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Nightclub Reviews: Vincent's

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Club Reviews for Vincent's
31 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 3.4 (28 resp)
Atmosphere: 3.8 (28 resp) Dancing: 3.2 (28 resp)
Dance Floor: 4.4 (28 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 3.0 (28 resp)
Music Quality: 3.2 (28 resp) Parking: 4.9 (28 resp)
% Salsa: 27.4 (29 resp) % Merengue: 30.3 (29 resp)
% House: 30.9 (29 resp) % Other: 24.7 (29 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "spdsk8rken" on 5/27/2009 2:7:36 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Ricardoman you are correct and I will not be back.

Reviewed by "Ricardoman" on 5/26/2009 9:58:30 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
A DJ's responsibility is to entertain the entire crowd, not just a small segment. I've heard from others, "why does the DJ continue to play Salsa when the floor is empty?" To which I reply, "He's trying to please everyone." There are a slew of things that can improve at Vincent's, the music is not one of them. Proof is them doing strong numbers after 10 years. They must be doing something right. Right? As for songs not being played in their entirety, this is a progressive club with a progressive DJ. Things move along pretty quickly, and for the most part it gives the club energy. For those of you that complain about the music, the perfect solution is find another club! In the Boston area, there are a large number of venues that cater to just Salsa. Heck, most can be found right here on SalsaBoston.Com. My advice is this, if Vincent's is not to your liking, show them how you feel and stop giving them business.

Reviewed by "DJ Muchacho Malo" on 5/25/2009 21:46:34 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I'm here not to bash or criticize anyone. I've decided to post my own comments in response to things i've read in regards to Vincent's. Let me first begin by saying I love all types of music. Especially latin music. Emphasizeing the word "LATIN". Vincent's is a "Lain Night" not a Salsa Night". I love salsa. I grew up with it being that I am Puertorican. I've been DJing at Vincent's Night Club for 10 years and still going strong. We get 800 to 1000 patrons each weekend. It's difficult to have a successful night for that many years in a venue of our size. I try and cater to everyone as best I can. Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton. I always get request for Freestyle and some other things here and there depending on the crowd. Trust me it's tough trying to please everyone. Sometimes it get difficult because you get people who constantly request the same songs and you get caught up playing them over and over again. We are open from 9:00-1:30 and people arrive @ 11:30-12:00 and get mad because they didn't hear enough of their music. Trust me when I say...you just can't WIN!!! I have gotten to the point where I time myself when I play. I mix 15 min sets of each style of music. Yes, I said MIX. That's what club DJ's do. It allows you to play 4-5 songs within 15 minutes, as apposed to playing 3 songs from begining to end. That's not a DJ. Anyone can do that. Hopefully this will give the critics an insight of what it is we deal with when it comes to the night club. I hope I haven't offende anyone, but I feel it was a long time coming that I spoke out on behalf of the clubs that I DJ at and myself of course. I have learned that no matter how nice the club is, if the DJ isn't keeping the clientele happy with the way he plays music the night will not be successful. We have been going strong for 10+ years. Our track record speaks for itself. I guess I don't need to say no more. If you come to Vincent's thinking I'm playing Reggaton all night long. You're not going to have a good time. If you think I'm going to play Bachata all night long, or Salsa all night long, you will not have a good time. I guess you have to come with an open mind that there is diversity to the music I play. There are clubs that only play one style of music to cater to those that want that format. Salsa Nights, Reggaeton Nights, Latin Nights, what ever night you choose I hope you enjoy yourselfs. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone. It wasn't my intentions. Take care and enjoy your dancing nights out where ever you choose to go to. Que viva la musica Latina!!! Sincerly, DJ Muchacho Malo Michael Mercado

Reviewed by "spdsk8rken" on 5/23/2009 15:56:29 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I agree with the last reviewer. This is a great place for friends to hang out. Please have the dj play the entire salsa song instead of mixing 2 min segments. I drove 100 miles and he didnt complete one salsa song. If it wasnt for the friends I was with it's not worth the drive.

