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Subject: SalsaUpdate159

Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 4:04 PM
Subject: Salsa Update #159: welcome back! plus season Finale Cruise this

Hola Salseros!

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This issue:
-Olaf's Editorial Section
-This week's highlights
-SalsaBoston events
-Sponsor news
-This week's mailbag
-This week's letter to the editor: Farewell to Jody

*** 2002 Season Finale Salsa Cruise this Sunday! ***
***                                              ***
***  Details below.                              ***


*** Due to a broken link on the site, the NY congress discount has been
*** extended until Sept. 5
*** Tickets for the New York Salsa Congress available online now!
*** $250 through Sept. 5, New England Residents Only! 
    http://salsaboston.com/SalsacongressNY.html or see below.

*** EMAIL ME BY THIS FRIDAY, SEPT. 6.  We will decide whether to rent
*** a van or carpool at that point.

*** SOPHIAS NEWS!  Sophia's has begun to strictly enforce their dress code.
*** No sneakers, shorts, jeans.  And don't park at McDonalds!
*** A famous man once said, "See?  I told you so."


Did you make it to El Gran Combo?  WEPA!@@!!  I would say that was the biggest gathering of Salseros I've ever seen in Boston!  MANY, MANY people dancing!  Thanks to Maria and Jimmy from JimPar Productions for putting that together.  By the way, if you liked the food, check out their Restaurant, "El Taino" in Roslindale--that's where it came from! (I want to say Blue Hill Ave., but I'm not certain)

Also, welcome back students and vacationers! This is typically the busiest time of the year in Boston as everyone gets focused again on Beantown.  I predict it's going to be a BIG fall season this year, which a lot of great things coming up, including Eddie Torres dance company, the 2nd Annual SalsaBoston Salsa Congress (we're looking at mid-November this year), the NY Salsa Congress next week, and a number of big concerts coming up.

This summer was also the hottest Salsa Summer in recent history, with tons of great events having gone down!  The 2nd annual Salsa Competition, Pimineta Negra with Hips on Fire, SalsaBoston and JAM'NASTICS in the Puerto Rican Festival Parade, the NEW Salsa Social with April, the new dance floor at Sophias, Salsa on Saturdays at the Miami Club, the return of the Salsa Picnics, cruises, newspaper stories, and on and on!  Thanks to everyone that has made it all happen. 

By the way, all this is reflected in the web site traffic.  In July and August the site received over 16,000 visits each month, with nearly 200,000 web pages displayed.  One of our goals this fall is to redo the web site.  If any web gurus and designers out there want to help, drop me a line.

One special note this week.  I've been seeing the cow bells and klaves around at various clubs, and along those lines I've been informed that Daddy's Junky Music is having a big clearance on all kinds of percussion instruments.  Check it out in the mailbag if you want to pick some up!

See you on the dance floor!

    2nd Annual East Coast Salsa Congress

coming up on Sept. 13-15, Kutsher's Country Club, Catskills, NY.  SalsaBoston has negotiated a discount price *from Boston* which will be $250 through Sept. 3.  After that, $275.  We are also going to coordinate transportation, which means either private cars, or if there is enough interest then we will provide a van again which will cost about $50 per person.  Last year about 60 people from Boston and Maine went down to the event.  This year it is similar in format, but a much nicer resort, so I'm told!

Rooms are separate, but they are about $125 pp.do., including 6 meals, tax, and gratuity.

Tickets and hotel room bookings are available online now.  You may purchase event passes for $250 through Sept. 3, after which the price goes up to $275.  There is also a no-cost item which you may select indicating that you are looking for transportation.  The various lodging options are also available for purchase.  If you have roommates, please indicate who they are by emailing nycongress@salsaboston.com after you make your purchase.

Are you looking for roommates?  Please post a message on the message board!

Sample budget (double occupancy)

  2 nights accomodations & food:        $250
  Event pass:                           $250
  Transportation:                               $ 50
  Food while traveling                  $ 15
  Bar drinks                            $ 50
Total including tax and gratuity        $615

Bring some money for the Mambo Mall too.

