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Message Subject: FW: Salsa Update #189: Salsa at Symphony Sunday, plus BCCA Salsa!! (resent)

Hola Salseros!
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This issue:
- Editorial: Salsa Economics
- Headline Announcements
- SalsaBoston events
- Sponsor news
- This week's mailbag

- plus JD's Corner:  Those drums, those drums!!!

(Well, a spring day at last...!)

This week, a little periodic editorializing if I may as someone who's witnessed Salsa grow in Boston and go through various cycles in our economy and social fabric, and also as someone who straddles the fence between patron and promoter/club manager.  Without inciting riots I just want to take the opportunity to point out to everyone that when we go out dancing, regardless of where or the circumstances, we are consuming a service.  We need to think about it in that way.  It's just like going to the movies.  I unfortunately hear a lot of complaints about cover charges being too high, coat checks, and what not.  But there is a reason these things exist.  It is because it costs money for an establishment to be open.  There is staff to pay, rent, heat and AC (it might cost a few $100 per night or more to air condition a club and keep the lights on), insurance (big$!), and of course rent and property tax.   All that is before any entertainment costs, such as the DJ, instructors, promoters, print advertising, etc.

The general rule of thumb is that it costs about $20 per person to pay for everything.  If you figure $8-$12 for a class with a lesson maybe and a coat check and a drink or two or a few bottles of water, that's about $20.  Even then, no one is getting rich...

It's not uncommon, at Sophia's for example, that we will get some people coming in astonished that they need to pay a cover charge, and ask where an ATM is so they can get some money.  I don't want to say that is inappropriate, but it certainly suggests that someone who comes to a club in that fashion isn't planning to spend anything AT ALL.  Personally, it would be great if we could all just dance and drink for free, but we can't.  We have an obligation to pay for the services we use, and to some extent it's on the honor system.  If we don't, then the establishements or the promoters will discontinue the nights since they need to pay their bills some other way, or in some cases establishments will go out of business altogether.

Granted, in times of economic prosperity when clubs might have other huge nights that they make their bread and butter with, that they then don't mind having some nights where money isn't the issue and just want a bunch of people there that are having a great time.  However, times are tough right now, not just for us the patrons, but also for the establishments.  It is a delicate fabric indeed.  So it is even more important to come into a club and really be prepared or even proud to spend $20 or more.  Myself for example, as the editor of SalsaBoston benefit because many establishments don't charge me admission as a courtesy.  However, I still make it a point to buy a couple drinks or more and to tip the bartenders well.  I don't mind at all.

Heck compare it to a movie, about $9.50 these days and an hour and a half long, plus parking and a rip-off $5 popcorn and soda*.  What's $20 for a lesson, dancing, and a great time for 4-5 hours?  A better deal all around if you ask me.

(* actually, it's not a rip-off because otherwise the movie cost $15.  They have the same issue as the clubs.  See how it works?)

But more than anything, remember the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you with to do unto you," or "What goes around comes around".

Here is the message:

      Be *Generous* and have fun doing it!

One other thing along these lines, especially as we have a lot of new things going on this summer.  I often hear from people at a new venue where the attendance is light, something like: "Gee, nice place but I'll wait and be back when there's more people."  While it's certainly good that this hypothetical person has attended to begin with, obviously what happens if the majority of the people take that approach is that each successive night some people come and then stay away for a while, and on each successive night there are never anymore people.  Ultimately the momentum never builds, or slowly at best, and we all lose out.

So the thing we need to do is commit to supporting the establishments we like, regardless of the attendance, and tell everyone what I hear them tell me only with a slight variation: "Listen, I'm going to this place I like and there may not be tons of people since it's new, but if you come too and bring your friends, then there will be more."  If everyone does that, then hey, attendance shouldn't be an issue from the get go.  In other words, it's not a "wait and see" approach, but instead one of "let's make this place happen."

I'll see you out there!!



A) Grupo Niche and El Grand Combo at "Salsa at Symphony Hall", this Sunday April 27!!! Boston's biggest Salsa Concert

B) This Saturday!  Salsa at the BCCA!  BCCA open latenight/afterhours, so if you head to MIT (see below), come over later!  $5 after midnight.