Reviewed by "Jose-Salsero" on 5/23/2009 14:8:52 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Hi everyone, I notice that there has been a lot of negative thought about Vincent! Please let keep in mine that we all have individual opinion about every club that we may like or dislike. It is very important that a club not only look’s good but also have a good D.J. I have to say that when it comes to Vincent atmosphere it is awesome! The parking lot is great. When it come to dress code it is very nice! When it come too social meeting, it all depend on who are your interested in meeting. This goes both ways, a nice guy/ ladies or a drunk!! Vincent has been a place of entertainment perhaps for 9 year as one of the reviewer said “latinflava”. But!! As a customer of Vincent as well, I must say that the D.J. must change it direction toward the way he plays music. We are all equal paying customers and we should all enjoy the music that at one time was really enjoyable by whom ever was the DJ. “The credibility of a club is base on two important thins” (The club D.J. and the customer’s) With out customer’s there is no business and with out a good D.J. the club in time will develop in to what now happening; Many discomfort!! When the music is not played by reasonable categories the people will complain!! And if the club management does not care about satisfying his customer… well this is when his club will turn to no business. Advice to better D.J. Music up to date: 3 to 4-Salsa, 3 to 4- Merenge, 3 to 4-Bachata, 1-Regeton, 1- House Music. The reason to 1 house music and 1 Rege is because it take to long and frustrate those that are not into that type of music. Vincent has a great reputation and only if it keep there customers on it feet. To the Manager of Vincent; Do not let Vincent customer’s find another dance place due to a bad J.D.

Reviewed by "Salsa63" on 8/23/2007 22:9:17 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Okay, i've read the interesting comments made by you beautiful people and granted that i am very partial to Vincent's, i do have my disagreements with some as everyone should have there own opinion. I have been going to Vincent's since it opened ten years ago and in the space of time i have traveled all over the Nor'east in search of the Holy Grail of Salsa. Being from the City of Lawrence where there's a Latin Night Club on every other corner i think i would rather travel the fifty or so minutes to get there to work out my weeks stresses. The floor is huge and the atmosphere in my eyes is great. Rare is the night that i go there with my two sisters( my older sis being my salsa therapist) that i don't have a great night. Ladies ignore the guys whose breath burns your brows and look for the one who can dance without trying to ride your belt buckles. Bare in mind that it is a nightclub and it is the chance you take in the search. If it didn't happen you would be in church. Join us and be on the look out for the bald, 6'3' Salsero. By the way the Salsa6'3" is height not the year i was born.

Reviewed by "Jamie" on 5/29/2007 12:50:35 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I went this past Friday to check out Vincent's, where I had heard that the "serious Latino salseros" like to go. Parking was abundant, and the cover was free before 10:30 for women, $10 for men and ladies after 10:30. The crowd was very mixed, but it was obvious immediately upon entering that this was much more of a "pick-up" scene than I had wanted. When I first walked in, I saw some amazing couples on the dance floor dancing salsa. That was one of only 3 sets of salsa played all night. The rest of the time was rap, reggaeton, and- gasp- Spanish techno! Awful stuff! I found the guys to be very pushy even in spite of the fact that I said repeatedly that I was married and only interested in dancing. It was an uncomfortable experience for me, but if you are interested in "hooking up" an attractive woman or an overly confident guy, this is good a place to go.

Reviewed by "el moreno" on 4/4/2007 9:15:14 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
first of I got to say vincets is by far the best club to go to when your heading out to dance the music could be better and to answers that one question that always comes up by you women about guys not asking you out to dance thats becuase first is not that easy coming up to a girl and asking them to dance but when the guy comes up and ask a girl to dance she truns him and down and then she would turn around and go dance with someone else or she`ll just say no I got to say some guys can`t dance but they made the effort to ask I use to go to vincent`s ... but now I live in florida and the clubs down here a pretty good alot of salsa for does salsa lovers and the girls even ask the guys out to dance which is a plus you dont stand around for long when you in the clubs and you`ll dance all night.....so girls please when a guy ask you to dance ...dance with him is not like you would be obligated to go home with him and you dont have to dance more than one song.....

