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Message From: Olaf Bleck [olaf@salsaboston.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 4:05 PM
Subject: #239: Congress Wrap-up, plus Sox & Salsa @ Sophias Tonight!

Hola Salseros!
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We did it Boston!  Comments like, "One of the best and most enjoyable congresses I've ever been to", and "Boston has some of the best dancers in the world", from Al Espinoza, Juan Calderon, Sekou McMiller, and numerous other world congress travelers, say it all.  It couldn't have been much better.

So, while I was extended the task (and honor and pleasure) of directing the Congress, along with co-directors DJ Hernan, Kelly Silfies, and Troy Anthony, the thanks should genuinely be directed to the literally hundreds of people in the Salsa community, locally and nationally, that pulled together and made this event exactly what we had hoped for, a celebration of the activity and community we love so much!  Countless volunteers, performers, guest artists, local dance companies, vendors, event sponsors, facilities coordinators, and general attendees, gave of their time, money, and selves to make this event a smashing success!  Thanks so much to all!!!!

We will be publishing a more comprehensive wrap-up later this week, as well as an online survey so we can incorporate your feedback into next year's event to make it even better.  In the meantime, if you have comments you wish to share, please post them in the online guestbook.  Follow this link:


Thanks to the many who already responded with heartwarming messages via email.

Now, the SOX are continuing the tradition of keeping the fans hanging on by the very tips of their fingernails, and given game 7 is tonight, I want you to welcome you all to our first ever "SOX AND SALSA @ SOPHIA'S" bash!  We will have a prejector there and you can watch the game out of one eye on every other cross-body-lead....  See you tonight!

In This issue:
- Tonight: SOX AND SALSA @ SOPHIAS tonight, 8pm
  Check out Masa on Tuesdays!  (See mailbag)
  Friday: Salsa with Havana Club back at Elk's Lodge (further reonovated)
       (see mailbag)
- Salsaboston's events
   Saturday: Noche de Salsa at BCCA
   Wednesday: Sophia's Salsa Night, now with Casino Rueda
   Thursday: "Salsa for Gringos!"
- Sponsor News
- This Week's Mailbag

 4th Annual Boston Salsa Congress(TM)
 October 15-17, @ Springstep

GOT CONGRESS TICKETS???  Prices go up on Monday.  Visit the website or call me if you need help  617-513-9841  www.salsaboston.com/congress People are coming from all over!!!!

Boston Gets Ready for an exciting weekend of SALSA,SALSA, and more SALSA in just 2 weeks!!!!!!!  If you haven't already, hop on the website now and surf around to see what all is in store. http://congress.salsaboston.com

Full event pass, only $150.  Gets you three nights of dancing, choice of 30 workshops, all the parties, vendors, and more.  Come and go as you please, no hassle!

congress site  http://salsaboston.com/congress
Registration page http://www.salsaboston.com/congress/register.html

Who is teaching and performing this year?
Edie The Salsa Freak - Al Liquid Silver Espinoza
Yamulee, -  Juan Matos y Fogarete
SalsaMania -  Salsa Y control
Hacha y Machete  -  Noche Latina,
Salsa Con Clase  -  Majesty in Motion
Mambo Tribe  -  Troy Anthony
Aguare - Hips On Fire  -  Million Moves man, Ismael Otero Olivia Dasso and more much much more...
see a complete list at http://salsaboston.com/congress/instructors.html

Live Music, by Hector Cuevas and the Latin Boston Band

Held Saturday and Sunday at the gorgeous brand-new Springstep Dance Center five minutes north of downtown Boston.  Friday night we will be at one of our other favorite big-event places, Knights of Columbus in Charlestown.

Don't forget to book a hotel room, directly next door to Springstep! Suites are only $99, include breakfast, and each suite holds 6 people. (two beds and a pull out couch). Plus fridge and stove.

Check it all out on the website.

Also, if you're intersted in earning some money by promoting the event to your friends or the general public, be sure to check out the "earn money" page describing our ticket commission program.

