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Message Subject: Salsa Update #180: blizzard Salsa!

Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 3:58 PM
Subject: Salsa Update #180: blizzard Salsa!

Hola Salseros!
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This issue:
- Announcements
- SalsaBoston events
- Sponsor news
- This week's mailbag

Snowed a little, did it?!  By now you should have dug your way out of the house, shoveled off the car, built a snowman or two, and given that Boston was CLOSED (the people in Stokholm are laughing hysterically...), are probably dying for some Salsa!  Should be a good night at Sophia's tonight (wed.)!  DJ D. Martinez in da house! Come on out, don't forget Casino Rueda with MIT at 7:45. http://salsaboston.com/sophias

Also, tickets are now available online for 4th annual Fiesta Baile, benefitting the North Shore Civic Ballet (Salsera Paula Shiff in charge).  Nahant County Club, Sat. March 15th.  This has always been a great party, includes food and features DJ Antonio Ortiz.  Plus is directly supports a good cause--dance scholarships for youth.   http://salsaboston.com/marblehead/fiesta.html
NOTE: the new information is now posted on the site.

Those of you heading to LA and waiting for the word, I'm awaiting Albert Torres' final arrangements for us.  He's been out of the country I believe, so it should be shortly.

Thur, Feb. 20
- Salsa for Gringos Sophia's!  Salsa for true beginners, 7:45, only $5
- NO SALSA in Providence this week, but reopening permanently next week.

Fri. Feb. 21
- El Bembe reopens, this week with Manguito.  Jorge Hernadez Cultural Center.  Note: "Bembe" is going to a one band per month format now due to high cost of live music.  Details on the website in the clubguide.
- Salsalegre in Natick

*** RUMOR MILL ***
The Roxy Latin Fridays turned out to be a bust from a Salsero point of view, but look for a new for real, genuine article *Salsa* Night soon at the elegant Grand Ballroom at the Tremont Hotel (next door to the Roxy).  "What if" opinion?  Organizers and I would like to know.  Email me!  salsaattheroxy@salsaboston.com

Wondering about these funky email addresses? wellyoucantypeanythingyouwantanditwillstillgettome@salsaboston.com...!
i.e. I just make them up.

Salsa On!

    SalsaBoston.com presents
    Salsa Night at Sophia's
       Every Wednesday

"Boston's original all Salsa, 'by Salseros for Salseros' hotspot!" 1270 Boylston St., Boston (near Kenmore Sq. and Fenway Park)

Every Wed:
NEW!  Casino Rueda classes with MIT Casino Rueda Group, 7:45-9:15, introductory and intermediate.  Reuda Details: www.salsaboston.com/sophias/rueda.html or scroll down a bit

Follwing that, Salsa Lessons with Johnny and Kelly at 9:15, beginnner and intermediate, no partner necessary.

Salsa until 2am!  Featuring each Wed. each month:
1st    DJ Nik
2nd    DJ Antonio Ortiz
3rd    DJ D. Martinez
4th    DJ Hernan
5th    Guest (when there is a 5th Wed.)
21+ Proper ID and Dress
$10 Cover, $2 extra for lesson (i.e. $12 before 9pm, $10 after) http://salsaboston.com/sophias

Starting Wed., Jan. 29, Salsa Night at Sophia's will include a Casino Rueda class from 7:45 to 9:15, as part of the night.  We're doing this because Casino Rueda is a blast and we don't see much of it around here. In other words, we want to get it going in this area!  The lessons will be taught by members of the MIT Casino Rueda Group.  There will be an introductory lesson concurrent with an ongoing intermediate level class. If you've never done Casino Rueda but know basic Salsa, take the introductory class once or twice and graduate up to the intermediate level.  If you've never danced Salsa at all, Johnny and Kelly's regular Salsa class will still be happening as usual from 9:15-10:15.  $12 covers you for the whole night ($10 after 10:15).  If you're an expert and don't plan to take Johnny and Kelly's class, you will have an hour inbetween to practice, have a drink, or get a bite to eat downstairs.

If you've never heard of Casino Rueda, it's an "exhilarating" dance that comes from Cuba via Miami, that can best be described as "Salsa meets square dancing", or "sychronized Salsa".  It's a group Salsa dance, with partners in a circle, there's a caller and and a bunch of moves that everyone knows.  As the dance progresses, everyone does the same moves together, often trading partners as part of it.  The whole thing is a blast!  If you ever danced in Miami, it's extremely popular down there. JAM'NASTICS teaches some of it as well in Boston.

More details will be posted in www.salsaboston.com/sophias/rueda.html,
with a video clip as well.

 SalsaBoston T-Shirts are in!

T-shirts are in stock again!  Thanks to all who have made purchases! Just in time for the holidays, SalsaBoston.com T-shirts are in, and they look great!  Check them out at http://salsaboston.com/shirt Pick up 2 or more for $17.50 each, $2.50 off the $20 price. Show off your SalsaBoston colors wherever you dance!  Also, why not pick up some extra's to trade or give as gifts?

Anyway, 2 styles, regular T's and Girly-T's, standard sizes, 100% cotton. These are high quality shirts.  Proceeds help support salsaboston. com.  You can even order online.