Reviewed by "MamboHopeful" on 1/17/2007 11:29:45 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
This is a scene to be seen, not a place for social dancing. It becomes less and less fun as the night goes on, because crowds of gawking men form around the dance floor. It is unbearably loud, especially during Reggaetron. If I continued going, I would be in danger of hearing damage. The employees are friendly enough, and the drinks are reasonably priced, but this place just isn't for me.

Reviewed by "salsa dancer" on 12/16/2006 21:50:35 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Went there last night (Friday) and don't think I'll come back... not a place for me. The dance floor is big and the place is nice in decoration, the music is pretty good, but you don't get to dance unless you go with a group of friends... Tons (literally) of guys just standing at the edges of the dancefloor without dancing (I agree with some previous reviewer... HELLOOOOOOOO we women want to be asked to dance!!! -at least I wanted!!!) Most people go and dance with their friends. If you want social dancing, then do NOT go here, there are some other places like HavanaClub, Ryles or AtTuaNua where you'd definitely dance with lots of people. Also, there were some weird guys around... The security crew is great so if you have any problems don't hesitate to let them now. The music selection was quite good (reaguetton, salsa, merengue, bachata) but they play all the songs in a row (i.e. all reaguetton together, then all the salsa songs one after the other, etc). The sound system is really good (quite loud though). Parking at the door and women in for free before 10.30

Reviewed by "Nicole" on 3/3/2006 20:42:25 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I love Vincent's Night Club. I like the big dance floor, the free parking, the crowd. However, as much as I do like it I have to say a few things about it. I've been going to Vincent's ever since I turned 21 years old and I think the music used to be better when LA MEGA used to host it. There were more music variety. Also, I have to say that the men there can get shy on asking a girl out to dance. I'm a very attractive girl so I cannot say that the guys don't ask me to dance because of my ugly looks. However, I must agree with some of the other comments here in the website when they refer to coming with a crowd you would have a better time. Many people come in crowds and only dance among themselves. I've also noticed that when salsa is played, many of the men are so freaking shy to go out on the dance floor and dance. Everything but salsa is what some men there dance to only. I'm a salsera and if I don't dance salsa I feel that I havent' dance at all regardles of how many bachatas, merengue, reggatetons etc...etc...etc.. I have danced!!! Many men also just stand there looking at girls' asses and don't dance but rather try to get their digits. Vincent's can also be a place to meet people of course. However, no matter how you look at it; it is still a DANCE club. HELLOOOOOOOOOO!!! Just get your ass out on the dance floor and MOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE!!! Regardless of all these minor complaints, I would still keep going to Vincent's. It is unfortunate that there are still men out there that don't want to dance.

Reviewed by "prycanfynelady" on 1/8/2006 15:51:19 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Vincent's is the best club around the area of Boston. I go to Vincent's every Friday and I will not change that. I have tried other clubs and none of them have ever make me feel satisfied as Vincent's does. You find a huge diverse group of people. THere is the youngs, the usuals and the new people of all ages that visits the club on every friday. I'm able to dance all night with different people and most guys are not shy to take the girls aout to dance. Very respectful people goes there, and that's important for us girls.Other clubs I have found that the guys are very fresh and they think you belong to them all night. Some try to even touch you. Vincent's is the place to be for the ladies that know how to party. i would not change it for any other. I LOVE VINCENT'S NIGHT CLUB> I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT FRIDAY!!!! and MIchael Mercado THE BEstDJ.

Reviewed by "sokaku" on 11/22/2005 17:15:30 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Vincent's Friday is the best in my opinion, but I can see plus's and minus's. The DJs spin great music, and the sets seem well thought out (not switching from a really slow to a really fast song in case you want to keep dancing for more than one song). The parking is free, the venue is very elegant with a kind of classic feel, and ladies are free until 10:30 (I've heard 11:00, but I'm not sure). The only thing is, a lot of people seem to stay only with people they know, and it is usually better if you go to go with friends. It's true there are a lot of beautiful ladies there, but like I said, if you ask them to dance, it's about a fifty-fifty chance they won't. Still, for the area, it's a nice night out, and dancing can start as early as 9:30PM for those who like to get a little practicing in before the crowds arrive.