 Noche de Salsa @ BCCA

If you haven't heard, it's a whole new concept and it will feature all of BCCA's fabulous instructors dancing there each week and giving the lessons.  In other words, you can expect to see JAM'NASTICS, Hacha Y Machete, Salsa Y Control (with Johnny and Kelly), and SALSAlort there on a regular basis with many of their students and dance company members. Lessons are month by month, so you can develop a sense of continuity with each instructor.

The lessons schedule:
   July:    Johnny and Kelly (Salsa Y Control)
   August:    Hacha Y Machete (tentatively)

*** Noche de la Salsa, @ the BCCA ***
  BCCA  14 Green Street, Brookline (Coolidge Corner)
  9:30-10:30 Salsa lessons, all levels, no partner needed.
  10:30-2am, dancing, upstairs with DJ's D. Martinez and Hernan,
           and periodic guest DJ's

Q: Why all this?

A: Well, we have been listening to the feedback from many people for the last 8 months since the BCCA opened, and observed what people want and like, and we came up with this format to put together Boston's ONLY Saturday Salsa Night, and not only that, in a spacious facility with Boston's best dance floors and without all the nightclub hassle.  This is truly an event "by Salseros for Salseros".

Q: Will there be people there?

A: Absolutely!  This night is being put together by four dance companies, two DJ's, SalsaBoston, the BCCA, and many friends.  We intend that this will be the premier Salsa Night on a weekend in Boston with a full house every week!

Q: Where can I find more info about the night, parking, lessons, etc.?

A: Several places:
- Scroll down to the Mailbag item 1 for more reopening info
- Check out www.salsaboston.com/bcca
- Check out the BCCA website www.bccaonline.com
- Call Olaf at 617-513-9841 to make group reservations and if you have specific
- Call BCCA at 617-738-2800 for general information about BCCA, classes, workshops, sponsorship and contributions, and studio rentals for private parties and workshops.

Q: Is there alcohol?

A: No, not at present due to licensing.  However, we don't intend to let that detract from the party, as past experience has shown!  Furthermore that allows the night to be open to all ages, particularly the college people who are left out in the dark by the nightclubs.  BCCA is in the process of seeking a liquor license so that patrons may enjoy some drinks, but this is a long and involved process.  Juice, soda, and water are available, as well as some snacks.  If there is demand, we will be looking into light food service like pizza slices and empanadas, etc.

    SalsaBoston.com presents
    Salsa Night at Sophia's
       Every Wednesday

"Boston's original all Salsa, 'by Salseros for Salseros' hotspot!"

  Boston's first All Salsa club night is now Boston's first
  TWO FLOORS All Salsa club night!
  2 DJ's, 2 Floors, 2 Lessons, Twice the fun!

1270 Boylston St., Boston
(near Kenmore Sq. and Fenway Park)

Every Wed:
NEW!  Casino Rueda classes with JAM'NASTICS 7:45-9:15, introductory and intermediate.  Details: www.salsaboston.com/sophias/rueda.html or scroll down a bit

Following that, Salsa Lessons with Johnny and Kelly at 9:15, beginnner and intermediate, no partner necessary.

NEW NEW NEW!  Starting at 9pm, the basement lounge will be open for dancing with a second DJ!  So if you are an early riser, here's your chance!

Salsa until 2am!  Featuring each Wed. each month:
1st    DJ Jose Baron
2nd    DJ Antonio Ortiz
3rd    DJ D. Martinez
4th    DJ Hernan
5th    Guest (when there is a 5th Wed.)

Also, we have a rotation of DJ's in the basement Rumba Room

21+ Proper ID and Dress
$10 Cover, $2 extra for lesson (i.e. $12 before 9pm, $10 after) http://salsaboston.com/sophias

PROPER DRESS REQUIRED, no tshirts, ratty jeans, caps

Salsa Night at Sophia's includes a Casino Rueda class from 8:00 to 9:00, as part of the night.  We're doing this because Casino Rueda is a blast and we don't see much of it around here. In other words, we want to get it going in this area!  The lessons will be taught by members of JAM'NASTICS.  There will be an introductory lesson concurrent with an ongoing intermediate level class. If you've never done Casino Rueda but know basic Salsa, take the introductory class once or twice and graduate up to the intermediate level.  If you've never danced Salsa at all, Johnny and Kelly's regular Salsa class will of course still be happening as usual from 9:00-10:00.  $12 covers you for the whole night ($10 after 10:00).  If you're an expert and don't plan to take Johnny and Kelly's class, you will have an hour inbetween to practice, have a drink, or get a bite to eat downstairs.