Details http://salsaboston.com/salsacongressny.html
Official web site: http://salsacongressNY.com/

 Highlights this week:

- SalsaBoston Night at Sophia's!  Every Wed, http://salsaboston.com/sophias
  Lessons at 9:15

- "Salsa for Gringos" beginners class at Sophia's with Olaf "el Gringo Salerso",
   8-9 Thur. $5  Check it out in the Globe Calendar!

- SalsaBoston presents the "Miami Club" at Ekco Lounge! (formerly Hollywood KTV)
  Every Saturday, http://salsaboston.com/miamiclub
  Lessons at 9:15

- This Sunday, Salsa Cruise!  SEASON FINALE!  Scroll down or http://salsaboston.com/cruise 
  Advance discount tickets online!

- Also this Sunday, Salsa Social at Fred Astaire with http://aprilon2.com

 SalsaBoston Events

      SalsaBoston.com presents
   The "Miami Club" at Ekco Lounge
          Every Saturday

"Boston's newest Salsa Hotspot!" with DJ D. Martinez
41 Essex St, Chinatown (look for "Hollywood KTV")
$15, $10 vip list. To join the vip list, send email to miamiclub@salsaboston.com
1 Block from Chinatown Orange Line T, 2 Blocks from Boylston T  (T runs until 2:30am)
Parking lot adjacent, $10 all night.
Salsa Lessons from 9-10 with Johnny and Kelly
Directions, info, and photos!  http://salsaboston.com/miamiclub
Plenty of local restaurants within 1 block open until 4am

Q: Why is it $15?
A: Well, it's $10 if you're on the VIP list, just email to join.  But to answer the question, Salseros drink an average of about $4 worth of water on a night out.  On a Saturday, unfortunately that isn't going to do it.  A nightclub downtown needs to take in about $20 per person between cover and drinks in order to be acceptably profitable on a weekend.  Some of that cover goes to cover what's called a "bar minimu".  Nightclubs are businesses afterall, so they need to have profit.   That's the unfortunate reality of it and Salseros have to realize that.  But think of it this way: around $20 for a full night of excellent Salsa dancing at a beautiful club in a great location on a Saturday is a pretty good deal, no?!

Q: What if I don't spend $20?
A: Well, you don't have to of course, it's a free society.  But the bottom line still applies... you're being subsidized.  If the nightclub owner doesn't make any money then it comes out of someone's pockets, usually the promoter's.  While most promoters can stand to take some losses, after a while they too have to throw in the towel and the Salsa club closes in favor of a new binge drinking night to replace it.  So the real answer is, eventually the club closes and Salsa on weekends stays in the dives out in the burbs.  In a round-about way, it is an obligation if you like Salsa in the city.  Going to a club is a service, like going to the movies...

      SalsaBoston.com presents
      Salsa Night at Sophia's
         Every Wednesday

"Boston's original all Salsa, 'by Salseros for Salseros' hotspot!"
1270 Boylston St., Boston (near Kenmore Sq. and Fenway Park)
Lessons with Johnny and Kelly at 9:15,
beginnner and intermediate, no partner necessary!
Salsa until 2am!  Featuring
    DJ Luis Arroyo
    DJ Antonio Ortiz
    DJ Nik
21+ Proper ID and Dress
$10 Cover, $2 extra for lesson

   Salsa Harbor Cruises!

 - Sail at 8:15 from Long Warf, Boston Harbor Cruises
 - 3 decks of dancing, 2 DJ's, Salsa and Latin Mix
 - Preparty at "The Landing" on the dock, with a Salsa lesson by Johnny and Kelly, from 7-8
 - 8pm boarding, on the water to catch sunset!
 - Cruise until about 11 pm, in time to hit another club or early enough for the early risers on Monday.

 $15 advance or 4/$55.  Order online or order in person: call 617-513-9841

 Details, discounts, and directions

 Cruise Sails RAIN OR SHINE!

 Cruise are every other Sunday this summer, July 21, Aug. 4 & 18, Sept. 1 & 8

 SalsaBoston T-Shirts are in!

