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Gian Carlo Buscaglia and Balaton


Balaton celebrates the rich diversity of Latin America and the Caribbean through a vast array of rhythms. Their music reflects the traditional roots of Latin music, playing close attention to arrangements from different areas. Balaton features the national folkloric stringed instrument of Puerto Rico, the cuatro, as well as accordion, bass, percussion and vocals. From the Cuban rumba, guarachas, bolero, gŁajira, and cha cha, to the Puerto Rican danza and the Cuban descarga, Balaton brings Latin rhythms to life, injecting their own arrangements and musical ideas into traditional songs and original compositions.

Group Biography Founded by Gian Carlo Buscaglia (from Puerto Rico), and Roberto Cassan (from Italy), Balaton began performing in 1994 in their current form. Featuring Buscaglia on vocals and guitar, Cassan on accordion Manolo Mairena (from Costa Rica) on vocals and percussion, Bernardo Hernandez (from Venezuela) on cuatro, Santiago Greco (from Argentina) on bass, Luis Blanco (from Venezuela) on percussion.

Balaton's primary purpose is to interpret as rich a variety of dance rhythms from the popular Latin repertoire as possible, as well as original compositions. With Mairena adding his street-flavored improvisations into the Afro-Caribbean numbers, no two performances are ever the same. Indeed, all of Balaton's musicians are capable improvisers, creating constant changes of rhythmic and melodic flavor in their presentations. Balaton performs regularly at festivals, universities, clubs and special evens in the New England area.

What the critics say...

" Balaton is a tight septet that plays music from all over Latin America... (their musicians) give the group a wide spectrum of instrumental voices, enabling it to navigate the astonishing range of styles with wonderful grace and artistry... Balaton kept the crowd at a fever pitch with constant changes of rhythmic and melodic flavor."

The Boston Globe

"Their concerts are acoustic excursions through the breadth of Latin music... It is rare to hear acoustic music that is irresistibly danceable or wild rhythmic workouts that are as satisfying to the ear as to the body, but Balaton provides both, plus some of the sweetest harmonies around."

The Boston Globe


LILLI'S(608 Somervile Ave.Somervile) Every Thursday/10-1:45/great dance floor/$7 cover/full band

Western Front(343 Western Ave.) Starting Augusts 25/ Every Sat./10-1:45/great dance floor/$10 cover/ full band/ 



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