If you've never heard of Casino Rueda, it's an "exhilarating" dance that comes from Cuba via Miami, that can best be described as "Salsa meets square dancing", or "sychronized Salsa".  It's a group Salsa dance, with partners in a circle, there's a caller and and a bunch of moves that everyone knows.  As the dance progresses, everyone does the same moves together, often trading partners as part of it.  The whole thing is a blast!  If you ever danced in Miami, it's extremely popular down there.

More details will be posted in www.salsaboston.com/sophias/rueda.html,
with a video clip as well.

    SalsaBoston.com presents
    "Salsa Salsa for Gringos"
    A dance lesson for... Um....

Thursday night at Sophia's

A lesson designed for true beginners, ESPECIALLY those with two left feet. Learn basic dance fundamentals in addition to Salsa basics.  Taught by Yours truly (Olaf), who was once in your shoes!  We have a good time!

Don't be late!  The first five minutes are the MOST IMPORTANT! Drinks and Tapas at Sophia's 4 star restaurant, 6-9. Come early and have a drink and a bite to eat, makes the lesson more fun!

For group reservations call 617-351-7001 and mention SalsaBoston.


Sponsor News:

Sangria & Salsa is HOT - Red Hot!
Every Friday, salsa your way over to the best social party in town. Our professional dance teacher Rix brings years of experience offering beginner and advanced Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. The fun starts at 7:30pm and NO partner necessary! Optional salsa lessons begin at 8:00pm (8-9 Beginner 9-10 Intermediate) Bring your friends, sip sangria and get ready to salsa all night long. THIS EVENT IS GREAT FOR GROUPS, BACHELOR-ETTE PARTIES, SINGLES or COUPLES ON A DATE.


 This Week's Mailbag

1) Havana Club Update, Elks lodge this week
2) Cuban Pete workshop in RI, need to register asap
3) Salsa instructor needed in Wellesley
4) JAM'NASTICS update
5) Strictly Salsa Fridays in Lincoln, RI opening
6) Tuesdays, Music, Food, Dance, at Masa, South End on Tremont!
8) Boston Latino International Film Festival

Dear Friends,
   A quick take on this week's update:
   1) This Friday we open at Elks Lodge in Central Square!
   2) Mambo Mondays rocks
   3) Tuesday Latin Night at Ryles

   1. This Friday, we are open at the Elks Lodge in Cambridge's Central Square.  This should be a great party!  
   Havana Club Friday Night Salsa!
October 1 @ Elks Lodge, 55 Bishop Allen Drive, Central Sq, Cambridge 8-9pm Rueda Lessons w/ MIT Rueda Team, Ivan Skopovi, and Sylvie Garneau 9-10pm Salsa Lessons w/ Salsa y Control 10pm-1am DJ Dance Party w/ Rotation of All-star DJs $10. 21+.

   2. Mambo Mondays rocks! Need I say more...

   3. Tuesday, check out our new Latin Night at Ryles 
   Havana Club Tuesday Latin Night - every Tuesday
September 28th @ Ryles Dance Hall, 212 Hampshire St., Inman Sq., Cambridge 8-9pm Rueda Lesson with Sylvie Garneau and Lino Gonzalez 8-9pm Salsa Lesson with Willie Sanchez and Juliana Melo 9-1am Salsa Dance Party DJ Cuban Jeff $10. All ages.