T-shirts are going fast!  Thanks to all who have made purchases!

Just in time for the spring weather, SalsaBoston.com T-shirts are in, and
they look great!  Check them out at http://salsaboston.com/shirt  For a
limited time pick up 2 or more for $17.50 each, $2.50 off the $20 price.
Show off your SalsaBoston colors wherever you dance this summer!  Also, why
not pick up some extra's to trade or give as gifts?

Anyway, 2 styles, regular T's and Girly-T's, standard sizes, 100% cotton.
These are high quality shirts.  Proceeds help support salsaboston.com.  You
can even order online!

             Sponsor News
  (please patronize the establishments
   that help bring you SalsaBoston.com)

"What's a sponsor?" email: info@salsaboston.com

Salsa & Merengue Dancing - Thursdays in Cambridge
Friendly environment for beginners,
Quality dance space for more experienced salsa enthusiasts,
Nonsmoking, 21+

Dance Lessons with Dance Caliente
Intermediate Salsa: 8:30 pm - 9:15 pm
Beginner Salsa: 9:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire St.,
Inman Square, Cambridge, (617) 876-9330
Dancing: 10:00 pm - 1:00 am
Admission: $12 before 10:00 pm; $8 after 10:00 pm

Presented by: Suzanne Steele, Assorted Affairs, (508) 224-5120


SuperShag Mega Dance Complex
406 Moody Street
Waltham, MA 02453
781-894-7424 (SHAG)

Salsa Night 3rd Sat. each month!
Next date: Sat. Aug. 17

Ongoing this summer:
"Duel of the Dancers" gives the best dancers in Swing, Latin, Salsa and Ballroom a chance to compete for over $2,000 in cash and prizes. Winners of finals in each dance will proceed to the final "duel" on Friday, September 13th!  All events are held at the Waltham studio, 406 Moody Street.
Lesson: 8:15 p.m. Admission: $12, $10, for SuperShag Members. Dance from 9:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.


Salsa Socials with April
2nd and 4th Sunday each month with DJ Nik
Fred Astaire Studio, 100 Mass Ave, Boston
Classes prior
Also, check out 5 week class schedules


Every 1st Sunday each Month
8:30pm - Midnight, $5
Drinks & Food available (sorry it is not free)
All Asia Cuisine & Bar, 332 Massachusetts Av, Central Sq, Cambridge


  Sunday Salsa Lessons with Ana & Andres at Johnny D's:
 "If you would like to get your dancing feet in gear on the weekend,
  JAM'NASTICS teachers Ana and Andres are teaching every Sunday night at
  Johnny D's in Somerville.  Salsa class from 9 to 10 p.m., followed by
  dancing to a live band!  More information at

Also, JAM'NASTICS offers ongoing Salsa lessons for all ages and all levels.
Current schedule and info at http://jamnastics.org

 This Week's Mailbag

1) Percussion salsa at Daddy's Junky Music
2) Salsa at Karoun on Thursdays is back
3) Sept. 10, 9-11 benefit/dance at HOB
4) Salsalegre update--lessons/open house
5) April's update: Salsa Social Sunday, plus lessons
6) Hips on Fire Update, lessons, Latin Motion
7) Eddie Torres and Pabon, Oct. 19
8) Integrated awareness seminar, Sept. 15


Wondered if you could include this in your weekly update if you think it is
appropriate. It's a little off-topic from dance events, but I thought that
there might be some value for those in our community who are interested in
Latin percussion instruments. My interest here is primarily to pass on a
good deal to anyone who has the inclination to play....