C) Sabor Y Salsa at MIT with Casino Rueda Club  (see item #1 in the mailbag)

  Salsa at Symphony Hall
  Grupo Niche y El Grand Combo
This is 2nd year of this big event, last year featuring Celia Cruz and Gilberto Santa Rosa!  I saw about 200 "regulars" there amongst about 1200, pretty full house.  Don't miss this!

  Sunday, April 27, 2003 at 8pm.
  Celebrating 60 years of Salsa:

  El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (celebrating 40 years)
  El Grupo Niche de Colombia (celebrating 20 years)

  Performing at Boston's Symphony Hall

  Ticket prices are $40.00, $55.00 & $65.00*

  You may purchase tickets at:
  by calling 617-931-2000 (TicketMaster)
  by calling 617-266-1200 (Symphony Hall)
  or by visiting any Filenes Department Stores
  *To avoid service and mail order fee, please check the local stores:
  Franklin CD, JP
  Musicentro, Lynn
  Las Princesitas, Chelsea
  Telepaisa, E. Boston
  Concert Website:  http://www.salsaatsymphony.com/

  Salsa Night at the BCCA
      Every Saturday!

BCCA's Salsa Night opened Sat. April 5, with a modest crowd but very fun!  This is a new a weekly event, and because it is not a nightclub, stays OPEN LATE, afterhours!

Featuring DJ D. Martinez this week

(Save the Date, Sat. May 10, DJ Ricardo Loaiza, Washington DC!)

14 Green Street, right in the heart of Coolidge Corner.
Lessons at 9pm
Dancing until 2am+
$10/$12 with lessons
Plenty of parking
All ages
More info and directions: http://salsaboston.com/bcca

If you haven't heard about it already, there's a new dance space in town:
  Brookline Community Center for the Arts (BCCA)
  Opening April, 2003
  in Coolidge Corner, Brookline
The BCCA website is being updated daily.  Please log in to www.bccaonline.com and add yourself to the mail/email list to get all the latest info.

  -- Burju and Victor (Hacha y Machete)
  -- Johnny and Kelly
  -- Dan Marshall

Schedules and registration online

The BCCA is interviewing instructors (dance, yoga, martial arts, dance fitness) If you're interested in a new place to instruct, or better hours, contact the center at bcca@salsaboston.com

Investment opportunities are available.  If interested, please contact bms_llc@salsaboston.com for more info.

    SalsaBoston.com presents
    Salsa Night at Sophia's
       Every Wednesday

"Boston's original all Salsa, 'by Salseros for Salseros' hotspot!" 1270 Boylston St., Boston (near Kenmore Sq. and Fenway Park)

Every Wed:
NEW!  Casino Rueda classes with MIT Casino Rueda Group, 7:45-9:15, introductory and intermediate.  Reuda Details: www.salsaboston.com/sophias/rueda.html or scroll down a bit

Follwing that, Salsa Lessons with Johnny and Kelly at 9:15, beginnner and intermediate, no partner necessary.

Salsa until 2am!  Featuring each Wed. each month:
1st    DJ Nik
2nd    DJ Antonio Ortiz
3rd    DJ D. Martinez
4th    DJ Hernan
5th    Guest (when there is a 5th Wed.)
21+ Proper ID and Dress
$10 Cover, $2 extra for lesson (i.e. $12 before 9pm, $10 after) http://salsaboston.com/sophias

Starting Wed., Jan. 29, Salsa Night at Sophia's will include a Casino Rueda class from 7:45 to 9:15, as part of the night.  We're doing this because Casino Rueda is a blast and we don't see much of it around here. In other words, we want to get it going in this area!  The lessons will be taught by members of the MIT Casino Rueda Group.  There will be an introductory lesson concurrent with an ongoing intermediate level class. If you've never done Casino Rueda but know basic Salsa, take the introductory class once or twice and graduate up to the intermediate level.  If you've never danced Salsa at all, Johnny and Kelly's regular Salsa class will still be happening as usual from 9:15-10:15.  $12 covers you for the whole night ($10 after 10:15).  If you're an expert and don't plan to take Johnny and Kelly's class, you will have an hour inbetween to practice, have a drink, or get a bite to eat downstairs.