 Havana Club events this week:

   Friday Night Salsa! 
   Rueda Lessons 8-9. Salsa lessons 9-10. Dance 10-1. 21+.  $10.
   Elks Lodge, 55 Bishop Allen Drive, Central Square, Cambridge

   Samba Sunday
   Beginner Samba de Gafieira lesson 7-8:30pm
   Dance 8:30pm-11pm. Admission is $8/$10 w/ lesson. All ages. 
   BCCA, 14 Green Street, Coolidge Corner, Brookline 

   Mambo Monday
   Beg Salsa lesson 9:30-10:15pm. Beg Rueda lesson 10:30-11:30pm
   Dance 10:00-1am. Admission is $8; $10 with lesson. Ages: 21+
   Green Street Grill, 280 Green Street, Central Square, Cambridge 

   Tuesday Latin Night
   Rueda Lesson 8-9pm. Salsa Lesson 8-9pm
   Dance 9pm-1am. Admission is $10. All ages.
   Ryles Dance Hall, 212 Hampshire St, Inman Sq, Cambridge



Hi everyone:

Sorry to be a pest about this but payment for the Cuban Pete workshop is due no later than this Sunday.  You can get it to me at Platforms on Sunday or La Cabana at Strictly Salsa Fridays, in cash, preferable, or check to Strictly Salsa LLC. of Jeanne Oki.  Address is 200 Adelaide Avenue, Providence, R.I. 02907

It is $35.00, 21st of November, Sunday afternoon at Platforms.  He will perform that night at Platforms.  It will be $10.00 at the door for that night only.  Do not miss this opportunity to see and meet a Legend of the Salsa world.

Jeannie Oki 401-941-8008

Cuban Pete is doing a workshop here for me on the 21st of November at Platforms , one class at 3 and so far another at 5 and performance at 9:30 (check him out on Salsapower.com)  He is a legend and I am lucky to have him come up here for me.  It is only because we have been friends from the NY Palladium (100 years ago, ha) He is now pushing 80 and still really active in the dance community.  I am hoping that you as well as a lot of the Boston crowd will take advantage of seeing him.  He will teach all levels, but specified he would like to have the advanced and professionals attend.  So, if you can help out in any way I would appreciate.  It is $35.00. and can send check to me at 200 Adelaide Avenue, Providence, RI 02907 #401-941-8008
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a salsa teacher to teach in the Upper
School (grades 9-12) at Dana Hall School in Wellesley.
 Here are the details:

Class runs November 30-February 24
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:15-5:30 p.m.
Great students!
Dana Hall is near the Wellesley Square Commuter Rail

Please send your resume to the address below, or
contact me directly by phone at 781.235.3010 x3313, or
by email at hkosstrin@danahall.org.


Hannah Kosstrin
Interim Director of Dance
Dana Hall School
45 Dana Road
Wellesley, MA 02482
(781) 235-3010 x3313

ola Salseros y Salseras,

First off, Jam'nastics would like to thank all of you who came out to
support us at the Boston Salsa Congress this weekend!  Salsa
Encendida lit up the stage with the fiery footwork of their high
energy performance and the Jam'nastics' workshop on Saturday, taught
by Anara and Roberto, was very well attended.  Thanks for supporting
our instructors and dancers and for helping represent our wonderful

Also, don't forget to attend our ongoing classes this week!

1. Tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 19th

6-7pm Getting Started with Salsa Level I
Salsa Partnering with Style Level II-III, & IV

7-8pm Latin Party Dance Level I-II
Salsa Technique Level II-III, & IV

Classes are $14p.p

YWCA located at 7 Temple Street, Cambridge

2. Wednesday Oct. 20th

Rueda de La Salsa at Sophia's!
Beginner through Advanced levels


$12 (includes cover for the classes and dancing)

Sophia's Night Club, 1270 Boylston St., Boston

3. Thursday Oct. 21st

6:30-7pm Getting Started with Salsa Level I
Ladies Styling Level II-III

7-7:30pm Salsa Body Movement Levels I-II, & III-IV

7:30-8:30pm Getting Started with Salsa Level I
Spinning & Partnering Level II & III-IV

8:30-9pm Footwork Challenge Level I-II & III-IV

Half hour classes are $8p.p., and full hour classes are $14p.p.

