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Nightclub Reviews: el bembe (fridays monthly)

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Club Reviews for el bembe (fridays monthly)
4 Reviews Found

Ratings*: 1 to 5, 5=best
(#) = number of responses
Overall Reviewers' Rating: 4.2 (4 resp)
Atmosphere: 4.8 (4 resp) Dancing: 4.2 (4 resp)
Dance Floor: 5.0 (4 resp) Noise Level/Volume: 4.5 (4 resp)
Music Quality: 4.8 (4 resp) Parking: 3.0 (4 resp)
% Salsa: 75.0 (4 resp) % Merengue: 15.0 (4 resp)
% House: 0 (0 resp) % Other: 12.5 (4 resp)
* Published ratings are compiled directly from response received from the dancing public. SalsaBoston.com in no way endorses ratings as they appear.

Reviewed by "Rebecca" on 10/23/2006 20:47:40 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
For those of you who are looking for a CLASSY ESTABLISHMENT that is not OVERCROWDED on Friday nights, GO TO El Bembe! It happens once a month, but it is WELL WORTH IT! With DJ Hernan spinning CDs how could you go wrong? The dance is held at the Jorge Hernandez Center in Boston's South End, on West Newton St. It is, as I said, a classy establishment where you can feel safe dancing with TOTAL STRANGERS without the fear that they will hang on to you for the rest of the evening. I've never had a difficult time with parking, and people are kind and considerate with a good mix of levels of leads. I've seen all ages, from 25 or so up. The music is not so loud that you cannot talk to your friends acquaintences, and the teachers are great! Come check it out!

Reviewed by "El Gato!" on 5/6/2005 17:36:18 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Friendly people, good atmosphere, enough room to dance and the band is really professional. have seen lots of them and this band delivers no less than other professional world class bands. Next time (Fri May 13 2005). I agree with Salsera2000 plenty of women there (although i do not know if i danced with her or not :) )

Reviewed by "Carlitos" on 5/7/2004 9:3:10 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Only once a month, but always a great live Salsa band. One of the friendliest dance venues around, I have met so many great friends there who I have danced with for several years. A great bar, but most people are too busy dancing to spend much time there. The pre-dance lessons are really good, lots of Latino style taught in a fun way, I am losing my "gringo" hips! Also since Bachata (for romantic dances) and Merengue (for fun dancing with beginners)are taught each month, I have more ways to make dancing friends.

Reviewed by "salsera2000" on 4/20/2004 10:51:10 Pop up this reviewer's ratings
Men, where ARE you? El bembe used to be my favorite but it's overrun with women these days. Quality of dancing is what it always was (pretty high), there are a lot of people, and best of all a live band. You have to be on the salsaboston email list or call to see which friday of the month it will be. I highly recommend it for all, but especially men.

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