Congas, Bongos, and other instruments:
Hi everyone,

For any of you who are interested in playing Latin percussion instruments,
there's a unique deal available this weekend (Sept 6, 7, and 8th). Once a
year the company I work for, Daddy's Junky Music, has a large inventory
clearance sale so that we can get rid of overstocks, older gear, scratch and
dent items, etc. We sell this inventory at extremely low prices, much of it
well below cost. This year, we have a large number of brand new high-quality
Bongos (50 or so), Congas (about 10 sets), and a few Timbales. I thought I'd
let everyone know in case they were interested in some of the instruments
that are key to the music we dance to. The sale is held at our warehouse in
Manchester, NH (about 55 minutes from Boston). There is an invitation only
night Friday Sept 6 from 6-9pm. If anyone in the salsa community is
interested, you would be welcome to come on this evening. Just tell them at
the door that you were invited by Rob and they'll let you in. The sale is
also open to the general public on Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th
from 10am-5pm both days. Directions and more info are available at
www.daddys.com. There's also lots of guitars, keyboards, drums, sound and DJ
gear and other musical goodies (about a million dollars worth) at this sale.
It's generally a mob scene at this event, so if you come be prepared for a
little chaos! I'm maxed preparing for the sale all this week, but will be
happy to try to answer any questions if I can. You can reach me  at


Rob Timmins
Daddy's Junky Music Stores
1015 Candia Rd
Manchester, NH 03109

Dear Salsa Lovers!

We're back from vacation with more Salsa passion! 

                  Thursday, September 5th!

                 SALSA at the KAROUN!
  Your weekly hotspot for Salsa in the MetroWest!

Great music!  Great dance floor!  Great people!  Great fun!

      Perfect For Beginners and Experienced Dancers!!

SPECIAL OFFER .... Bring a friend  (first time visitor) and you both pay half
price! (applies before 9:00pm)

                Learn Salsa in Seconds .....Simple as l,2,3!!
Class Schedule:
7:45-8:30pm - Beginners- salsa basic, turns, cuban motion
8:30-9:l5pm - Intermediate - Advanced combinations, styling and              
9:15 - Dance to the best Salsa! Merengue!  & Cha-Cha!

$l0 per person
$5 (after 9:l5)

Join us for dinner - lesson & dancing only $5 plus cost of dinner
(And the food is delicious!)

Karoun Restaurant & Bar
839 Washington Street (corner Walnut)
Newtonville, MA 6l7-964-3400

For more information
Contact Vera at Dance2latin@aol.com

On Tuesday, September 10th the House of Blues will be hosting a special
Dance Jam! event to commemorate the anniversary of September 11th. Many of
the local top competitive couples from MIT, Harvard and Boston University
will be performing at the House of Blues to benefit the United Way, the
nation's leading community solutions provider and founder of The September
11th Fund, established to meet the immediate and long-term needs of victims,
families and communities affected by the terrorist attacks of September

The couples dancing include:

Latin Couples:
Eric Price & Emily Wilcox from Harvard
Filip Ilievski & Rita Kraner from MIT
Carlos & Genevieve from MIT
Mark Herschberg & Jessica Ahlers from MIT/BU

More couples will be announced!

For dancer bios and more information please visit:

Event Details:
Doors 8pm
Beginner Swing & Salsa Lesson at 8:15 provided by Fred Astaire Dance Studios
DJ music will also be provided for general dancing
No partner necessary
Tickets: $10
This is an 18+ event

We look forward to seeing you at the special event.

Come meet us, learn about upcoming Latin dance classes
and Salsa socials, and even take a sample lesson in
merengue, salsa, or cha cha cha. There will be music
and dancing and tasty refreshments, and it's all FREE

Time:   1:00-4:00 pm

Location: 17 Winslow Rd, Natick, MA

Admission: FREE! FREE! FREE!

Lesson times: Merengue 1pm; Salsa 2pm; Cha Cha Cha 3pm

PLEASE NOTE: Our beginner class starts on Saturday
right after the open house. So you can begin learning
Salsa right away if you want! Our intermediate and
advanced classes begin the Thursday BEFORE the open


Dance classes for adults in Salsa & Merengue
NEW! Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced CLASSES FOR

Dates and times:
6-week Fall session starts September 12 & 14

BEGINNER Salsa & Merengue
Saturdays, Sept 14th - Oct 19th
Time: 5-6 pm

Thursdays, Sept 12th - Oct 17th
Time: 7-8 pm

Thursdays, Sept 12th - Oct 17th
Time: 8:15 - 9:15

17 Winslow Rd, Natick, MA

$75 per person for 6-week session; $15 per class for
drop-ins (drop-ins accommodated on a space-available