BCCA, 14 Green St., Brookline

For more information on the classes and upcoming events please see
our website www.jamnastics.org!

Thanks again,
Jam'nastics Staff

Just to remind everyone that I will be starting STRICTLY SALSA FRIDAYS, at LA CABANA NIGHTCLUB on Smithfield Avenue in Lincoln, R.I. It is on
the Pawtucket line.
It will open at 8:30 p.m. for a lesson ....dancing from 9:00 p.m on... mostly Salsa with a bit of Merengue and Bachata, same format as Strictly Salsa Sundays at Platforms.  This is in addition to Strictly Salsa
I hope this will give us an option on Fridays nights, in case you do
not want to drive to Boston or Randolph,Ma.
If you need more information call me at 401-941-8008 or email me at
Hope to see everyone there to kick it off...Fridays and Sundays will
be terrific!

Jeannie Oki
Strictly Salsa Sundays

mohamad el zein

To whom it may concern,
         We have started a Latin night over at Masa Restaurant.  Every Tuesday at 9:30 we have Manolo's band  performing live till 1:00 am.  There's salsa dancing, tapas, margarita's, sangria, mojitos, and more.  Great night, lots of energy, and a perfect playground for those who want to display their Salsa skills.

439 Tremont st.
Boston, MA

Phone: 617-338-8884
Fax: 617-338-6019
Website: www.masarestaurant.com

[SalsaBoston's Review]
Check out Masa on Tuesday nights!  Featuring live latin jazz starting around 10pm, which "decays" into Salsa later.  It's a great place in the south end, a "high end" southwestern (meaning somewhat spicy latin and american food) restaurant.  However, they serve $1 Tapas until 11pm--I tried a selection and they are AWESOME!  Order about 5-8 or so, and it's a decent meal.  They also serve a variety of house specialty Mojitos and Margaritas for about $8-$12 as well, a little pricy, but the Tapas make up for it.  No cover.  If you're willing to spend about $25-$20 in a nice loungee atmosphere, have a few drinks, eat some great food, and some latin music and dance, check it out.  Tell them you heard it here.

Boston Latino International Film Festival
For Immediate Release: October 15, 2004
Contact: Jose Augusto Barriga (617) 491-5654 or jbarriga@bliff.org
                Melissa Colon (857) 928-5640 or MColon@bliff.org
                Gil Cordova (617) 628-1492 or GCordova@bliff.org Casa de la Cultura / Center for Latino Arts is proud to host the Third Annual Boston Latino International Film Festival October 29 through November 7, 2004

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 29 at 6:00 PM
Harvard Film Archives, 24 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 Opening Film: “A Silent Love” at 7:15 PM

Boston, MA – Only America’s biggest and greatest cities host Latino film festivals; Boston is one of such cities.  This year the Boston Latino International Film Festival will host its third annual festival which will be filled with nine days of film, panel discussions and special events. Films will be screened at different venues including the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), the Harvard Film Archives (HFA), the Center for Latino Arts (CLA) and the Boston Public Library (BPL). Prices range from $8 to $12, though screenings at the library will be free. All Spanish-language films will be subtitled in English. The opening reception will take place on Friday, October 29th at the Harvard Film Archives at 6:00 PM.

For a complete schedule and up-to-the-minute updates, please visit www.bliff.org.

“Four years ago we had an idea to provide the greater Boston community with a high-quality film festival that would capture and highlight the diverse experiences of Latinos in the United States and abroad. Since then, the festival has grown immensely, and support from the community has been phenomenal,” said Jose Barriga, founder and director of the festival.

The Boston Latino International Film Festival is committed to breaking stereotypes and building communities by using the medium of film to strengthen inter-cultural understanding and promote work of independent filmmakers.  Over 80 films from over 14 countries will be featured, including the United States, Argentina, Cuba, Spain and Mexico, among others. For many of these films, it will be their Boston premiere.

La Casa de la Cultura / Center for Latino Arts will be hosting three of the nine days (November 4, 6 and 7), including the festival’s closing awards ceremony on Sunday, November 7.