Reviewed by "latinflava" on 11/10/2005 20:52:57 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I am very disappointed with some of the comments made in regards to Vincent's. I believe it's one of the best latin nights in the Boston area. The drink prices and cover charge are better than going to a overpriced night club in the city. Parking is free unless you want the valet to park it for you for only $5. In the city get ready to pay $15-$25. The club is very elegant, with a large dance floor, and plenty of people to mingle with. Approx. 900 people each friday night. The music is very good. With a variety of music. Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Latin Reggae, and some club classics and more. NOT like those other clubs that think that Salsa is the only music that should be played most of the night. What we refer to THE SALSA HEADS!!! These people only think of themselves. Don't be selfish. I'm From Puerto Rico and I love Salsa, but I also love other styles of music. If I don't care for something being played instead of complaining about it like a child. I just go and get a drink and wait for the change in music which usually is approx. 15 min. In regards to the men out-numbering the women, THAT'S IN SANE!!! There is something else going on with this person. Maybe a BAD experience. There are beautiful women everywhere you look. To all the people reading these reviews, remember this is a personal opinion of how they feel about Vincent's. Before you judge the club, take a ride down and check it out. You might find out that all the negative comments arent't true in your opinion. If you dislike it, then keep looking for that place that meets your needs but don't put someone else down because you didn't like it yourself. If Vincent's was such a bad night why has it been open for over 9 years and going strong till this day. For those who have never been there I hope to see you there someday. Good Luck!

Reviewed by "markymark" on 10/6/2005 11:24:22 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I have not had a great time at Vincent's on Friday the past few times I've gone. Two main reasons: far more guys there than gals and it seems many of ladies that do show up seem to just want to hang rather than dance - or else they'll only dance with people they know. The crowd is heavily Latino but everyone there is welcome. If you're a gal of course this is the place to be with it's lopsided male/female ratio, huge dance floor and great music selection. For the guys especially those learning the dance moves or wanting to meet some friendly Senoritas there are far better places to go on Friday's such as Havana Club, El Bembe or Mojitos. By the way, Vincent's on a Saturday night is a whole different story - probably the best hotspot on the planet and highly recommended.

Reviewed by "storm" on 9/26/2005 20:30:37 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I can say Vincent's Night Club is the BEST club in Raldolph, and probably all of Boston. I have been to numerous clubs throughout the New England Region. I can SAY for a LATIN CLUB, they have the WORST music, such a elegant club. Vincent's Night Club has potential, but before they can grow they need someone with expierence with LATIN MUSIC. Every friday you can bet that you heard the same songs the following week. Pretty much (music that has been pre-recorded) So if you ask for a song. He wouldn't be able to play it because it will interupt his mixes. I have travel to Springfield,Lowell,Worcester,Rhode Island,New York,CT. I think that the people who pay there HARD EARN money deserve more. STORM

Reviewed by "flakita" on 1/25/2005 13:30:20 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
i've actually been to vincent's once with my boyfriend. i do agree that if you go without a party it kind of sucks. the guys there just stand around and look at the girls. everyone seems pretty shy. there are a few people who are a little rowdy after a few drinks. however it's a big place the music was pretty good. it's a lot better then some of the other palces that i've been to. people were dancing and having fun. i liked it a lot.

Reviewed by "hongkongsalsera" on 1/3/2005 11:46:57 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I have been to Vincent's several times, and come away with mixed feeling always. On one hand, it is nice not to have to drive to Boston or Providence to dance salsa (I live 2 towns over from Vincents). It is also nice not to struggle to park. I like the big dance floor and the fact that there is a lot of seating space for when my poor feet hurt! However the last time I went will likely be the last. Salsa played initially at the beginning of the evening, until about 10-30pm...when it changed to either superfast merengue or Latin house. Worse - the music was either too loud or their system needs improving as you could barely hear the words of the songs as the static was terrible. I left at midnight with a terrible headache. People are not that friendly and come with "their" crowd, which makes it hard to dance with new people. If you have a group of friends to go with, it could be fun (take Tylenol with you!), but I would advise against going alone.

