit skeptic going to a "Salsa Night" West of Boston, but I was pleasantly surprised to find as diverse a crowd in terms of skill level, age and ethnicity. The night starts off with a couple of classes, the instruction and combinations taught are well worth the $10, and the night goes on until about midnight with music and dancing. Union Street Tuesdays is great for those times you just don't want to go through the hassels of going out in town. Plenty of free parking. Nice sized dance floor, good lighting, nice bar. People and staff are friendly.

Reviewed by "jinji" on 2/4/2004 9:5:4 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Salsa on Tuesday's at Union Street was my first experience ever taking an actual class, that was 4 months ago, and I'm still looking foward to Tuesdays. The instructors, Hedwidge and Melissa, instantly made me feel at ease, which was great since i went by myself and was a bit intimidated. The atmosphere is wonderful, everyone is genuinely friendly and there to have a good time. You can see people of all levels on the dance floor, and I like that you can start your lessons with a basic class and stay around and participate in the intermediate and advance levels if you feel up to it. You can also purchase a card for 5 lessons for $40 which i thought was an amazing bargain after pricing some other places. The location is ideal because parking is so accesible, and the bar staff is very friendly.

Reviewed by "suburbansalsero" on 9/15/2003 13:22:11 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I love the idea of dancing at Union St. on Tuesday nights, but the reality of it seems to going downhill. On the plus side, it is relatively easy to get to, there is easy parking, it is located in a nice restaurant, and is *free*. On the downside, the regular dancing used to begin at 9 and now they say it starts at 9:30 but it usually starts closer to 10, which is not realistic for a suburban crowd on a Tuesday night. The night is driven by the three classes though, so if you like the teachers' style, then it is a very good night. And if you are just going to dance then it is just ok. It would be better, and would attract a bigger crowd if they starter the regular dancing at 8:30 or 9.

Reviewed by "salsagirl" on 8/20/2003 14:12:57 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
The people that dance at union st are sooo friendly. There are regulars and new faces every week. You can see all levels of dancing. The bartenders are friendly and drinks aren't bad. It is a good ratio and there are no hesitations to ask others to dance. I have been dancing for almost 6 months and union st is my regular spot that feels like home. Thats what I love about it, it has a welcoming atmosphere and you never need to worry about going there alone.

Reviewed by "sunman" on 8/17/2003 13:58:50 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Tuesday nights at Union St. has become a regular night for me. In the three months that I have been going, attendance has steadily been growing. Hedwige,Mellissa, and the rest of the crew from Noche Latina crew go out of their way to make every one feel welcome. They also offer lessons for beginners and intermediate/advanced dancers as well. They teach on 1 and are very effective at breaking down turn patterns and combinations so that any one can learn them. The dancing continues after the lessons are done and an even bigger crowd shows up. A knowledgeable and friendly bar staff keep the drinks coming as most people work up a sweat on the floor. Union st also has a resturant downstairs and you can order tasty food from the bar. Parking is very convenient with two large municipal lots close by. Living in waltham I can't think of a more convenient salsa night. How ever it is the friendly cowd and dancing that keep me coming back. I had always wnated to know how to salsa and I was the guy sitting on the side lines watching instead of dancing. Learning from Noche Latina I have gained the confidence to dance all night at Union st and many other venues and events. I highly recomend this night to beginners and seasoned veterans as well.

Reviewed by "hboc" on 1/30/2003 15:37:7 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
It's a pretty nice place- fairly small and intimate, really good medium-fast floor (with a tiny slope at one end to add a little excitement), high ceilings, and a very comfortable feel to the room. There's a nice bar off the dance floor along with a lounge area with pool table and chairs. About 9 good beers on tap. There's plenty of room to step off the dance floor and chill without being in the way of the dancing, but you are still right there at the dance floor to watch or wait for the next dance opportunity. The music selection was generally okay- a little more oriented to faster stuff and fairly well-known, sometimes over-played songs. Would have liked a bit more slow stuff at the end of night. The mix was predominantly salsa with a few merengues and cha chaís thrown in, which seemed to be about right for what the dancers wanted. The DJ was enthusiastic and seemed to be happy to take a request. The people running this event were very welcoming and overall vibe was friendly. There was a selection of some decent to very good men and women dancers in the club as well as some beginners getting their feet wet. People were mixing pretty freely with each other. I didnít get there when the lesson was going on, so canít comment on that. Parking was a breeze. Nice bathrooms. You can have dinner here if you wish. This is not a high capacity room, so it could get crowded, but there was no problem last night. As for the dancing- well, we had a great time. There were a few more guys than ladies this evening so the ladies in our group didn't sit the entire evening. They probably got about a weeks worth of dancing in a couple of hours! At this early stage in this clubís development, it is probably worthwhile to try to bring a friend or two with you rather than depend on pot-luck, but it wouldnít take much more attendance to change this dynamic. The consensus was that it's a nice place to chill out, get some quality floor time, and just relax and dance some on a Tuesday night. This place is just getting started so I'd expect to see more people there as the word gets out.

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