If you've never heard of Casino Rueda, it's an "exhilarating" dance that comes from Cuba via Miami, that can best be described as "Salsa meets square dancing", or "sychronized Salsa".  It's a group Salsa dance, with partners in a circle, there's a caller and and a bunch of moves that everyone knows.  As the dance progresses, everyone does the same moves together, often trading partners as part of it.  The whole thing is a blast!  If you ever danced in Miami, it's extremely popular down there. JAM'NASTICS teaches some of it as well in Boston.

More details will be posted in www.salsaboston.com/sophias/rueda.html,
with a video clip as well.

 SalsaBoston T-Shirts are in!

T-shirts are in stock again!  Thanks to all who have made purchases! Just in time for the holidays, SalsaBoston.com T-shirts are in, and they look great!  Check them out at http://salsaboston.com/shirt Pick up 2 or more for $17.50 each, $2.50 off the $20 price. Show off your SalsaBoston colors wherever you dance!  Also, why not pick up some extra's to trade or give as gifts?

Anyway, 2 styles, regular T's and Girly-T's, standard sizes, 100% cotton. These are high quality shirts.  Proceeds help support salsaboston. com.  You can even order online.

             Sponsor News
  (please patronize the establishments
   that help bring you SalsaBoston.com)
"What's a sponsor?" email: info@salsaboston.com

World Rhythms(TM) Dance, Health & Fitness Center
 and Salsalort.com

-Martial Arts
-World Dance

Keystone Plaza, 221 Chandler Street, Worcester, MA 01609.
This is near the intersection
of Park Avenue, in the same lot as Standard Electric.
If you are coming from Main Street, the Center
will be on your right just before you come to
Park Avenue.

(508) 792-0263, WorldRhythms@SALSAlort.com,
www.WorldRhythmsCenter.com (currently this domain re-directs
 to www.SALSAlort.com ... we will have the new World
Rhythms(TM) web site up soon!)

Pabon El Salsero!
Dance Classes, Live Orchestra, Promotions www.pabonelsalsero.com Spontaneous Celebrations 45 Danforth Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 617-524-0457

 This Week's Mailbag

1) April 26, Salsa Y Sabor with MIT Casino Rueda
2) Fashion Show and El Bembe tonight
3) Mango's Anniversary May 3
4) Mamboston2 classes in Roxbury
5) Salsalegre this Friday
6) May 2, JamNastics Benefit at El Bembe
7) Cinco de Mayo at Club Lido with Alexander
8) Brazillian Cultural Center events
9) New Opening: Club Candela at the Roxy Thursdays, opens May 1

Plus, J.D.'s Corner: "Those Drums!"


Your friends at the MIT Casino Rueda Group proudly present

          SALSA Y SABOR!!!
   Salsa Dance Party and Showcase
        Saturday, April 26


And SIZZLING Performances by:
  Hacha Y Machete Dance Co.
  Salsa Y Control Dance Co.
  MIT Casino Rueda Group

*Beginners' Salsa LESSON: 7-8
*DANCING 8-1 with DJ HERNAN spinning the BEST salsa for dancers!!!

Party, Lesson, and Performances FREE with MIT ID,
Non-MIT $5 before 9PM, $10 after 9 PM

WHERE:  La Sala De Puerto Rico
        2nd floor MIT Student Center (building W20)
        84 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge
        for a map click here:

See you all there!!

        The MIT Casino Rueda Group

This event is funded by weekends@mit and The MIT Fund

Feel free to visit our web page for more details about the group:

2) From Hips on Fire:
This Friday April 25th is going to take place the 7th Annual Fashion Show organized by Laygo Entertainment.
It will take place at:

Dante Aligheiri
41 Hampshire St, Cambridge, One Kendall Sq area

Admission $20, $30 VIP seats.
 SHOWTIME: 8pm & Party afterwards.

Chantale from Hips On Fire Dance repertoire Group and FreEmotion will be modeling.

And Remember that Friday 25th also, El Bembe will be presenting for the first time ever: Mambo Magic Band Live. 9pm-10pm - Dance Lesson 10pm - 1:30am - Dance to Live Band

Mango’s Club Anniversary
May 3, 2003    8:30 PM
Milky Way Lounge and Lanes
403 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, MA
(617) 524-3740
Admission $10 per person (21 +)
Wheel Chair Accessible

Jamaica Plain, MA-- The Milky Way Lounge, Budweiser and Bud Light present Mango’s Club Anniversary Celebration.  This night is sure to entice all your senses!  Come and hear the inviting rhythms of the Latin Caribbean.   See some of Boston’s best Latin dancers.   Smell and taste fine cuisine inspired from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.  Feel the magic of Boston’s hottest Latin Night!

