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Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2002 7:01 PM
Subject: Salsa Update #144

Hola Salseros!

     Formatting messed up?  Read this on the web at

Greetings!  Just in time for the season to get going here, FINALLY we have
most of the data back on the website from the "big crash".  However, a lot
of reader-submitted stuff is old, so I'm counting on all of you out there to
fix that!  In particular, the message board and the nightclub reviews need
some input!

The message board: write about something!

The nightclub reviews: give you current opinion of some places!

There's still a few broken things (e.g. the calendar is still missing), but
the infamous Sophia's Coupon is back!  If you find any major problems,
please report them to stillbroken@salsaboston.com.

About 30 or so Boston Salseros are heading to LA this Thursday, so hope
ya'll who aren't going have a grand time out here in the meantime!  I'm on
the 6am Delta non-stop for those who might be on the same flight.  We can do
a lesson in the isles.

One slight down note--my understanding from the Sophia's management is that
we are postponing the long awaited move to upstairs a couple weeks, for
various reasons, a big one of course is that the renovations aren't done
yet.  But we'll be partying as usual downstairs in the meantime!  I missed
last week, but I heard it was rocking!  Anyway, hold tight on that.

In fact, the move will probably coincide with the opening of the SalsaBoston
New England Salsa Competition, sponsored by SuperShag Productions, in June.
Get your dance shoes warmed up, this is going to be a good one!  $2000+ cash
prizes, plus tickets to various Salsa Congresses and more!  Amateur and Pro
categories.  Drop me a note if you're thinking about entering!  The
competition is intended to be fun for all, competitors and spectators, so
don't worry about "not being good enough"!

Lastly, I'm meeting tomorrow to set up this season's Salsa Cruise
series--more news on that next week.

 Temporada Latina!

SalsaBoston welcomes a new site sponsor!  Check out the birthplace of the
Boston Salsa Scene every Thursday and thank them for their support.  (Note:
in a couple of weeks there's going to be a new "sponsors" section of Salsa
Update, featuring all the dance establishments that help pay for the
website.  Please pay them a vist and thank them!)

Salsa & Merengue Dancing - Thursdays in Cambridge
Friendly environment for beginners,
Quality dance space for more experienced salsa enthusiasts,
Nonsmoking, 21+

Dance Lessons with Dance Caliente
Intermediate Salsa: 8:30 pm - 9:15 pm
Beginner Salsa: 9:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire St.,
Inman Square, Cambridge, (617) 876-9330
Dancing: 10:00 pm - 1:00 am
Admission: $12 before 10:00 pm; $8 after 10:00 pm

    *** DJ this Thursday, May 23, 2002: DJ Rubio ***

Presented by: Suzanne Steele, Assorted Affairs, (508) 224-5120


This and every Wednesday...

      SalsaBoston.com Presents
      Salsa Night at Sophia's

 "Boston's original all Salsa, 'by Salseros for Salseros' hotspot!"
 1270 Boylston St., Boston (near Kenmore Sq. and Fenway Park)
 Lessons with Johnny and Kelly at 9:15,
 beginnner and intermediate, no partner necessary!
 Salsa until 2am!  Featuring
    DJ Luis Arroyo
    DJ Antonio Ortiz
    DJ Nik
 21+ Proper ID and Dress
 $10 Cover, $2 extra for lesson

 SalsaBoston T-Shirts are in!

T-shirts are going fast!  Thanks to all who have made purchases!

Just in time for the spring weather, SalsaBoston.com T-shirts are in, and
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limited time pick up 2 or more for $17.50 each, $2.50 off the $20 price.
Show off your SalsaBoston colors wherever you dance this summer!  Also, why
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Anyway, 2 styles, regular T's and Girly-T's, standard sizes, 100% cotton.
These are high quality shirts.  Proceeds help support salsaboston.com.  You
can even order online!

 This Week's Mailbag

1) RI: auditions June 1
2) JAMMIN' for JUSTICE at Sophia's, May 29
3)Latin Motion, Latin Emotion An Integrated Awareness® workshop for dancers,
June 9
at Supershag
4) Dancing Connections at Supershag, Fri May 30
5) Club MAMBO, THURSDAYS opening May 30 at the new Red1888, Worchester

I am looking for talented salsa dancers.
The show is to be a representation of all the different dances that have
become segregated into groups and bring them together in a fabulous display
of fellowship on the dance floor.

I am auditioning for permanent company dancers that are good all around
ballroom and Latin dancers and, this is where the different groups come in,
auditioning for talented dancers of the different groups to join in this
show which includes our 2002/03 tour after the Summer Ball.

The show is pre arranged so that every group will need a lead choreographer.
The lead choreographer will be shown it's spot on the choreography sheet and
will then take over their own team of dancers.

