By popular demand…!
Presenting a special afternoon…….!

“Salsa for Gringos” Workshop

"Salsa lessons for people with two left feet"
(and everyone else too of course)
Read more about the “Salsa for Gringos” concept below.

Level 0 & Level 1

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Next Date: Saturday, July 19, 2008
An Tua Nua
835 Beacon St.
Kenmore Square/Fenway, Boston


Yes folks, after countless requests, I, Olaf, the SalsaBoston guy, "El Gringo de la Salsa", am finally offering this infamous... one day... special... enhanced edition... workshop!

FREE BONUS! Registration includes a complementary admission
to Salsa Wednesdays at An Tua Nua for each participant.


Workshop Schedule
Level 0 and Level 1 will be taught, back to back.

Please Don’t Be Late!!!

11:45: ARRIVE! If you miss the start of the Level 0 class and are a novice, you WILL BE LOST AND CONFUSED!

Level 0: All the basics, explained. 90 minutes.
Basic steps, the music, basic shines, basic turns, partnering, simple
combinations, putting it all together

Practice and lunch (restaurant is open; lunch is not included in price but affordable and tasty)

Level 1: Advanced basics, explained. 90 minutes.
Review of level 0, cross body leads, additional turns,
shines, and combinations


$20 for one session
$30 for both (this price is for pre-registration only; the day-of is $15 additional to first session, i.e. $35 total—please pre-register!)

Couples discount (one leader and one follower registering together):
$35 for one session
$55 for both (pre-registered)

Minimum Registration: we need at least 21 people (10 leaders/guys, 11 followers/ladies*), so please invite your friends and register early!

* Note: I will do my best to insure the "ratio" is pretty even. It usually is. Limit, 60.

Registration Process:
To reserve your spot:

Simply visit


What to Wear
Comfortable clothes: this is an afternoon workshop and you will meet people, so "presentable" is good. Wear or bring shoes that have a leather or very hard sole. It's hard to dance and turn with soft rubber shoes.


More Info:
Please email with questions.

Pictures from the class at a recent edition of “Miami Club”


More About Salsa for Gringos:

Instructor: Olaf "El Gringo de la Salsa", your webmaster, salsa addict for over 10 years.

Boston Globe Article >>

"Salsa for Gringos" starts with a level 0 beginners Salsa class which is designed for the non-dancer and is taught from my own perspective as a once non-dancer, with a great deal of levity. It's also a great class for people that have taken some lessons but feel like they're still "missing something".

I learned Salsa from a variety of instructors mostly around Boston, but it took me probably close to 2 years to "get it". The aim is to have you going in just one class, particularly by teaching you all the little things I learned outside of other beginner dance classes which made all the difference to me. I also break down Salsa into little building blocks that *make sense*. The class is designed to be very simple, casual, comfortable, and moreover, fun!. Think of it as "Salsa Prep", but we also get into it.

For the novice or advanced beginner, these classes can be superb for building on what you may have learned in other classes you've taken, particularly in that we go back and break down the dance so that it makes sense on an intuitive level, not so much just memorization. Thus, classes you take down the road will make much more sense and you will learn faster.

The "level 1" class will build on the basics learned in level 0.

"What's a Gringo," you ask? "Gringo" a euphemistic word for non-Hispanic person, basically a "white boy who can't dance." There's also a "Gringa" for that matter, so ladies, don't feel left out.

In any case, we can cure that for any Gringos and Gringas, but the class is really for anyone who may be completely new at it (Gringo or not) or maybe has been struggling with the concepts like I once did. In fact, some of my most grateful students have been Latino themselves.

"No partner needed" or bring a date or group. Wear casual "club clothes" and avoid shoes with rubber soles (they make it harder to move).

Some things we'll cover:

* Basic steps and how it makes sense
* What beats in the music to dance on
* How to lead
* How to follow
* Balancing
* Turning, broken down
* "The connection"
* How to move our bodies to transcend our cultural barriers…
* Boston’s fabulous “Salsa Scene”

Plus lots of humor to keep it light!

See you there! -Olaf