El Picha de la Bachata will play live bachata and merengue music guaranteed to keep the dance floor a busy place.  They will share the stage with DJ Antonio Ortiz, the hottest Latin DJ in New England who will spin the latest hits including salsa and free style.  Can’t dance?  Just arrive at 8:30 and join the salsa lesson given every week by instructor Mila Thigpen.  She is a dance company member with Jamnastics who will perform Rueda de Casino, a must see spectacle.  After working up a sweat, all guests can partake in a free buffet of delectable treats provided by Miami Restaurant.

Yes, there’s more… Budweiser and Bud Light will sponsor raffle drawings for grand prizes during a live broadcast by MEGA Communications 1150AM, Boston’s Latin radio station.  We invite you to join the fiesta and indulge in this extravaganza of music and dance as we celebrate Mango’s 4th anniversary!

Learn to Dance Salsa with MamBostOn2
"New York Style Salsa with a Boston Flare"

Classes taught by
Dwayne, Kate and Wanda of the Melaza Dance Company

6:15pm - 7:15pm Level I Partnering & Freestyle
This course will cover the basic fundamentals of
Leading, Following, Timing, Connection and Basic
7:30pm - 8:30pm Level II Partnering & Freestyle
This course is designed to enhance your Social &
Club Dancing skills with emphasis on Turn
Combinations, Body Movement and Individual Freestyle

6:15pm - 7:15pm Level I Partnering & Freestyle
This course will cover the basic fundamentals of
Leading, Following, Timing, Connection and Basic
7:30pm - 8:30pm Spinning &  Styling
This course will cover Body Isolations, Fancy Arms,
Head Detailing, Head Whips, Spin Drills and more
that will spice up your dancing! Partnering drills
that will incorporate Spinning and Styling
techniques learned in class

** Free Introductory Lesson with this flyer **
(No Partner Required and Plenty of Free Off Street
Parking Available)

339 DUDLEY STREET - ROXBURY, MA 02119 - (617)

For more info:
Visit us online: http://www.mamboston2.com
Or email us: learn2dance@mamboston2.com

Greetings Salsa Lovers,

Friday April 25, is SALSALEGRE! Metro West's
once-a-month Salsa Social Dance.
Don't miss a "SPECIAL PERFORMANCE" by Hacha Y Machete

We had such a great turnout at our last dance! A
special thanks to everyone who came and shared the
night with us. We were overwhelmed by the 50+ people
who joined us in our Beginner class that night.We hope
all of you had a great time and return soon!

Tracey & Guillermo
Salsalegre! Friday April 25
The Sons of Italy Lodge 1411
37 Washington AVENUE (not Washington St)

   8-9pm   Beginner Salsa Lesson
   9pm-12  Dance to Salsa, Cha-Cha
           and Merengue!

$10 per person, includes lesson
Cash Bar(must show ID 21+ at bar)
18+ (younger welcome with adult)
Beautiful, large dance floor!

e-mail: salsalegre@salsalegre.com
call: Guillermo at 617-522-2524
         Tracey at 508-655-7142

May 2nd JAM'NASTICS Dance Company Benefit at El Bembe!

The JAM'NASTICS Company is sponsoring the May 2nd Friday
night at El Bembe.  The night includes a lesson from 9-10, a performance by Andres and Ana during the night, and social dancing until 1 AM.  Don't miss out!  Come support our group as it prepares for its new routine debut in June!!!!!!!

Information is included below.  NOTE!!!  Please purchase tickets
in advance from any JAM'NASTICS instructor (Anara, Ana,
Andres, Katie) or dance company member (Alper, Cyrus, Dorcas,
Eileen, Engels, Murat, Lori, Michael, Mila, Rebecca, Romina,
Andres, Susanna).  Otherwise, the company does not get anything
of what comes in at the door!

When:   Fri, May 2nd
Where:          El Bembe; Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center;
                85 West Newton St.; Boston

For more directions: 617-927-1730; www.jhcconline.org

9 PM Lesson; 10 PM Party; $10/ticket; 21+; No jeans, caps, sneakers

Performance:  Andrés Giraldo and Ana Tinajero Massicot


Come and join us to celebrate this Grate, our First Fiesta Fund Raising Event.



