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Message From: SalsaBoston [olaf@salsaboston.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 3:31 PM
Subject: Salsa Update193

Hola Salseros!
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This issue:
- announcements
- one day Mini-congress/benefit with JAM'NASTICS on June 7 at the BCCA
    SALSEROS, LET'S PACK THE HOUSE!  Tickets online, www.salsaboston.com/store
- SalsaBoston events
- Sponsor news
- This week's mailbag

Harbor Cruise Tickets are now on sale.  www.salsaboston.com/cruise   1st cruise leaves the dock at 8pm, Sunday June 22!

Special SALSA Alert!
   For Wed. June 4:
   "Joining me at at Sophia's will be special guest DJ "El Rumbero"
   from NYC (plus another special mystery guest from NYC).

   The Red Sox are away so come on down for some good home-cooked,
   finger-lickin' mambo!

   See you there!"
           -DJ "Welcome to the Party" Nik

Don't forget, Casino Rueda with JAM'NASTICS at 7:45 (8pm for those who live "on-time")


Also, this Saturday is the the big benefit workshop day/Salsa night at the BCCA with JAM'NASTICS and LA's Willie Narkorn.  Let's help out these organizations and pack the house!  Also, it's a farewell party for Ana Tinajero and the debut of JAM'NASTICS new performace group.

NOTE!  This event might sell out at night at the door, so reserve your spot by buying an advance ticket!  www.salsaboston.com/store

Also, there will be a bar, beer and wine for certain, possible more.

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  Please help out by returning the favor and forwarding
  this announcement to your own lists. Thanks!  -Olaf)

***  SalsaBoston is proud to Sponsor a  ***
***      One Day Mini-Congress          ***
***  Benefitting JAM'NASTICS and BCCA   ***

Saturday June 7, JAM'NASTICS presents, along with BCCA and SalsaBoston...

   A one day mini-congress featuring:

   LA Dancer/Instructor/Performer Willie Nakorn
    - 3 workshops on 1 and on 2:  Beginner/Intermdiate, Styling, and Intermediate/Advanced
    - in the brand new studios at the BCCA
    - 2:30-7:30, workshops
    - 1 pm, FREE Salsa for Gringos class
    - ALL AGES

   Salsa Night at the BCCA with
    - performances by Willie, JAM'NASTICS and others
    - DJ D. Martinez
    - Hip Hop downstairs
    - cash bar until 1am, juice, and soda
    - 10pm-3am
    - ALL AGES
    - Regular Salsa Class, instructor (Willie and JAM'NASTICS) from 9-10pm

Proceeds benefit JAM'NASTICS, JAM'NASTICS youth programs, and the BCCA. See all the details at http://jamnastics.org/Latin/events.shtml

Workshops $15 each or all for $35
Dance/Shows: $15, $10 for students (K-12) and workshop attendees

Let's "pack da' house", BOSTON!  Give-aways for most styling outfits and hottest new moves.


Other important announcements:

- Stay tuned for details on the 3rd annual SalsaBoston New England Salsa Competition, starting at El Bembe on June 13.  Over $1000 in prizes.

- CASINO RUEDA at Sophia's is BACK!  Every Wednesday this summer with JAM'NASTICS, 7:45-9:15 before the regular lesson.  $12 covers you for the night.

  Salsa Night at the BCCA
      Every Saturday!

BCCA's Salsa Night opened Sat. April 5, with a modest crowd but very fun!  This is a new a weekly event, and because it is not a nightclub, stays OPEN LATE, afterhours!

14 Green Street, right in the heart of Coolidge Corner.
Lessons at 9pm
Dancing until 2am+
$10/$12 with lessons
Plenty of street parking
1 block from Green Line
All ages
More info and directions: http://salsaboston.com/bcca

If you haven't heard about it already, there's a new dance space in town:
  Brookline Community Center for the Arts (BCCA)
  Opening April, 2003
  in Coolidge Corner, Brookline
The BCCA website is being updated daily.  Please log in to www.bccaonline.com and add yourself to the mail/email list to get all the latest info.