CLASS SIZE LIMITED TO 10 PEOPLE! You can register the
first day of class:


Salsalegre! is MetroWest's once-a-month Salsa social
dance. DJ NIK IS BACK spinning you THE BEST Salsa for

FOR MORE INFORMATION on all these events:
e-mail: salsalegre@yahoo.com
Guillermo: 617-522-2524
Tracey: 508-655-7142
Pamela: 508-561-4798

5) From April
HOLA SALSEROS de Corazon!!!!

This Sunday (Sept 8) is the 2nd Sunday of the month, so it's time again
for the Wepa Salsa Social at its new location, the Fred Astaire Studio
in Boston - with great hardwood floors, air conditioning, mirrors, two
rooms, and a view.

If you haven't been there before, check out some of the rave reviews on
SalsaBoston (and also the $5 newcomer special further below):


Come and enjoy the best DANCING in the Boston area to the very best

8-9pm NEW YORK STYLE Salsa class
   for ALL LEVELS with APRIL of New York's
   Eddie Torres Dance Company


At the Fred Astaire Dance Studio
   4th Floor, 100 Massachusetts Ave., Boston
   (corner of Mass. Ave. and Newbury St.,
    above Urban Outfitters)
   The #1 Bus stops across the street
   The Green Line Auditorium T stop is 100 feet away.
   Metered street parking on Mass Ave and Newbury St

$10 for class and party!
   Newcomers: bring a friend and get in for $5 each!!!!
   Oldtimers: bring a newcomer and get in for $5 each too!!

Mark your calendars--WEPA SALSA SUNDAYS are every 2nd and 4th Sunday!
Questions? Write to above address or call 617-388-0925.


Learn to dance New York Style Salsa with April, of NY's Eddie Torres
Dance Company!

NEW 4 week SALSA SESSION starting September 9th and 10th.  With classes

**6 classes each week for BEGINNERS
**3 classes for ADVANCED BEGINNERS
**3 STYLING classes every week
*** PLUS all your old favorites!

Classes take place at the VFW Post, 288 Green St. in Central Square,
Cambridge. One block from red line. Public parking available right next

**All classes have NEW MATERIAL (except begin's class)

MONDAYS, Starting Sept 9th:

6, 7 AND 8pm
    Beginner footwork and partnering.
    Intro to NY Style Salsa "on 2".
6pm Ladies Salsa Styling Beginner/Advanced Beginner
    Body movement, isolations, head whips,
    elegant arms and more!!!!
7pm Advanced Beginner Footwork and Partnering
8pm Spin technique and partner styling for
    ALL Levels. Spin drills, add "flava" to
    your partner styling, increase creativity
    while partnering, and more!!
9pm Advanced Beginner/Intermediate classic NY turn
    patterns. Fine-tune lead and follow techniques.

TUESDAYS, Starting Sept 10th:

6, 7 AND 8pm
    Beginner footwork and partnering.
    Intro to NY Style Salsa "on 2".
6pm **NEW! Ladies Styling Intermed/Advanced
7pm Advanced Beginner footwork and partnering.
8pm Men and Ladies Styling for ALL Levels.
    Improve your open footwork, body movement,
    coordination and execution of open shines.
9pm Intermediate footwork and turn patterns.

Cost: 4 week session—$50; $45 for full time students; $15 for drop-in
class, $13 if registered in one class.

Call April at 617-388-0925 for more info, or e-mail apri-@aol.com
Visit www.aprilon2.com for current info.

6) From Hips on Fire

Thursday September 5th ->One more LATINO MOTION per request

Per request of our students we are having another Latino Motion workshop this week. Don't worry if you miss the other week, you can join us for any session.