ALSO: The date is June 1 not May 25, a mistake was made on an earlier e

401 245 1119

Audition announcement from PB&J  Dancers wanted!  Ballroom, Latin, Swing,
Tango, and Jazz
Audition June 1, 2002 1:30 - 3:30 pm. Providence Ballet, 107 Eddy St.
Downtown Providence RI All That Dance A Production by  The Providence
Theatrical Ballroom and Jazz Project.  Debut Performance at The Summer Ball
2002, Fleet Skating Center, Dowtown Providence RI
For further information, contact Nelia Lawton at 401-245-1119,
See a beautiful display of the Summer Ball at www.nelialawton.com

JAMMIN' for JUSTICE at Sophia's
May 29, 2002, 6-9 pm

If you believe everyone has the right to a healthy environment, then please
join us at Sophia's for
Jammin' for Justice, the Spring Celebration and Fundraiser for Alternatives
for Community & Environment, the Roxbury-based environmental justice group.

May 29, 2002. At Sophia's, 1270 Boylston Street, Boston (near Fenway Park).
6-9 pm.

Music from Sophia's house salsa band; hors d'oeuvres from Sophia's tapas
menu;  Silent auction. Tickets: $40, supporter; $100, sustainer; $250,
sponsor; $500, patron; $1,000, benefactor. For registration info and most
current list of Silent Auction items visit www.ace-ej.org. RSVP by May 24.
Questions? Contact Celina Lee at ACE: 617.442.3343 x32 or celina@ace-ej.org.

RESERVE Your PLACE at Jammin' for Justice

(Please print out and mail, or e-mail confirmation to

If confirming by e-mail, please send check by May 24 to confirm your

___  I (we) will attend ACE's Jammin for Justice celebration and
fundraiser, May 29, 2002 at Sophia's. Please reserve ___ tickets.
(minimum donation: $40/ticket)

___  I will not be able to attend, but please accept my enclosed
contribution to support ACE's environmental justice efforts.

___  Benefactor $1,000
___  Patron $500
___  Sponsor $250
___  Sustainer $100
___  Supporter $40
___  Other $_____

(see the growing list of benefactors, patrons, sponsors, and sustainers on
our web page: www.ace-ej.org.)

Zip ____________________________
e-mail _________________________

RSVP by May 24. Please make checks payable to ACE.

Latin Motion, Latin Emotion
An Integrated Awareness® workshop for dancers
Presented By Mark Fourman

Latin dance expresses passion, sensuality and sexuality. For many of us, the
motivation for learning Latin dancing is to increase our self-expression in
these areas.

The basic movements of Latin motion are mechanically quite simple, and yet
we often find them difficult to learn.  This is because our bodies store, as
muscle memory, all of our shame-based prohibitions against expressing our
passion, sensuality and sexuality.  When we attempt to learn Latin motion,
these muscle memories are engaged, and prevent us from making the movements
we desire.

Join us in this Integrated Awareness workshop to explore, through guided
movement sequences, unlearning your muscle-memory prohibitions.  Take the
opportunity to increase your fluidity and self expression in Latin dance.
and in life.

Time and Location:
Sunday June 9, Noon to 6 PM
SuperShag Mega Dance Complex
406 Moody Street,Waltham, MA
$75 for workshop only
$125 for workshop plus an individual Integrated Awareness session
To Register:
Contact Mark Fourman
(866) 926 2930 (toll free)

        Roberto and Tricia from Dancing Connections will be at the SuperShag Mega
Dance Complex on Friday, May 24th with a dance lesson at 8:15 (see their
unique club/ballroom style of dancing).  DJ Roberto is known all over New
England for his great music selection geared for people who really like to
dance.  You will get up-beat music with authentic Latin, (merengue, salsa,
mambo, cha cha, samba, rumba, bolero), Argentine & American tango, all kinds
of swing (east coast, west coast, lindy, hustle, shag, jive) and some
foxtrot & waltz to round out the dancing.  Don't miss this night of great
dance music.


                   Club MAMBO
     ............  THURSDAYS .................
             at the new Red1888
          opening  Thursday May 30!

  *** 41 Pleasant Street, Worcester ***
With DJ Amador spinning the best of SALSA, MERENGUE, BACHATA, and more!
21+;  PROPER DRESS REQUIRED (no jeans, sneakers, hats)
$5 Cover, Ladies Free before 11:00pm
Doors open at 10:00PM
   *** VIP Table Reservations:  (508) 795-7775 ***
Join us at this elegant and unique location.  Sit by one of the many
fireplaces, admire the handcrafted fifty-foot bar, and dance the night
For more information, please contact Javier Salort/SALSAlort Latin Dance &
Fitness Co. at (508) 792-0263 or SALSAlort@juno.com.

SALSA!Workout(TM) ----- BACK in Worcester
Other Locations Opening Soon!

Our SALSAlort Salsa!Workout(TM) classes are an exciting alternative to
aerobics, jazzercise, and other traditional fitness programs.  This very
popular course will help you burn calories, increase strength, and gain fun
dance skills to the lively rhythm of the Latin Beat!  For dancers and
non-dancers of all levels.

WHERE:  Bally Total Fitness Club, 535 Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA  01605.
WHEN:  Wednesdays, Starting June 5, 2002, from 7:15-8:15 PM for SIX WEEKS.
HOW MUCH:  (re-)INTRODUCTORY PRICE -- $49 for Club Members, $69 for
REGISTRATION:  Contact Bally at (508) 854-2100 or (800) 846-0256
MORE INFO:  Contact Javier Salort at (508) 792-0263 or SALSAlort@juno.com


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