The Boston Latino International Film Festival is sponsored in part by Delta Airlines, Telemundo, Masachussetts Cultural Council, Cambridge Arts Council, MBTA, The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University, Cultural Agents, Viceversa Communications, El Mundo Newspaper, Studio Arango, the Center for Latino Arts and Picante Mexican Restaurant.

Special film highlights include:

FARMINGVILLE (US – Documentary) Directors: Catherine Tambini and Carlos Sandoval
Considered one of the most important films to debut at the Sundance Film Festival, this documentary captures the shocking hate-based attempted murders of two Mexican day laborers that catapult a small Long Island town into national headlines, unmasking a new front line in the border wars: suburbia. This timely and powerful film is more than a story about illegal immigration. Ultimately it challenges us to ask what the “American Dream” really means. (HFA 10/30) Special Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. www.pbs.org/pov/pov2004/farmingville

MISSION MOVIE/UNA PELICULA DE LA MISIÓN (US – Feature) Director: Lise Swenson Mission Movie/Una Pelicula de la Misión is assembled from stories of San Francisco’s most vibrant, complex, in-transition neighborhood. Inner turmoil turns outward in this bilingual urban drama about the struggle for territory and belonging. The feature tells the story of a group of diverse neighbors including Mark, a white artist, who is forced to seek the help of Roger, a Latino artist born and raised in the Mission, to confront a group of kids who have been tagging his mural.  (HFA 10/31)

Best Feature Film at the 2004 New York International Latino Film Festival.  www.missionmovie.org

ONE MAN SHOW: A MUSICAL DOCUMENTARY (US – Documentary) Director: Ira Rosensweig This documentary features John Falcon – a charismatic, gay, Latino, once-starving performance artist who rose from rags to riches after winning $45 million in the New York Lottery, which at the time made him the state’s largest winner. Merging interviews, cinema verité style footage, and a live performance of “A Short Puerto Rican Guy Sings Songs of Angst,” One Man Show illustrates how money can change one’s life, how it cannot, and what it feels like to be a constant one-man show. (CLA 11/6)  www.onemanshowmovie.com

SANTO DOMINGO BLUES  (US/Dominican Republic – Documentary) Director: Alex Wolfe Originating in the Dominican Republic, Bachata music has been hailed by some as the anthem for the common man and criticized by others for its drunken themes and use of crass, sexual lyrics. In this engaging documentary, the story of Bachata music comes to life with the help of singer/songwriter Luis Vargas, interviews with both detractors and fans, and incredible music performances. (CLA 11/7)  www.santodomingoblues.com

SEXUAL DEPENDENCY/DEPENDENCIA SEXUAL (Bolivia/US – Narrative) Director: Rodrigo Bellot Five teenagers in Bolivia and the U.S. try to make sense of their sexuality, exposing the universal qualities inherent in our experiences, where difference is more often assumed. The film explores the rituals and conflicts of a poor, Bolivian-born girl, a rich, young man leaving Santa Cruz for university in New York, a Colombian boy visiting his cousin in Bolivia, a black female college student in New York, and a model/football player at the same University. With nothing in common, except the desire to experience true intimacy, their stories are woven together through an underwear ad campaign, representing everything they feel they are supposed to be and everything they feel they are not. Their lives unfold and overlap, as each character becomes victim to their own sexual dependencies. (HFA 10/30)  IndieWire Magazine’s Top Twenty Undistributed Films of 2003.

A SILENT LOVE/AMOR EN SILENCIO   (Canada/M/Mexico – Narrative) Director: Federico Hidalgo
Norman, a quiet, middle-aged college teacher from Montreal embarks on the adventure of his life when he goes to Mexico to propose to Gladys, a young woman he met through an Internet agency. Gladys accepts Norman, but impulsively requires him to bring her widowed mother, Fernanda, with them to Canada. (HFA 10/29)

Best Screenplay Award at the 2004 Brooklyn International Film Festival. www.asilentlove.com


(C) 2004 SalsaBoston Entertainment, All rights reserved.

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