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Entertainment Referral Request

Welcome to SalsaBoston's entertainment referral service.  Over the years we have developed ties with many Latin dance entertainers in the Boston area, and we will be happy to refer them to you for your event.  The entertainers we refer to you are all reliable professionals whom we have worked with ourselves.  While it is impossible to guarantee your satisfaction, we can assure you that you will be talking to the best people we know of in the Boston area.

Most of the entertainers will include in their price a modest referral fee, which helps cover the cost of providing this service.  However, we believe that the savings to you in time, effort, and risk over finding entertainment on your own will be more than worth it.


Cost of entertainment varies, but below are some guidelines to help you plan your budget.  The primary consideration is how many people and how much of their time in total is consumed (including preparation and travel).

  • Bands:  Typically $1500-$2500 to start for a decent band in the Boston area.  Travel and number of sets, size of band, in-house equipment availability etc. will affect the price.  Keep in mind a Latin band has typically 8-15 musicians so $1500 might get them only $50-100 each for a fair bit of work.
  • DJ's:  $200-$500.  Travel, equipment requirements, length of gig, advance coordination, etc. are factors.
  • Dance Performances: $150-$500.  Depending on size of group, number of performers, and number of routines performed.
  • Dance Lessons: $100-$150/hr typically will do it.  If a large group, then the instructor may charge by the person.

      More budget explanation.

Please provide us with some information below.  The information you provide is confidential and will not be released to anyone except as specified below.

Name, First Last:
E-mail address
Phone #
Type of act(s) requested. (check any):
Live Band
DJ Services & Equipment
Dance Performance
Dance Lessons

Preferred Contact Method (Select one:)
Please contact me with information.
Please have the artists contact me directly.

Approximate Budget (optional)   (this information will help us match you to an artist in your price range)

Please enter any details (dates, preferences, locations, etc), :

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