Reviewed by "Jewelia21" on 10/29/2004 13:19:51 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I am 22 years old and I have been clubbing since I was 15 years old... I consider myself a night club pro... heck, I'm damn near retired from clubbing but I love Vincents! I had never been to an upscale Latin Nite anywhere! No, this is not the place to go to meet guys, but men will always ask me to dance...but ladies, don't be shy, I am not scared to ask a man to dance with me! I enjoy the music and the crowd. No drinks allowed on the dance floor was new to me, but I can now understand why they do that... so no one is spill's their drink and gets into a confrontation. Parking is awesome and I live one town away from the club which makes it so much closer than driving to Boston and Providence, which I used to always do. After going there a couple of times, I know which bartenders make a bad drink and which ones get a great tip... that is trial and error. Overall, I enjoy Vincents and look forward to my Friday Nite's. Hasta el viernes!

Reviewed by "Lucy" on 9/29/2004 17:43:38 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Correction...Ladies now have to get to Vincents by or before 10:30PM to get in free. Also,the dj does not play "disco" towards the end of the night, sometimes he plays freestyle which some people do like..usually the younger crowd. Agree that its definately not a place to meet guys if you're single. Go with a group or partner or you will end up just looking out into the crowd of dancers. I think Vincents is the largest latin night club in the Boston area. Guys...dont' think about going to Vincents without a collared shirt and dressy shoes ..you will not get in. Great music..so-so drinks, free parking and a hotel next door..!

Reviewed by "Kaelistus" on 3/12/2004 11:55:20 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
This is a very popular location, but for a dancer its not the right place to go. The people are quite rude for the most part. Its not as easy to find a dance partner as most other places. They only play Salsa early in the night, and the place has much more of a club atmosphere than a dance hall. On the positive side, the hall is huge and pretty, and the people count is much larger than any other of the listed locations.

Reviewed by "lanaya" on 3/4/2003 11:6:15 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I choose and describe vicent's night club as a #1 because has the best music,staff, security and services. It is my favorite club and Ihope they keep with a good work.

Reviewed by "LaRubia64" on 8/13/2002 10:48:40 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
When Vincent's first opened up, it was a great latin club!!!The location and accomadations are really the best Boston had to offer, but the people and music are driving down hill! The promotors need to take a look at were the club is heading and visit New York to take a step up! Perhaps early salsa lessions might good for some people, and perhaps less hip hop music!!!

Reviewed by "kate" on 5/5/2001 21:16:13 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Ladies be advised- you have to get to Vincent's before 10:30 to get in free. They changed the cut off time, so don't be surprised if you have to pay when you run up to the door at 10:59.

Reviewed by "POd Salsero" on 8/23/2000 14:10:4 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Okay, it was a bad night at Vincent's. I've been going there off and on for years, but last week took the cake. They've got LaMega in there now spinning, and DJ was awful. For starters, he had the sound system CRANKED to the max, to where it couldn't handle it anymore. All the high pitch sound was completely clipping, and plenty of people were holding their ears on occasion. On top of that he TALKED nonstop! There was no way to shut this guy up! It took quite a while until some salsa rolled around after I got there, but it was all painfully slow or otherwise un-dancable stuff, even though toward the end he played a fair bit of it. Someone over there needs to get a clue. Vincent's used to be my favorite Salsa club in Boston, but now they seem to be after crowds and money more than anything, just like every place else. It isn't even classy anymore, and most of the people sort of can dance and trample you in the process. On top of that the lemonade they sold me as a "Margarita". Rest assured that bartender didn't get a tip. Sigh. Some day Boston will have a great Salsa club.