  -- Burju and Victor (Hacha y Machete)
  -- Johnny and Kelly
  -- SalSalort
  -- Dan Marshall

Schedules and registration online

The BCCA is interviewing instructors (dance, yoga, martial arts, dance fitness) If you're interested in a new place to instruct, or better hours, contact the center at bcca@salsaboston.com

Investment opportunities are available.  If interested, please contact bms_llc@salsaboston.com for more info.

    SalsaBoston.com presents
    Salsa Night at Sophia's
       Every Wednesday

"Boston's original all Salsa, 'by Salseros for Salseros' hotspot!" 1270 Boylston St., Boston (near Kenmore Sq. and Fenway Park)

Every Wed:
NEW!  Casino Rueda classes with MIT Casino Rueda Group, 7:45-9:15, introductory and intermediate.  Reuda Details: www.salsaboston.com/sophias/rueda.html or scroll down a bit

Follwing that, Salsa Lessons with Johnny and Kelly at 9:15, beginnner and intermediate, no partner necessary.

Salsa until 2am!  Featuring each Wed. each month:
1st    DJ Nik
2nd    DJ Antonio Ortiz
3rd    DJ D. Martinez
4th    DJ Hernan
5th    Guest (when there is a 5th Wed.)
21+ Proper ID and Dress
$10 Cover, $2 extra for lesson (i.e. $12 before 9pm, $10 after) http://salsaboston.com/sophias

Salsa Night at Sophia's new includes a Casino Rueda class from 7:45 to 9:15, as part of the night.  We're doing this because Casino Rueda is a blast and we don't see much of it around here. In other words, we want to get it going in this area!  The lessons will be taught by members of the MIT Casino Rueda Group or JAM'NASTICS.  There will be an introductory lesson concurrent with an ongoing intermediate level class. If you've never done Casino Rueda but know basic Salsa, take the introductory class once or twice and graduate up to the intermediate level.  If you've never danced Salsa at all, Johnny and Kelly's regular Salsa class will of course still be happening as usual from 9:15-10:15.  $12 covers you for the whole night ($10 after 10:15).  If you're an expert and don't plan to take Johnny and Kelly's class, you will have an hour inbetween to practice, have a drink, or get a bite to eat downstairs.

If you've never heard of Casino Rueda, it's an "exhilarating" dance that comes from Cuba via Miami, that can best be described as "Salsa meets square dancing", or "sychronized Salsa".  It's a group Salsa dance, with partners in a circle, there's a caller and and a bunch of moves that everyone knows.  As the dance progresses, everyone does the same moves together, often trading partners as part of it.  The whole thing is a blast!  If you ever danced in Miami, it's extremely popular down there.

More details will be posted in www.salsaboston.com/sophias/rueda.html,
with a video clip as well.

 SalsaBoston T-Shirts are in!

T-shirts are in stock again!  Thanks to all who have made purchases! Just in time for the holidays, SalsaBoston.com T-shirts are in, and they look great!  Check them out at http://salsaboston.com/shirt Pick up 2 or more for $17.50 each, $2.50 off the $20 price. Show off your SalsaBoston colors wherever you dance!  Also, why not pick up some extra's to trade or give as gifts?

Anyway, 2 styles, regular T's and Girly-T's, standard sizes, 100% cotton. These are high quality shirts.  Proceeds help support salsaboston. com.  You can even order online.

             Sponsor News
  (please patronize the establishments
   that help bring you SalsaBoston.com)
"What's a sponsor?" email: info@salsaboston.com

World Rhythms(TM) Dance, Health & Fitness Center
 and Salsalort.com

-Martial Arts
-World Dance

Keystone Plaza, 221 Chandler Street, Worcester, MA 01609.
This is near the intersection
of Park Avenue, in the same lot as Standard Electric.
If you are coming from Main Street, the Center
will be on your right just before you come to
Park Avenue.

(508) 792-0263, WorldRhythms@SALSAlort.com,
www.WorldRhythmsCenter.com (currently this domain re-directs
 to www.SALSAlort.com ... we will have the new World
Rhythms(TM) web site up soon!)