             Sponsor News
  (please patronize the establishments
   that help bring you SalsaBoston.com)
"What's a sponsor?" email: info@salsaboston.com


Salsa & Merengue Dancing - Thursdays in Cambridge
Friendly environment for beginners,
Quality dance space for more experienced salsa enthusiasts, Nonsmoking,

Dance Lessons with Dance Caliente
Intermediate Salsa: 8:30 pm - 9:15 pm
Beginner Salsa: 9:15 pm - 10:00 pm
Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire St.,
Inman Square, Cambridge, (617) 876-9330
Dancing: 10:00 pm - 1:00 am
Admission: $12 before 10:00 pm; $8 after 10:00 pm
Presented by: Suzanne Steele, Assorted Affairs, (508) 224-5120 http://salsaboston.com/temporada

DJ Schedule 2003
1sth Thursday   Feb. 6  DJ Latino (Antonio Ortiz)
2nd Thursday    Feb. 13 DJ Jose Barron
3rd Thursday    Feb. 20 DJ Nik (Nik Caswell)
4th Thursday    Feb. 27 DJ Rubio (Tim Shea)

SuperShag Mega Dance Complex
406 Moody Street
Waltham, MA 02453
781-894-7424 (SHAG)
Salsa Night 3rd Sat. each month!

Pabon El Salsero!
Dance Classes, Live Orchestra, Promotions www.pabonelsalsero.com Spontaneous Celebrations 45 Danforth Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 617-524-0457

 This Week's Mailbag

1) Manguito at EL BEMBE Reopening, this Friday
2) not Salsa, but recommended by one (House of Blues attractions)
3) Salsalegre this Friday


Appearing at:

Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center
85 West Newton Street
South End, Boston

Tickets: $10.oo

9:00 pm     Complimentary Salsa/Merengue Lesson w/ Hips on Fire Team

10:00 pm    Live music and Salsa/Merengue Disc Jockey

El Bembe is a 21+ event.
Shuttle for parking available
Information: 617-927-1730

Below is some info on upcoming Latin shows at HOB. I just saw Los Amigos Invisibles in Los Angeles and their show was incredible. These are not salsa bands, but more along the lines of funk, disco, world, electronica and acid jazz. Anyway, I do think that the salsa community would be interested so I wanted to ask if you would be able to include these in your email blasts and/or website.


Thursday February 20 radiovw.com presents "Mirando de Lado" Tour featuring KINKY ($12/$15DOS 10pm 18+) Grammy nominated Mexican group Kinky launched a national House of Blues tour in support of their self-titled debut album. Nominated in the category of "Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album," Kinky's big break came when they stormed the Battle of the Bands in New York at the annual LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference) in August 2000, beating out ten other finalists to win the contest for outstanding, unsigned Latin American bands. They joined the Nettwerk roster of artists is 2000. Since then, Kinky has continued to build on their reputation of being amazing live performers with an infectious stage show. The London Metro called them "a demented fusion of funky guitar licks, electronic beats, housey grooves, and stomping electro rock."

Friday February 28 & Saturday March 1 Los Amigos Invisibles also DJ Afro ($18 10pm 21+) In answer to the many rocker and dark acts frequently found in theaters in Caracas, a group of friends decide to form the best or rather the only Venezuelan dance band. In a crusade to convince the owners of forgotten discoteches that dance is not only salsa and merengue and that electric guitar is not the same as Punk, Los Amigos Invisibles start to conquer the club scene in Caracas thus offering their friends a way to party. In 1995 Los Amigos Invisibles to start recording their first album distributed through EMI Venezuela. In 1996, thanks to ex President Caldera's economic policies, Los Amigos Invisibles decide to try their luck with 20 CDs under their arms in New York. They manage to book a couple of shows in S.O.B.'s and through their future manager Alberto Cabello they place the 20 copies of their CD in a record shop in New York. Destiny throws the dice and David Byrne decides to buy one of their CDs in that very same store, and noticing a phone number in the back cover of the CD he decides to call and find out what the band is doing. By pure chance the band was out of the EMI record deal and after a few conversations they become a part of Luaka Bop. In 1997, Los Amigos Invisibles recorded their second album half in Caracas and half in New York. From now on music is now longer a hobby and becomes the profession of the band members - they start to tour around the world. In the year 2000, Los Amigos Invisibles received a Grammy nomination and Latin Grammy nomination for their LP Arepa 3000 a Venezuelan Journey into Space. DJ Afro is a hot selector who creates a real room vibe. He is also a member of the band.

Tickets may be purchased at the HOB Box Office (617-497-2229) or Ticketmaster (617-931-2100). Tickets may also be purchased online at www.hob.com/cambridge.

This FRIDAY, February 21, is SALSALEGRE!, Metro
West's once-a-month salsa social dance.

Will the shoveling never end?!! Give those arm muscles
a break and come warm up those dance muscles with

The Sons of Italy Lodge 1411
37 Washington AVENUE (not Washington St)

   8-9pm   beginner Salsa Lesson
   9pm-12  dance to Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha,
           and Merengue!

$10 per person, includes lesson
Cash Bar
18+ (younger welcome with adult)
(must show ID 21+ at bar)

visit http://salsaboston.com/salsalegre
e-mail: salsalegre@salsalegre.com
Guillermo: 617-522-2524
Tracey: 508-655-7142


   Note: The March date for Salsalegre is:
    SATURDAY, March 22

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