Reviewed by "Latina_in_MA" on 7/31/2000 17:2:17 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I currently live in the area of Springfield, MA and prefer to travel out to Vincent's frequently. I enjoy the atmosphere and the nice people. Everyone is always dressed up in their best attire. Being from Springfield, we have little opportunity to have a nice club to go to, like Vincent's. From my experience at the club, I have met the nicest people, good music, and good dancers. The other good thing is, they do not tolerate any fighting or stupidity. That is a lot of what I experience in Springfield. I rather take the hour and half drive to Randolph to enjoy myseld, than attend one of the area clubs around Springfield. Vincent's, keep the good work. Keep em coming!

Reviewed by "anon" on 7/29/2000 17:19:31 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Good place to go if you have your own partner but it seemed difficult to find a salsa partner if you want to enjoy and improve your skills. Also they do not play salsa as much as I have heard other people talk about. If you are early (9.30-11), the dance floor is almost empty and so is the club, so even if the floor is good for dancing (ignoring the strobe light and being the center of attraction) there is almost nobody to dance with. The music is also unusually loud at times specifically turning off some older couples and the drink can be rated as best as fair if not poor.

Reviewed by "salsaholica" on 7/20/2000 15:14:6 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Vincent's has one of the best facilities to host a salsa lovers workout. The dance floor is large enough to accomodate a lot of dancers comfortably (maybe 150 -200). The parking is ample so you don't have to waste any of your precious dance time scouting out free parking. If it rains, go ahead and use the valet parking. They have a good crew of security personnel so trouble-makers get hustled out of the area before getting their shot at fifteen minutes of fame. If you want to cut loose with those fancy moves you've been practicing, drag your partner down between 10 and 10:30pm, they play an early salsa set most Fridays and you'll have all the floor space you need because most folks haven't arrived early enough to realize that. They play some beautiful bachata early on. The too fast merengue they play whittles away at the limited pleasures of that dance but you can test your deodorant! The more people they pack into Vincent's the more latin house music they play, ick, keep the heathens away!! Disappointment has been stalking the wee hours of the evening lately . Us salsaholics swill beer, wine and water while enduring the midnight house set with visions of at least a 5 or six song salsa set to end the night. That was pretty standard last summer but disappointment has reigned so often lately that many dancers skip the brews and head out early to save their bodies and souls for salsa on Saturday somewhere else. They always play some disco..."what's with that!" Would be nice if they put in some cha-chas instead. They have these horrendous strobe lights now that are useful in hypnotizing the masses during house sets but someone should learn where the off switch is during the salsa numbers. If you like to dress up, this is the place to where those evening get-ups they show in the glamour magazines.

Reviewed by "Rubia" on 7/20/2000 12:12:31 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
I have been attending Friday night's at Vincent's since it opened. The crowd has changed to a younger more casual type and the drinks are terrible. If you do not have a group to dance Salsa with your in for a boring evening. The younger group is 20's is into house music and the 30's crowd comes with there own partners. What about us single salsaro chica's?

Reviewed by "besameunavez" on 7/19/2000 16:4:13 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Vincents is my favorite club. It's visually beautiful and the lighting is perfect. The atmosphere is very upbeat and people are usually dressed to kill. The music is usually pretty good although they seem to be playing a lot more house lately. The racial and age mix is fair, a mostly Latin 20-something crowd. The level of dancers could be better. The better dancers usually bring their own partners. Single ladies can have a good time but watch out for the drunks on the make- I meet one every week. Parking is free and ample.

Reviewed by "DiveChica" on 7/18/2000 16:0:21 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Vincent's is a great place for a group outing. It's in Randolph so it's a bit of a hike from the city. It is heavier on the Latin crowd and most people are dressed up (Some men in ties and jackets). The dance floor is huge and the music is mostly the stuff played on La Mega (1150 AM). However, if you are a group of single women especially gringas, don't expect to get asked to dance much. This is the most difficult place to find a dance partner if you don't already have a group. It's free for women before 11 so check it out sometime. The age range is varied but mostly mid 20's to mid 30's.

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