 This Week's Mailbag

1) New Classes with JAM'NASTICS
2) New Classes with Salsalort
New Sessions of JAM'NASTICS Latin Dance Classes

Session 1: Jun 17-Jul 17
Session 2: Jul 22-Aug 24

at the Community Arts Center, 119 Windsor St. Cambridge (rear of Windsor St. Health Clinic) 6:45-7:45PM Salsa Basics (Level 1)
6:45-7:45PM Footwork & Partnering With Style (Levels 2-3 & 4-5) 
7:45-8:45PM A Latin Workout (Get fit Latin style!) (All Levels)

at Sophias, 1270 Boylston St., Boston (Kenmore Sq.) 7:45-9:15PM La Rueda de Casino (Levels 1, 2-3 & 4-5)

at the Brookline Community Center for the Arts, 14 Green St., Brookline (Coolidge Corner) 5:30-6:30PM *Salsa for Youth (ages 8-14) (Levels 1-3)
6:30-7:30PM Men's Footwork & Body Movement (Levels 1-2 & 3-5)
6:30-7:30PM Ladies' Styling (Levels 1-2 & 3-5)
7:30-8:30PM Spinning & Partnering With Style (Levels 1, 2-3 & 4-5)
8:30-9:00PM Footwork Challenge! (Half an hourhalf price) (Levels 3-5)

Location TBA (These classes will have the opportunity to perform) 5:00-6:00PM *Footwork Choreography (Levels 3-5)
6:00-7:00PM *Partnering Choreography (Levels 3-5)

at Johnny Ds, 17 Holland St., Somerville
9:00-10:00PM Open Class (Drop-In Only) (Levels 1-3)
10:00-1:00PM Dancing with Live Salsa Band: Rumba Na Ma 

* These classes require full-session registration (no drop-in)


 Drop In Students Registered Students
 $13 for one class 1 class for 8 weeks--$88
 $25 for two classes in one night 2 classes for 8 weeks--$154
 $10 for Class & Club @Johnny Ds 3 classes for 8 weeks--$220
 $5 for Open Practice @MIT 4 classes for 8 weeks--$286

For class descriptions or information about private instruction: www.jamnastics

Plus, remember to catch the workshops and party this Saturday!!!!!



  ~ Mondays, 7:30 – 8:45 PM, 8 weeks, starting June 2
  ~ Pre-REGISTRATION Required --> REGISTER Today! – www.SALSAlort.com/registration_form2.htm

    **  the SALSAlort WORKSHOP (MULTI-LEVEL): **
  ~ Mondays, 8:45 – 10:00 PM, 8 weeks, starting June 2
  ~ Pre-REGISTRATION Required --> REGISTER Today! – www.SALSAlort.com/registration_form2.htm

    ** the SALSA!Workout™:  **
  ~ Mondays, 6:30 – 7:30 PM, 8 weeks, starting SOON!
(GREAT for improving TIMING!!!)

The Brookline Community Center for the Arts is located at 14 Green Street, Brookline, on the Green Line/Coolidge Corner.   www.bccaonline.com

     **  INTRO TO LATIN DANCE:  **
  ~ Saturdays, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, 5 weeks, starting May 31
  ~ Pre-REGISTRATION Required --> REGISTER Today! – www.SALSAlort.com/registration_form2.htm

     **  YOUTH SALSA/MAMBO:  **
  ~ (Ages 9-15) Saturdays, 1:00 – 3:00 PM, 3 weeks, starting June 7 ~ Pre-REGISTRATION Required
      --> REGISTER Today! – www.SALSAlort.com/registration_form2.htm

-- Ladies’ Style, Technique & Creative Movement Workshop!

This popular workshop is a great way to define YOUR style! Latin Motion, Feminine Arm Styling, Turning, and overall body movement are addressed in detail.  You will also learn to create your own Shines/ Open Footwork.  This class will help you in increasing your confidence on the dance floor.  ===> Instructor: Jen Brown
      The DETAILS …
ONE-TIME Workshop: Saturday, May 31, 2003
In WORCESTER @ World Rhythms Dance, Health & Fitness Center 1:00 - 3:00 PM ~ $30 per person ~ Pre-registration REQUIRED
----> REGISTER Today! – www.SALSAlort.com/registration_form2.htm

To REGISTER and for more information visit us at www.SALSAlort.com, e-mail us at SALSAlort@juno.com, or call us at (508) 792-0263.

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