Salsa Merengue and Bachata, among others, are Latino rhythms. For us, Latinos,the way you move is probably the most important component of your dance. Learn to dance with "SABORRRRR", adding movements to other parts of you body besides your feet and hands: hips, torso, shoulders, pelvis and butt. All of them, nicely combined, can make a huge difference when you jump to the dance floor. So what do you think?? Do you want to try it out and see how much you can improve??
Even if you don't take your dance that seriously, come over and join us, we guarantee you will have a lot of fun and, you will find lost parts of your body.

After 3 years of absence, Latino Motion is back: improved and with real applications.

1 more week: September 5th
1 more Thursday: 7pm-8:30pm
1 location: VFW ~ WITH AC!!!!
299 Green st,
Central Sq, Cambridge
$12/1 class
All levels welcomed. No partners needed. Dress comfortably.

NEW SALSA BEGINNER COURSE Starting September 9th
One more time, we start a NEW COURSE next MONDAY!
This is our 14th Beginner course at the Dance Complex. Come and join us or if you know any one interested let them know.

Dance Complex
536 Mass Av, Central Sq.

Correction: New date for Sunday Salsa party is September 22nd!!

In the last email we looked at the 4th Saturday date instead of the 4th Sunday.
You know, in Spanish speaking countries the calendar ends with Sundays and not with Saturdays, so sometimes...I get the dates wrong...mmmm...Sorry.

This week Regular Classes:


299 Green st,
Central Sq, Cambridge
After that we have the Hips On Fire Salsa Practice Night! 9pm to Midnight!

Latino Motion Workshop - 7pm-8:30pm
INTERM/ADV SALSA - 8:30pm-9:30pm

299 Green st,
Central Sq, Cambridge

FRIDAY - No Class right now

SATURDAY - All Levels - 10pm-11pm
Western Front
345 Wester Av, Central Sq, Cambridge

Hips On Fire

Phone: 617-627-9988
Web site: http://www.hipsonfire.com
E-mail: hipsonfire@yahoo.com

hello salseros for the first time in boston live from new york "EDDIE TORRES"and his dance company y el jefe de la salsa "EDWIN PABON"and his orchestra also featuring performances by "HIPS ON FIRE"and other special guests work shop 8pm to 9pm by "EDDIE TORRES"saturday Qct 19, from 8pm to 1am "KNIGHT OF COLUMBUS HALL" 75 school st charlestown ma (next to the restaurant 99) $25 at door $20 in advance $15 students with ID  info 617-524-0457 www.pabonelsalsero.com

"Latin Motion, Latin Emotion

Sunday September 15, Noon to 6 PM, SuperShag Mega Dance Complex,
Waltham, MA
An opportunity for social and competitive dancers to increase their
freedom of movement and freedom of expression in dance - and in life

For workshop information visit http://www.mfourman.com/Workshops.htm"


Mark Fourman
Integrated AwarenessR Teacher
Phone: (617) 661 3414
Cell: (617) 319 3820
27 West Street, #8
Cambridge, MA 02139


Letter to the editor:

(From Dan Marshall)
>       We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Jody
> Khalsa, Sophia's manager of 3 years, has moved on.  Jody has been one
> of the main driving forces that have given Sophia's its heart and soul,
> and we hope her good work is remembered and perpetuated in Sophia's
> future.  Laura & Richard, two of Sophia's old timers will keep things
> alive and growing, as Sophia's emerges from these hard economic times.
> Jody was the manager who facilitated the beginning of my Tuesday Latin
> Nights, the first Latin dance lessons, back in January 11, 2000.  Since
> then we have added Friday, Wednesday, and Thursday lessons, and are
> offering more variety and quantity of Latin dance instruction than any
> other Boston area clubs.  Jody has endeavored not to loose track of her
> goals for Sophia's, and has supported me and many others in our visions
> in the Latin dance and music club scene.  Thank you Jody, for
> everything, and we wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

Let me also add that Jody from day one made it clear that she is a person
of high integrity and insisted that the Wednesday nights started almost two
years ago now, be held to a high standard on both of our ends, which without
a doubt is why the night has been so successful.  Throughout various
times of nightclub politics, she has maintained that position and
her influence will be deeply missed.

Jody, thank you as well, on behalf of the whole SalsaBoston community.
I'm sure we'll see you around!



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