Saturday, May 3rd of 2003
8:00 p.m.   to   1:30 a.m.
Club Lido (Ex-Wonderland)
In Boston, Ma.
1290 North Shore Road, Revere,
Station T: Wonderland
parking MBTA Bus Service until 1:30am


Luis De La Cruz: 617-469-8306,  E-mail;  ldlacruz@compid.com
Dra. Silvia Ponce: 1(617)731-1118,   E-mail; Ponce02446@aol.com
Julio C.  Aragón: 401-274-1038, E-mail,  julio885@cox.net

Benta de boletos tambien en la Tienda;
La Pincesita,
 248 Brighton
Ave. Allston, Ma. Tel. 1(617)789-3825 y

La Princesita,
 2 Central Ave. Chelsea, Ma. Tel.  1(781)884-7735

Cover: $20
18 years and older

   Salsa Social/Party at the Brazilian Cultural Center.

Your favorite DJ Hernan and the BCCNE will be hosting
this by-weekly event on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month

May, 9     DJ Hernan, Salsa lesson by Seemore and Christina
May, 23    DJ D. Martinez Salsa lesson by Javier Salort

Lesson 8:30PM - 10PM 
Latin Party 'Till 1AM     $10
$8 Before 10  ($6 students w/ID)
CASH BAR                                  

   Salsa Saturdays at the Brazilian Cultural Center

Summer starts at the BCCNE with
Salsa y Samba
Two floors of full entertainment...
             - PAULAO w/ the band MISTURA IDEAL
             - Samba and Capoeira dance show
Downstairs - SALSA , Merengue and Bachata 
                         with your favorite, DJ HERNAN
                         Complementary Salsa class by
                         Anara Frank from Jam'nastics

Lesson at 8:30 Party at 10:00
- Cash bar & Acaragé
- $10, $8 students w/ID
- $6/person for groups of 10 or more

BCCNE * 310 Webster Ave * Cambridge * ½ block from Cambridge St.
subway Red Line (Harvard) or Green (Lechmere)
followed by a walk or short ride on the 69 bus
bus Stops include CT2, 83& 91.
Parking Free street parking is available.
1st and 3rd Saturday of the month
(617) 547-5343 * bccne@mindspring.com * www.bccne.org

Hola todos!  Spring will arrive soon and so will
¡Club Candela!

Thursday May 1st, 2003
 And Every Following Thursday @ the Roxy Complex
Celebrate our Grand Opening as a guest of Avivé Productions
with Open Bar and No Cover Charge, between 10:30 and 11:30.  Doors are at 10pm.  
Kick off Cinco de Mayo weekend in style with DJ Michael Mercado spinning the best of Latin Dance (Salsa and  Merengue as you request).

For Guest List Signup
Visit www.aviveboston.com 
Stay tuned for more details.

Avivé Productions
Raising the Standard for Latin Entertainment in Boston.

 J.D.'s Corner

Those drums, those drums!!!
By J.D. Smith

  Those drums, those drums, they’re driving me mad!!!

  There must be something I think, that connects with our collective unconscious when those multi-layered rhythms of the son, guaguanco, rumba, merangue, bembe etc.grabs us,picks us up, and shoves us out onto the dance floor, butts shaking , hips gyrating and putting huge ecstatic grins on our collective faces.

  Those drums, there is something there that is as ancient and mysterious as the very origins of our uniquely human identity. If in an ecstatic moment I allow myself to be truly “taken” into the realm of rhythmic ecstasy, Africa, the mother of us all reveals her raw and primal self, insinuating, enticing, compelling,and completely overpowering.

  Those drums, they transmit an energy, a life force, something exultantly vital, animating my loins where life energy resides.

  Those drums, our inhibitions lower, we play at seduction, the male female polarity is heightened and there are those moments when a dance pairing seems absolutely electric.

  Those drums, they bring us back to simplicity, just music and movement in the ever present now. The pulse of the clave is like a subliminal call to action as it shapes our foot patterns and movements all while barely calling attention to itself. The conga drum, the timbales, the bell, guirro, all weaving a rich rhythmic tapestry, a pulsating carpet of energy engulfing my spirit, and I allow it, as I can do nothing else.

  Those drums, those drums, it all starts with those drums.

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